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  1. My God, wake/riyuu and kigan remake 😍. I want this damn album NOWWWWWW
  2. for me sound so epic, the last part of the teaser is delicious <3
  3. I'm pretty curious about the sound of the song, I want a preview :C
  4. Daisuke

    my god, is normal that I want so bad the first track? is so awesome, I WANT TO DO DEADLIFT RIGHT NOWWWW!.
  5. Daisuke

    Did you listen the whole new song?!. is amazing ❤!. Is on youtube.
  6. Daisuke

    I know, but, anyone that know japanese jajaj :C?
  7. is hard, but i want this so much!, please!.
  8. F*ck, I cry so hard when I listen to period... I will mis them.
  9. you don't like guys?, personally I love it <3
  10. What is the name of the band of your avatar? I can't remember it >.<

    1. yakihiko



  11. Daisuke

    A good news for my favorite band.
  12. Daisuke

    When this will be out exactly?
  13. Daisuke

    Anyone can hear what ruki says in the piano parte?
  14. Joker? Mucc new song?
  15. I want to listening this song D:!