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  1. tbh they took out a lot of the good characters and i was not pleased by the things they left out either, but i still enjoyed it and the animation was top-notch. but yeah, i agree. they should have made it a two-part movie or something and try to include everything that made gantz what is. :/
  2. finally got my cdjapan order with the novembers' before today deluxe album and was excited to wear the t-shirt but the size is waaaaay oversized wtf.......

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    2. IGM_Oficial


      At least it can serve as a pajama and/or sweater. 

    3. plastic_rainbow


      hmmm yeah maybe but i'm still sad..... :'< it just looks funny on me cuz it's obviously too big, don't think i'd wear it at all

    4. gekiai


      I haven’t gotten mine yet but it’s on the way 😭 It’ll probably be a tent on me too :’)

  3. lmao i thought the same too and had no idea they were actually vk until now the whole behind the shadow drops album was really good imo! i think you'll enjoy it~
  4. why can't i be in japan right now this hurts so much T^T
  5. damn, people are voting for bless this mess like crazy and i can see why! they remind of them good vk from the 00s. good stuff! i will definitely check them out! ^^ scapegoat killing it again. i love those guitar riffs~
  6. Started playing The Evil Within 2 the day it came out and it's awesome so far as expected!! I'm playing in normal mode with no aim assist. I like all the new features they added to the gameplay. There are more crafting supplies to collect, a few different ways to kill enemies, and the upgrading levels are mapped like a molecular structure. There are also side missions now, which lessens the constant wtf-is-going-on moments. That was what I liked about the first one, but having the side missions gives you time to collect ammo and resupply so it's not a bad thing. Plus, there are more places that you can explore now. The enemies are a lot scarier and tougher, sometimes you have no choice but to sneak by them. I don't know if it's because of the first game but I learned how to play stealthier this time around lol. (i usually play kinda rash) One minor thing I'm a little disappointed about is the aim and shoot controls. I'm just so used to having R1 as the aim button and X as the shoot button, with the left analog as the aim move button. I believe that's how it was in the first one, or at least something similar. Now the buttons are L2 as aim and R2 as shoot, with the right analog as the aim move button. And I'm not really good at controlling the right analog, for aiming wise anyway, and I always accidentally press the wrong button to shoot, it's kinda frustrating........IDK that might just be me but I'm getting used to the controls now. At least there are mini-games that allows you to practice.
  7. Whenever October comes I always try to watch as many horror movies as I can, but since I just picked up The Evil Within 2 today I may not get through as many I want.... Recently, I watched Possession (1981) and hooo boy I have no idea what I just watched. Very unsettling and quite disturbing too, but all the visuals were really well done. There was a lot of symbolism that I couldn't quite pick up so I'll need a second viewing to fully appreciate the movie, but as a first viewing damn I don't know what to say. It was quite a messy ride. It left me a grimy taste, in a good horror film way. @Tokage Audition was a good movie. I've been meaning to pick up the book as well. Which Infection did you watch btw? I tried looking it up, but several different titles came up......I"m assuming it's the Japanese one though? Anything that has Silent Hill vibes is a must see for me.
  8. i had a dream about seeing my crush from college after a long time. we talked about japanese classes and stuff, i first met him through a japanese conversation event, and i was happy just talking to him again. i wish it wasn't a dream......i wonder how he's doing.
  9. i laughed when the vocalist said "買え" which is the least formal or commanding way of saying "buy it" xD i hope the new single will be as good as the first!
  10. ^now that's what i'd like to hear. they need to do some ballads. also, nico nico complex is the first song of theirs that i actually like. hope they keep this up~
  11. i really wish i could get into this band because of those looks but nope i can't. the instrumentals were actually pretty good though
  12. yeah, it certainly is a beautiful song. i think the sparklers serve as a metaphor for a person's life span; short and fleeting. and seeing the fireworks every year reminds him of human's mortality, including his friend.
  13. i just came across them today and wow they're trying way too hard to be like avelcain
  14. -for a request- Lyrics: Chizuru Music: Minpha Kanji and romaji available at peffy's blog English: Sparklers I lost words at the all too sudden notice My quivering voice over the receiver The motionless time and the back of my craving eyes Harboring this powerlessness, it was the end of summer You'll go so far away, I won't be able to reach you with my hands Look, the last flicker has fallen No matter how much I yell in regret for the time we lost Ahh, you are no longer here These sparklers, flickering, along with the wind The light of a too short life, disperses in the night sky dolefully Since then, in the seasons that repeated many times over I gave you these feelings, in the summer wind On that day, you gazed at me as you left What were you trying to tell me with those eyes? I listened until the end, to your voice even now I remember, with your thin voice "Hey, aren't the fireworks beautiful? I wish it would never end." I was always searching for an answer The fireworks that bloom this year, tightens my chest in pain Look, are you watching even now? As we grow older, our memories become distant I'll think of you and light this fire Short and fleeting, the last light disperses Don't disappear, don't disappear, just a little longer These sparklers, flickering, along with the wind The light of a too short life, disperses in the night sky dolefully These sparklers, this song I send to you It'll be okay. Because it blooms inside of me beautifully Since then, in the seasons that repeated many times over You began to bloom, in the summer's sky ----------------------------------- Translated by me. Corrections and suggestions are much welcomed~ Enjoy! ^^
  15. i'm very surprised by the beautiful artwork too. i neeeeed previews!!