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  1. @Bearyeah I watched the swedish original. i usually avoid remakes when it comes to horror films. i've read positive reviews on Deep Red, but idk it just didn't jive well with me, sorry. :/ oh no, i loved Inferno for the visuals that's for sure, but i felt like more of the story could have been explained? perhaps i need a second viewing...


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      YAY! your nail is pretty btw

  3. haven't written in here for a while. here's some stuff i watched since my last post, whenever that was.... Let the Right One In - For some reason, just by reading the title I always thought this was some cheap-scare horror film but I was totally wrong. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. It's mainly a coming-of-age film with a few thriller moments and the only thing that makes it a horror film is the vampire theme. To some it may not be considered horror, but the elements are there, just very subtle. The film is slow-paced with an amazing atmosphere set during the winter; very cold, lonely, and barren. It was the perfect kind of film I needed and now it's one of my favorites! Deep Red - This is the 3rd film I've seen of Dario Argento and I loved the previous two I watched (Suspiria, Phenomena), but I couldn't sit through this one at all. I literally had to turn it off after an hour cuz I fell asleep. And I tried to finish it the next day but I still couldn't get into it. I love Argento's cinematography and all but the pacing in this one was just too slow for me? It was not very engaging... Inferno - Deep Red didn't stop me from watching more of Argento's films however. I liked Inferno better, but it still doesn't top Suspiria or Phenomena. The visuals were absolutely amazing; dark and surreal like Suspiria, but the story kinda lost me at times. I mean it had an interesting storyline but some parts didn't connect well to me and I wanted to know more about the book and what was behind the whole thing? The House of the Devil - I saw the movie poster for this film and was surprised to see how recent it was. The artwork in the poster looked like something from an 80s horror but the film was actually made in 2009! Even the whole vibe of the film feels like an 80s horror with old horror movie fonts, similar camera angles, and a grainy or dull lighting. You can't tell this is from 2009 at all. This is a film that brings back the 80s horror done right. It's even got themes of religious cult and demons, I really enjoyed it. Séance - This a low budget film that aired on TV and you can tell how cheap it looks when you see the ghosts. There's a badly cropped floating ghost, and in one scene one of them appears as a ragged doll (that scene was pretty hilarious and is an actual depiction of me). The cinematography was done well though and I've grown to like Kiyoshi Kurosawa's films. The storyline was pretty interesting, but sometimes the actions of the characters were just like really?? Loft - Another one of Kiyoshi Kurosawa's films. The atmosphere in this film was amazing. It mostly takes place in a female novelist's new dwelling, which is quite far out of the city being surrounded by forests and lies next to a mysterious run-down building. Her new home is rather run-down itself but after some redecorating it feels like a homely summer cottage, much needed for a novel writer. Some remnants of the previous dweller remains in the house and she starts to discover their past including the run-down building next door. Even though the ghost mostly appears in a dark corner it still evokes a scary feeling. Just seeing those shadows in the corners of your eyes. Also, there's a really cool ancient mummy corpse. Great film for the atmosphere, but the story was rather weak imo. A creepy cool screencap I saw before watching the film. Retribution/Sakebi - A Kiyoshi Kursawa film, again. I didn't like this one as much as the other two but the cinematography here is still well-crafted. The ghost evokes a similar vein to the one from Loft. Her face is not bloodied or covered in bruise marks, in fact she's actually quite gorgeous. But the way she appears on screen and the way she barely moves, not even blinking an eye, is pretty creepy. Very eerie and desolate, like most of Kiyoshi's films.
  4. THIS i don't know how people pull all-nighters. i've never done it before (not for school at least, but only for a funeral) because honestly i treasure my sleep. i told someone once that i never pulled an all-nighter before and they were shocked saying that it was the college experience. lmao so what, why would i want to do that to my health? taking care of yourself is super important when you've got all these assignments and projects due. don't stay up all night trying to finish an assignment. just like a few others mentioned before, it's important to take breaks so that you don't burn yourself out. if you can't meet a deadline, sometimes it's okay to hand things in late.....i did that for maybe 1-2 of my papers. of course, you shouldn't do that if your professors don't accept late assignments, and i'm not saying that it's totally okay to hand things in late all the time. but what i'm saying is that your health comes first before stressing yourself all night over a (stupid) assignment. bottom line, manage your time wisely so that you can avoid pulling all-nighters and ruining your sleeping schedule and overall health. fitear knows what he's talking about. this was something i wish i had done more often when i was still at uni. i never really reached out to anyone and i ended up stressing over everything and just feeling incompetent about myself. talking with your professors or TAs can really help relieve some of that stress if you're struggling in a class. there are some nice professors out there who'll listen, like fitear!
  5. omg.....even tho i'm still fairly new to the band this is truly devastating...... ;__; RIP
  6. why am i always dreaming about bathrooms with clogged toilets or stalls with little privacy....?? like the walls are always at waist level only wtf
  7. thinking of writing reviews from my rarezhut crate

  8. i re-translated those two lines. don't know if there's much of a wordplay but seems to make more sense now.
  9. @chemicalpicturesah, yeah i sorta figured that it'd be the name of live houses or something! thanks for telling me~ yeah, i felt this song was written strongly for the fans and the memories of xtripx altogether. ;u;
  10. Lyrics: Yoshito Music: xTRiPx Kanji source: peffy English: my verse... 10years ago I didn't know anything I remember now, the joy of singing I wish to erase your sadness with this song the song for you 10 years...time is just streaming frantically It's not easy to pierce through an unchanging faithful sound Before we realized it, our meeting came and went All things without fail become meaningful Constructing the present Everyday is complicated as always, worth a piece Let's share tomorrow and our friends we meet together Always facing forward, we overlooked the things we cherished No more mistakes, I decided change da words change da mind change da past I decided change da lie change da cry any verse, I just want some worthless freedom And head towards tomorrow without looking back Words looking for answers, piled up anxiety, extinguishable courage You knew, didn't you? Those feelings that were smoldering in the depths of our hearts Signs of connecting with you, will our voices reach you? The pleasant stop of flow I felt was a temporary delusion What would the current me say to the me who ran away? They say it'll bloom in the sunshine, I promised the eternal lily of the future Gliding everyday to the unwavering and rising desire any verse, I am blessed again with this dull freedom Join me without flapping your wings Words looking for answers, piled up anxiety, extinguishable courage You wished for it, didn't you? Even before, you knew all along from the depths of your heart A love connected to you, we'll go beyond our desires Standing up for the first time at SON, we painted a vast dream [1] I embraced those times the same as always With No limit, I'll infuse these Lyrics as they fall loose The meaning that points ahead On top of Be-1 logos and AREA where we climbed up [1] The heartbeats of our many friends are still live and beating my verse... 10years ago I didn't know anything I remember now, the joy of singing I wish to erase your sadness with this song the song for you any verse, I just want some worthless freedom And head towards tomorrow without looking back Words looking for answers, piled up anxiety, extinguishable courage You knew, didn't you? Those feelings that were smoldering in the depths of our hearts Signs of connecting with you, our voices will reach you ----------------------- Notes: [1] SON, Be-1 logos, and AREA all refer to the names of live houses they performed at. Translated by me, enjoy! ^^
  11. @karai · ebiah, thanks!! the past few years i've been really into retro anime and that lo-fi look in films/photography so i've been trying to recreate the same effect with a style of my own. ah yeah, using default assets is understandable when under time constraints. i personally think it's more fun and worthwhile working on something from scratch though~ ^^ here's a mesh render of the dagger model: the second model i made! i worked on this completely from scratch without tracing against a reference image and it took me longer than it should have lol......but i'm still familiarizing myself with the tools so i'm still going at a snails pace. (the texture paint looks kinda glitchy but i didn't want to mess with it anymore lol) mesh:
  12. welcome to MH! always nice to see long gone fans back to the community!! the youtube channel idea sounds very interesting. i'll be looking forward to it~ ^^
  13. ohh cooool!
  14. <33333 ;__;