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  1. Sci-Fi

    http://darkessance.deviantart.com/ check out the animation at least. let me know what you think. i made all the music and art of course
  2. obviously he lost a bet, or got dared to do this. but seriously that truck should of seen him, and it just seems to me that the truck hit him on purpose, and that is no good. not saying its racist, but its pretty fucked up to hit someone on purpose even if their doing something stupid as a joke. this is just a small example of how most people generally suck...including all of those here who saw a guy get hit, and did nothing but say he deserved it.
  3. ma bands looking to add one of thems. preferably female but it doesnt matter to much. take a listen to our music. if you like what you hear at least add us facebook or myspace, whatever you use myspace.com/theplanetplutomusic http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Planet-Pluto/ http://www.youtube.com/user/ThePlanetPlutoMusic
  4. Sci-Fi

    i bought one of their albums like i do everyonce and a while. i hated hated hated it. every song sounded as if it was in the same key. plus i had no idea what type of music it was. i listen to alot of heavy music, but i cant stand it when someones "singing" in english and i still cant understand it!
  5. not only is Muse the best band in the world, but...no wait that covers it seriously Love Muse. lets discuss them shall we?
  6. this is an awesome thread by the way
  7. Sci-Fi

    thanks for the hellos. and i jest often forgive me will ya,,,, i need to know what bands i should be listening too. any suggestions
  8. hello i'm new here... where all da hoes at?
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