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  1. Daggi_X

    Well that sucks for the band and I certainly did not see that coming. At the same time, I'm pretty excited to see what he's going to do now.
  2. Daggi_X

    彩冷える>AYABIE AYABIE got some cool songs, but I prefer Aoi's over Yumehito's vocals
  3. Daggi_X

    I'm having a test on that day D: noooo! (even though I'm in Cologne, I probably won't make it to the show in time)
  4. Daggi_X

    Finally something new!
  5. Daggi_X

    Well that's unexpected...
  6. Daggi_X

    I love Zedd's new album and that was a great addition to one of my fav tracks !
  7. Daggi_X

    New pictures of myself, taken yesterday !
  8. Daggi_X

    I kinda thought the same thing as sai did... Stronger Ayabie = old Ayabie?
  9. Daggi_X

    Before listening to the album, I was a little annoyed that they decided to put that many b-sides and previously released songs (they put the complete Kakusei Sprechchor single on there :/) on the album, but after listening to the actual album, all the songs flowed really really well and I guess their decision made sense, even though I would have preferred more new songs. Now a couple of words about the individual songs: 1. prelude - LOVE the opening! Ryuusei is basically my favourite AYABIE song and this little instrumental version sounded amazing 8/10 2. RISE - The typical energetic album opener. The chorus is really catchy. 8/10 3. Reflector - They actually remade the whole song and the new vocals sound far more powerful than the single version's. A great song has become even greater! Loving it. 9/10 4. Kakusei Sprechchor - Great song, insanely catchy chorus. 9/10 5. Niji - Probably my least favourite song out of the new ones. The song itself was okay, but I felt it was lacking something... 5/10 6. LOVE SONG - Kinda sounded like some old-school anime opening, but not in a bad way. 8/10 7. Paradise Paradox - Typical Yumehito song and probably the spiritual successor of Cubic'[L/R]ock and Hi-Fi. Love it! 10/10 8. Merry-Go-Round - I liked the song ever since KY from Ayabie posted the demo on their myspace. 8/10 9. Koma - A cool rock song, but not really memorable (yet) 7/10 10. SICs - Pretty heavy song, almost DEATHBIE-like. Really cool! 8/10 11. HERO - My least favourite b-side... 5/10 12. Season - Sweet summery song. Not bad. 6/10 13. Ryuusei - Their best single by far. Beautiful arrangement! 10/10 Overall: 7,8 / 10
  10. cmoBEfDDZgQ Another awesome song from the single! I'm so glad that he's not longer wasting his talent
  11. ^this. After hearing the preview, I'm really excited about this project.
  12. Daggi_X

    Vor allem versaut einem Jura die deutsche Sprache ganz enorm haha Gibt Ausdrücke die würde nur ein Jurist benutzen^^
  13. Daggi_X

    Ui, ein deutscher "Faden" Dann mal beste Grüße aus dem westlichsten Zipfel Deutschlands
  14. Daggi_X

    Thanks I was looking everywhere for a setlist! Flawless setlist ;__;
  15. Daggi_X

    Got a new haircut yesterday and a friend of mine took a couple of pictures afterwards ! (btw, my eyes are not that green in reality... they're rather blue-green)