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  1. i know i've been neglecting this for pretty long now sorry, but i just added the translation for 'style' to the first post! i'm trying to pick up translating again so look forward to seeing more soon~
  2. y'know, i still really miss tsudukimashite... :'< feel like i'm their biggest stan here (or maybe the only one..)

  3. i sometimes think about sharing my lyric translating blog with my japanese/japanese language classmates and professors for feedback and stuff, but then i get too embarrassed because none of them know that i listen to vk lol
  4. i've been listening to this on repeat for the last few days. good stuff
  5. wow, it's snowing today o_o

  6. not bad at all. seems worthy checking out~
  7. well, maybe not so much growling but more like their screams; kinda rough like their throat is dry. of course their normal singing voice is quite different, but i can't help but hear some similarities between their screams. and like i said, it could just be me.
  8. rentrer en soi's growl just came on shuffle. did anyone ever compare mar's growls (it, as if in the darkness) with satsuki's growls before? or is it just me........
  9. i mean, i still really like kei's guitar playing but everything else sounds meh
  10. -Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu
  11. MAGAZINES!! finding my brother's old collection of Newtype magazines made me want to buy the missing issues to complete the collection so i'm hunting them down on ebay right now. i also just subscribed to Otaku USA, which is similar to Newtype but NOT DEAD. i also found out about Rue Morgue which is a magazine for horror related stuff and i'm gonna buy a couple issues first before i decide about subscribing to it. it's a little pricey..
  12. Meidai is on JPS!

    1. plastic_rainbow


      yesssss, i saw it and was about to tell you too!

  13. to the cute guy who keeps staring at me at work: PLEASE JUST TALK TO ME ALREADY
  14. Thank you for such a well-written review! (i wanted to reply earlier but work got kinda busy....) I really enjoyed reading your thoughts and interpretation! And I like how you divided it into acts too, haha. It's really cool to see that we have such similar tastes! Maybe we should hit each other up with recs sometime~ I have never actually seen Pacific Rim, but now I really think I should! ^^ For the last track by MONO, I placed it at the end because I imagined that while all the destruction takes place on earth, the sky, on the other hand, 'remains the same as ever'. Nothing happens to it. It's still the same sky that we all see, despite the chaos on earth and its impending demise. At least, that's what I interpreted from reading the title track so I thought it was fitting as a closing to the mix.