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  1. Has anyone found out of there is a place to order this yet? I've been checking CDJapan a lot and nothing yet :/ I hope it isn't live limited
  2. Holy fuck he nailed it
  3. Now all we need is a place to pre order this
  4. Nice! have both of their CD and definitely picking this one up
  5. I'm about 26 hours into Persona 5 right now and I'm only in June, loving every second of it so far!
  6. Really enjoyed their first 2 songs so I think I'll pick this up if its available on CDJapan!
  7. Love them and have all of their albums/EP's on CD! Might import VENA again though because the U.S version i have had a misprinted cover and it irritates me every time i look at it haha
  8. INHALE lost another vocalist, I've pretty much given up hope that we'll ever see that new album get released xD

    1. doombox


      Another one? :( What a bummer. 

  9. CRYSTAL LAKE posted on facebook that they'll be releasing their 4th album "True North" on November 30th through Cube Records/JMS, no word yet on an overseas release
  10. Got Coldrain's Final Destination and Nothing Lasts Forever in the mail today, all I'm missing is their Fiction and 8AM singles and Until The End (the songs are on the U.S version of The Revelation anyway) next up is their Live DVD's whenever I can afford those xD
  11. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a good one. ヽ(⌐■_■)ノ♪♬

    1. Greyen


      Thank you! I tried too at least xD

  12. Sounds amazing <3
  13. Hell yes! On my birthday too <3
  14. Boku no Hero Academia better be getting another season,I've been addicted to the manga lately and this weeks episode was insanely well done.
  15. I was finally able to track down a physical copy of HONE YOUR SENSE's first album <3