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  1. Maybe he refused because when Kami was dead, Gackt was was never invited to this funeral or informed about Kami's death
  2. Not only between J and Sugizo during 2000 summer all the members hated each others, in autumn the situation became critical between them, they not speak to each others after the concerts, each depart from their sides etc... J hated Inoran for few times coz during this time Inoran said ""I'm going back to Tokyo because I'm not well" while in reality he leaving for record his album. Until theirs comeback in 2007 they not speak to each others except Inoran and Ryuichi.
  3. Lereku

    It's on Duel not Jewel, I really don't know why the not release first a maxi-single with the 3 news songs take theirs times for compose new songs, for propose us a really new album and not compilation album. Yes I think so, just hope they will not put too autotunes on Hayato voice look like they did for Red Rose
  4. Lereku

    Awwww so annoyed about that I will have preferred that only Soan Project with Akuta disband and he keeps alive Soan Project with Temari but all good things have end, I hope if Soan start a new project he will recruits Taizo (ex Zoro, ex Kra) on guitar, by the way who is the blonde guy next to Taizo ?
  5. Lereku

    Oh my bad I can understand why they put "Live, Red Rose and Yuki no Asterisk" but for the others tracks who are already released it's illogical to add them again. If u don't have enough new materials just release a mini album or a E.P Yeah I hope Yuya and Shun will not disapointed me
  6. Lereku

    It's also the same thing for "It 's just love" which was only released in single, I don't think the songs they have already released will be remastered or rearranged. My hype is near to 0 for this album.
  7. Lereku

    The name of his line brand is 「RAD MARKET by BLACKMORAL」, Ruimaru of Vivarush have is clothing brand called I AM RURU , have also Hyde (Laraku, VAMPS) who created his fashion label Switchblade with Hiromu Takahara a japanese designer
  8. Lereku

    Wow nice to see HIZUMI come back on stage, glad he collaborates again with Toshiyuki Kishi he was the producer of Love is Dead and MONSTERS album, Masato is a good guitarist so I'm not very worry about the line up. I have a huge feeling the basis of their music will be electro-rock so few peoples will be disapointed about that.
  9. Mao from SiD since he had vocal polyps he is unable to sing like before he has trouble reaching high notes and his vibrato is awful now. Yomi of Nightmare really fuck up his vocal range since 2013, Yomi's voice has begun to deteriorate in quality, becoming much more nasal and fragile and his placement lowering considerably, and in 2015 he suffered of serious vocal damage. I watched again the Nightmare last live I had pity for him, he was near to be aphone, offkey the most part of the live especialy for reaching high nots, that's was so painful to hear that
  10. The first singer Ricky left the band because his schedule became too busy to juggling both the band and his solo activities and that singing for both projects had a negative effect on his throat. For the second singer Nimo is stated that he came to this conclusion ot left the band because he wishes to search for another side of himself by walking a different path.
  11. Lereku

    Reika of D=OUT and Yuura of Kra with Tsunehito (scissor, D) and Naoki (jinkaku radio, the beethoven) these are the best bass players, theirs bass lines are very complex and difficult, unlike many bassists they don't only follow the rhythm guitar or the drums, their sense of groove is amazing and even if you use headphone or earphone of medium quality the bass is still audible. They are not vk bassists : - KenKen (Rize, Dragon Ash) - Hinata Hidekazu (Straightener, Nothing's Carved In Stone) - F Chopper Koga (Gacharic Spin) - Ue-chan (Maximum the Hormone) - Ikuo ( BULL ZEICHEN 88, Rayflower)
  12. Lereku

    Vk bands : - A -Anonymous Confederate Ensemble- - Imitation PoPs uchuu sentai NOIZ - By-Sexual - bands who use generic girls names (Charlotte, Isabelle, Karen) - Sugar -Valkyr -Aushvitz J-Rock bands : - KeyTalk - Keep Your Hands Off My Girl - Nothing's Carved in Stone - Polkadot Stingray - MUSCLE ATTACK - Sons of All Pussys
  13. Lereku

    Nope you are not the only one who like this, like you said the 90's vibes is really refreshing that change of all this new band who do djent-kei or brootal kei, impatient to hear the full versions of the songs coz is hard to have a final judgement with only few secs of the music. I really don't understand "the hate" against this band, I was expecting something much worse after read all the comments
  14. Lereku

    For the 40th anniversary of of the franchise Gundam, them and others artists will collaborate on a project including old and new Gundam songs, and don't think they will realase new material for the next years coz they are busy with their solo careers. But maybe we will have a surprise for theirs 30th anniversary at the end of their two concerts on December 22 and 23
  15. Lereku

    Unfortunately you can only find the prologue and the chapter 1 one http://utsubyourocker.tumblr.com/ I think the person who wanted translate the whole book totally give up and I remember few years ago someone translate some chapters on livejournal but I don't find the link. It''s too bad it seemed interesting to know how depression is treated in Japan.
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