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  1. Thanks, don't know if I should start to worry, no updates has been made since my last post :/ I ordered the Közi USB stick yesterday with a shoppingservice just incase. Gaah can't wait to hear the songs >.<
  2. My copies shipped and seems to be stuck in transit :((( I love the previews, can't wait to hear the full songs >_<
  3. pm:ed you about your sales

  4. Opened a instagram account (silkhime) on which I will share my collection of VK and sometimes other stuff related to Japan. Please follow if you want to see some rare, and also not so rare, stuff :)

    1. BrenGun


      followed (^_^)



  5. Igyou_Hime

    I love how Hora updated his blog saying he's going to Hawaii, not a word about this XD
  6. Igyou_Hime

    it's added to cdjapan.
  7. Igyou_Hime

    did anyone manage to get their hands on this?
  8. Igyou_Hime


    Hm, so far I'm kind of disapointed in the singles. But I didn't really like the ones released for Wonderland Saviour but I lved the album, so perhaps the coming album will be good anyway.
  9. No, the demo's was bonus items for pre-order, or as long as they had them in stock. Queen of Decadence came with Dunkelhei and Perfect Garden with Licht. Postal services are so slow this time of the year, I was afraid my pamphlet was gone, but fortunately it found it's way to my door...
  10. Igyou_Hime

    Haha, OMG how much did you pay for shipping XDDD
  11. Igyou_Hime

    You've got a point, yes, BUT since they said fans informed the band it makes me wonder if it's acctually some minor problem, that the fangirls just got upset over and decided to make it way bigger than it really is (and due to the culture the band might then have felt the best thing to do is to get rid of Chaos since maybe a lot of fans would stop following them otherwise). I mean these kinds of bands are very dependent on their fanbase in Japan... And concidering the thing with Femme Fatale where one of the members got togheter with someone (was it a fan and he was married or some shit like that?), I wouldn't be suprised if this also was some weird shit like that. There's a limit on how much fans can interfere with bands private life and I think in Japan that line is a lot more blurry since they have the culture of always having to keep your face, and the idea of bands etc to always seem available (which is kind of fucked up IMO). I couldn't care less if my favorite bands memeber's cheated or got drunk, it's non of my business as long as they still do a good job when acctually working.
  12. Igyou_Hime

    Hmm, it's just interesting that they say fans informed them about his "deplorable events". Hence my question, thought maybe someone here knew, or at least knew if any rumours were going around.
  13. Igyou_Hime

    does anyone know what it was chaos did?
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