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  1. Oh really? I’m surprised I got it on American amazon so I’d think it’d be worldwide. Did you search kaitosentai? edit; I just creeped on your profile ^^ https://www.amazon.fr/gp/aw/d/B07GC3G3FZ/ref=dm_aw_dp_sp_bb_sfa
  2. The best of album is definitely worth downloading! It’s really cheap on amazon too 😊
  3. I’m looking for Ensoku’s カミュの左手カフカの右手! It doesn’t matter which version. If you’re selling, let me know your price
  4. redaudrey

    Same i used to have free will but not anymore
  5. Disappointed to hear that the R-Shitei parody has been cancelled, but it's pretty unsurprising too
  6. redaudrey

    Can't wait - I've been loving their yearly album releases
  7. I love them, they’re really one of a kind!! that sounds like that subject would be right up their alley though...xD
  8. Neither ;___; I’m using a shopping service. I wish I could be back in japan so I could go to one of their lives!! i bought their album digitally on amazon after a friend sent me the YouTube link to bangya no noroi, and without that, I wouldn’t have gotten so into them so I’m super grateful to them for that!! omg 😱😱 be careful kaitou!! Lol
  9. They’re all really good songs, so I’ll never hesitate to buy their singles! The more the better! (And I threw out some cash for some chekis on their webshop the other day too :x) omg, I wish I could be that creative xD