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  1. happy bday!!

  2. I don't have a cd/flac rip to compare it against so the slight edge the hi-res has is the usual difference between an mp3/flac. Talking about hi-res music in general I do admit I can hardly ever hear any notable, if at all, differences between a normal flac and a 24bit one, 9 out 10 times it sounds the same to my ears. With some recordings I've listened to I had the feeling I could hear something more than the usual, could've been just a placebo effect though. The better audio quality is there but our physical limitations don't exactly allow us to perceive said quality, maybe some can more than others but I'm not one those with super hearing. I have a decent entry-level stereo system (2 monitor audio bronze 6 speakers+marantz 6005) but I can almost never tell the difference and I don't care. As you said if you can get 24/96 why not? xD
  3. It sounds very similar, it's not a mindblowing difference and I can hear it mostly if I focus; during normal listening when I'm not paying much attention but just enjoying the music I can't spot any evident audio quality difference, subtle as it may be it doesn't take away the fact that it's present. Generally speaking there's more overall clarity and fullness to the sound. Still better to have the best quality available, it just makes me feel mentally more at peace xD.
  4. Sounds really awesome. I'mma pre-order this tomorrow. Can't wait to hear the full songs.
  5. I've used both in the past, cdjapan quite a lot actually but amazon is way faster, not to mention they take care of custom charges in advance and somehow these end up being significantly lower than what I used to pay when ordering from cdjapan or hmv. I will wait a bit more, there's still time till the release of said album, hopefully things will go back to normal in the meantime.
  6. So why doesn't amazon.jp allow for avex music releases to be shipped to the west? Just tried to pre-order wagakki band's new album but can't finalize my order unless I change to a japanese address. Some confusion on amazon's side?
  7. And here I was just about to pre-order the upcoming wagakki band album for glorious blu-ray PVs. R.I.P. my wagakki collection.
  8. I just got home from a 5 day trip, I can finally finish my review and post it tomorrow or today depending on timezone xD. I apologize for the delay, I was really sick for like 2 weeks and then I had leave for a few days so I didn't really have the time or strenght to do much of anything.
  9. I'm so hyped for this album, also 15 tracks, it's gonna be awesome.
  10. Me too, I just started putting together the songs today so I'm still in the initial stages of creating the mix xD.
  11. Add me to the participants list.
  12. Boobs are awesome. Will buy the album just to display the cover in my collection.