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  1. for me sound so epic, the last part of the teaser is delicious <3
  2. I'm pretty curious about the sound of the song, I want a preview :C
  3. my god, is normal that I want so bad the first track? is so awesome, I WANT TO DO DEADLIFT RIGHT NOWWWW!.
  4. Did you listen the whole new song?!. is amazing ❤!. Is on youtube.
  5. I know, but, anyone that know japanese jajaj :C?
  6. is hard, but i want this so much!, please!.
  7. F*ck, I cry so hard when I listen to period... I will mis them.
  8. you don't like guys?, personally I love it <3
  9. What is the name of the band of your avatar? I can't remember it >.<

    1. yakihiko



  10. A good news for my favorite band.
  11. When this will be out exactly?
  12. Anyone can hear what ruki says in the piano parte?
  13. Joker? Mucc new song?
  14. I want to listening this song D:!
  15. Anyone please send me dawn, the link is dead :c