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  1. I'm also a libra ♥ So don't ew it man ww Anyway Welcome to MH and VK! This forum brought many nice bands, songs and people to me and I wish the same for you too! Enjoy your time here
  2. Good old MySpace-times, when Kisaki and UCP got their page lol
  3. @gekiaiThanks for the tipp! I do roleplay and I don't have preferences tbh. There are certain bands which I don't like, so I mostly refrain from rping them, but I'm always interested in new charas. How about you?!
  4. Hazuki's lipstick reminds me of the smeared blowjoblips of some hoes ♥
  5. My first VK band was Schwardix Marvally, but I didn't know they were VK. A friend send them to me, when I was still pretty young during a time when I mostly listened to Metalbands. I really liked it so he introduced me to VK one after another (D'espairsRay, Dir en Grey, Malice Mizer, Moi Dix Mois aso.)
  6. Ouh hell, I'll add myself to the naughty list. I love smut and FFs, as long as the grammar and writing isn't out of this world. Since English isn't my mothertongue, I mostly just read English fics, but from time to time I like to write in English as well. I have written several fics in Germany and I've read tons of fics. In the beginning I was really pick with the pairings, back in '05 or stuff I prefered Ruki x Uruha over all those Reituki (that's how Germans called the Ruki x Reita ship lol) or Yomi x Hitsugi. During the years I got too lazy to be picky, because it causes 'work' to search for good pairings and sometimes I like how authors write but don't like who they're pairing up. I'm roleplaying for several years, too, so I kind of have my fav pairings being the way I want it to be, without getting boring or getting stuck. Maybe you guys can recommend some fics? I came across this author some time ago and I really liked her 'Demon King Series' , eventhough I thought that the pairings are a bit strange. And I'm a whore for the 'Sexual Beast Saga' by Chantrea Johari, idk if you guys know her work of godlike porness, but istg it's beyond AWESOME. Of course, sharing is caring, so read it. 'Sadisgate' is also a really nice fic, but idk, I kinda got confused when I saved it to my computer (just in case I wont find it again lol), but I uploaded it for you as well
  7. With Scapegoat I hope to be brave enough to have a new favourite band the first time in years?! Like I usually think 'they might be fav band material' and boom - disbanding. So I kind of refrained myself from liking some bands because of the heart shattering moment when they a. change their style to sth I don't like anymore or b. disband Also university is really demanding atm, but I keep it flowing, even though my life really wears me out atm But better times will come.
  8. On some point during listening to songs the 100th time, I want to listen to each individual track in that one song like only the backing vocals or only the nerve wrecking high pitched sound thingy, COME ON MOSSAFAGGA I WANNA HEAR IT ALL A 100%!!!!
  9. Cock by cocklobin Is it okay to touch it?
  10. New ava, that's why I am back here again. Platy's ava is such cute, very clown, many awwwww, wow. 10/10
  11. Like... 4 weeks ago? Do you like to drink a glass wine/beer/whatever after a hard day?
  12. The Cold milk
  13. ラドック - 水槽で飼われた蝶 ♥♥♥♥
  14. Hate and love what music does to me. What bands do to me. Having all dem feels and no feels at all. Like srsly, y?

    1. reminiscing2004


      "Hate and love what music does to me". i find that a very interesting string of words.