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  1. It’d be good if it was pure white or black instead of that color
  2. It’s real, it just looks weird because they had such different styles then haha
  3. redaudrey

    Kirito looks better now than he did in his 20s honestly.
  4. redaudrey

    Shibuya Zeal Link is closing today
  5. redaudrey

    The.picnics is an alter ego band of ensoku, so yeah, this is a joke lol
  6. redaudrey

    I had the same experience in my Japanese minor in college. People liked anime and dramas, and if they liked Japanese music it was either jpop or normie jrock. Though I was lucky that the one time my school offered a Japanese music course was while I was there! But even in that class I was still the only vk fan... But that aside, I always found it pretty easy to meet vk fans online and even those can be turned into IRL friendships usually. I’ve never really wanted to introduce it to people who weren’t already fans of it anyway.
  7. redaudrey

    Yeah, he starred in Shi ga Futari wo Wakatsu Made... and has been in a few dramas too, but he does way more acting in stage productions (Fushigi Yugi, Inu Yasha, Goku, and Shiranami) than film or tv.
  8. redaudrey

    That Gackt video game, Bujingai
  9. redaudrey

    Amazon.jp is a million times better than cdjapan - their shipping takes usually only around 36 hours to reach me in the US and it still costs the same or less than CDJ’s airmail...
  10. Kyan from Golden Bomber. We can go eat, and then after that we'll go eat, and later on we'll go eat.
  11. redaudrey

    It’s also pretty wacky that apparently SO MANY Japanese fans are buying tickets and traveling to the US for this even though Kiyoharu and Morrie have done lives together in Japan already Or theyre just trying to put foreign fans through the gauntlet and making them prove their devotion by making it so annoying to get tickets
  12. redaudrey

    I really hope they’ll open sales to the US too since none of my friends were in the position to jump into my ticket order 😭 I wish they’d actually give some clearer details but i’d advise that if you’re feeling as neurotic about this as I did, to ask a friend in japan or a shopping service to help you buy a ticket
  13. redaudrey

    Appears tickets are getting low already! I bought 1 two days ago and I was really surprised by how high my ticket number was for a show in NY that’s only being sold in Japan That being said, I emailed the venue a few days ago to just ask about the show and when tickets might go on sale since it’s still not even on their calendar yet and they didn’t reply to me...🤔
  14. redaudrey

    That would be Stella Maria and that’s the one that sticks in my mind a lot too https://imgur.com/oC3qaQ2
  15. redaudrey

    Sads first “tour” was in England (which is really ???? but you know how Kiyoharu do) but it was only 3 dates, and he’s played solo in Taiwan a few times. But he’s never done any shows in the US before, even though he’s come here for video shoots! I really hope he can make it a more regular thing like Morrie has
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