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  1. plastic_rainbow

  2. plastic_rainbow

    really love your dark style, hope to see more from you! ^^
  3. plastic_rainbow

    just found out that kiwi-musume, an old website for jpop lyrics and translations is down..... 😧
  4. plastic_rainbow

  5. plastic_rainbow

    listening to this makes me miss avelcain but just as avelcain grew on me rands will probably grow on me as well. it sounds alright but could sound better if there was better mixing and production, as a few others have mentioned. nevertheless, i'm interested in seeing where this new direction of karma's will go.
  6. pretty cool line-up but i'm mostly here for toru! this is basically sex-android with izumi on vocals
  7. plastic_rainbow

    more scrobbles but not as many new discoveries, haha. been sorta out of the loop.
  8. sounds old school and gothic, i dig
  9. plastic_rainbow

    thanks for this! you did a nice job~ ^^
  10. plastic_rainbow

    i feel like this guy might be into me but i suck ass at talking to people and now the semester's almost over and i have a feeling that i might not have class with him again next semester so yeah there's goes my chance lmao also, i have a feeling that the first person i'll date is non-asian (i'm asian) as the majority of my crushes aren't asian. i don't know, i'm sorta detached from the asian community, but then again i'm detached from people in general lol....but i've had more decent conversations with non-asians in the past cuz i could talk about my actual interests rather than focus on our cultures. i'm not that integrated with my culture so it's kinda hard to talk about. ofc, i'm willing to date anyone no matter their race tho. just kinda makes me wonder who i'll end up with.
  11. plastic_rainbow

    Love Exposure was fucking good, damn. i keep thinking about how good it was and am re-watching some of my favorite scenes. the film had everything from action, romance, comedy, to religious cults, and all that wacked up shit. it had me smiling, laughing, feeling nervous about the outcomes, and crying in one scene. just absolutely perfect, i really felt for these characters. also, miss scorpion is probably my favorite.
  12. plastic_rainbow

    just found out that there's a korean live-action adaptation of jin-roh, interesting
  13. these guys just keep on delivering, i love it <333
  14. man, i would kill someone to see them live
  15. plastic_rainbow

    wish i could attend that twoman live...... this is awesome news