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  1. plastic_rainbow

    That would be awesome, thanks!!
  2. plastic_rainbow

    You're damn right, I probably should, haha. I've had so many wrist pains, and even back pains, while working on projects for long hours. 😓
  3. plastic_rainbow

    Need an option for 'I try but fail miserably'. xD Luckily I have a job where I'm actively walking 8 hours a day. But when I'm not working I'm rather lazy. I try to do some stretches once in a while but it never lasts very long. Sometimes it depends on my current living situation or where I live. When I live in a bigger city I tend to go on walks more often. I jogged a few times during my last year at my old uni because I lived very near a running/biking trail (and I was also prepping for a 5K run, I've done two so far). My hometown is so small that I've grown rather bored of it, and also I don't wanna be seen by someone I might know when I'm out walking/jogging....but that could be just a dumb excuse. I wanna try more stretches and exercises to target areas or tone my body but there's so much I don't know that I just give up.....
  4. ^lime performed four songs and i believe that last one was new!
  5. plastic_rainbow

    When I have my own place I'd like to give it a shot! Other than that, my mom has plants everywhere around the house, lol. She keeps them in the basement during winter. 😄
  6. plastic_rainbow

    I recall having a short discussion about blood types with my Kanji teacher once when I was studying abroad and I wrote down notes on how she described each blood type. A - intelligent B - かわっている (weird, not right in the head) AB - crazy, usually artists O - open and outgoing I know there's more to it but I thought these brief descriptions were interesting and funny. I'm B-type btw, not sure about + or - though, and I originate from Southeast Asia. I'm not sure how I feel about being called "かわっている" but I AM pretty awkward lol.
  7. i'm blessed with such good news today, first clearveil and now this. ❤️
  8. plastic_rainbow

    YESSS PLEAAAASE!!!!! i'm happy enough to see that saki will sing again, even if it might be a one time thing. it has been so quiet around him.
  9. plastic_rainbow

    Hrmmm....maybe I'll give Child's Play remake a shot now. Anyway, last night I watched Haunting Fear (1990) and it was mostly boring except for the final showdown which was really awesome and fun. Not a whole lot happens the first hour of the movie and the build up wasn't even that great, except for maybe that autopsy scene. I wanted to see more shots of the actress running around with the knife covered in blood going all psychotic because she did a really good job at it. That scene at the end is definitely very haunting.
  10. plastic_rainbow

    just found out that my cousin got infected. i thought things were getting better but now things feel a bit scary again (been sorta out of the loop so i don't know how bad things are elsewhere). i'll be honest, she's kind of the party goer type so it didn't surprise me that she was the first one to get infected in her family. it does worry me though because her dad has diabetes and is already quite vulnerable.... just because things are opening up again doesn't mean you can party like the way things were before..
  11. plastic_rainbow

    i was holding back on buying nana kitade's new album but after listening to the whole thing i want it even more..... Dx i'm so glad she brought her rock sound back, and this time more grunge-y/alternative similar to her former band TTAK. please don't do electro pop again. obviously that was only something experimental or maybe because it was trendy? but i know in her heart she's always been more of a rock person.
  12. at this rate i only have hope for their b-sides because in every release they still had at least one very aicle-influenced song
  13. plastic_rainbow

    damn, this really sucks....i didn't know he and the vocalist were brothers too. may he rest in peace
  14. plastic_rainbow

    omg i have not seen this video of aicle before, so adorable
  15. plastic_rainbow

    new ff7 background up! 😊 my desktop is already getting messy, haha. didn't really bother trying to clean it up before taking the screenshot...
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