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  1. coool, can't wait to hear them!
  2. cool to see that he's back! but i'm not really digging the sample either. hope the next releases will be better. apparently yuya (develop one's faculties, ex.cocklobin) is also involved.
  3. -for a request- Lyrics: Yoshito Kanji and romaji available at peffy's blog English: past<future Counting the days from when we met Tearing out the days we laughed with each other Left behind, the colliding and increasing time Now it's all gone I wish that the sound and light built with such friends will not be erased I realized, we have more friends now than we did back then If we go back to those days again There were days when I would whine and cry But I wasn't alone My friends gave me a push in the back It's been a long way since 10 years, encounters and farewells have come to repeat I grew stronger every time, thank you I am still thankful even now Come on, let's take these memories And these connecting words to the future far ahead past<future A story drawn and presented in the flowing time There are no regrets in the unknown paths we've been walking on Let's engrave them into this song So that next time we'll give someone else a push in the back I wish for anyone's search of belonging To be right here where everyone is, just for once Beyond the illumination of my life People are fighting a battle everyday Just wandering about, looking for their mistakes Feeling intoxicated again by the answers they've found People who pass by each other ring a tone of townscapes Their sense of worth drowning out all the noise Come on, let's take these feelings and values To the future far ahead, and to our connecting friends past<future Tears that washed away in the passing time Just like a blooming flower on the path we've been walking on If you wish so It'll shower on you like an unstoppable rain [1]Don't look ahead without a sense of sadness It teaches you how to "brush things off" cuz I thinking I can't go on destroying it A nostalgic place filled with the scent of lilies The midday bells are ringing, I've got to go I let my playing heart lay dormant for a while How many people will this reach to? and I We engrave our form of existence I am ok with this! Let's do this Come on, let's go to the shining future ahead Put on a smile, you're not alone There is only one place to return to past<future A story drawn and presented in the flowing time There are no regrets in the unknown paths we've been walking on Let's engrave them into this song So that they'll remain in the future far ahead past<future From here on, we'll play the future with a written sound past<future Until our ideals imbue everything with our meeting ahead ----------------------- Notes: Words in italics are originally in English in the Japanese lyrics. [1] In this whole section Yoshito secretly inscribes the names of the band members, including the ex-members as a wordplay. For example, 行きねぇ(yukinee) which roughly translates to 'can't go on', 正午(shougo) which translates to 'noon/midday', ちょびっと(chobitto) which translates to 'a little', and so on. Of course, it wasn't possible to translate this section while keeping the names in so I just translated it normally. All of the names used were Mei, Mina, Nagisa, Yukine, Kaoru, Shougo, Chobi, K, and Yoshito of the same order. (thanks to @chemicalpictures for the detail) Translated by me. Enjoy~! ^^
  4. After a long time I picked up reading again and started Nightmare Japan: Contemporary Japanese Horror Cinema. I first found out about the book at my college library years ago and read a few pages but never finished it cuz of my piled up academic readings......Then I bought a copy not too long ago and it's been laying on my shelf until now. The content is college level stuff but it's quite an interesting read and gives you a deep analysis on Japanese horror films in relation to some of Japan's historical happenings and reformation. First chapter is about torture films and the Guinea Pig series, which I have not seen any before but have only recently heard of. Can't wait to read more and learn about other horror films I haven't seen.
  5. sure band members leave all the time, but this came as rather shocking to me too. they've been going on strong with the same four members for a long time... hope they'll find a replacement soon.
  6. It has been announced that drummer Takada will depart MONO due to personal reasons, and their performance on Dec 22 at Shibuya Club Asia will be cancelled.
  7. no prob~ glad you found something new! ^^
  8. been debating for a long time if i should show myself here or not but i trimmed my hair yesterday and felt pretty happy about myself so hi i miss my longer hair tho. this was me from a year ago. i was thinking about growing it out like yusuke koba's mane but having to tie it up at work made me feel more girly so i've been going back to shorter hairstyles
  9. Hope this means a new release soon~! Also it looks like their budget went up
  10. one of my coworkers is into my sister's bf (who also works the same job) and i don't know what to think. just gonna watch at a distance and see how things develop. but the way she was talking about him today made it seem like they've already gotten pretty close. i don't think she knows that he's dating my sister tho
  11. hwat whyyyyyy, vk needs his eargasm guitars!!!! D;
  12. i miss these kinds of threads where we just spam share videos. anyway, cool stuff! i've heard of a few of these~ AND YAAASSS TO ZODIA! i like most of ClearVeil's riffage JUST LISTEN TO AICLE. more
  13. i don't know much but 'Check It Out, Yo!' is something i watched a while back that fits into that category. a young and innocent highschool romance that takes place in okinawa, so expect all that comfy and beachy vibes. also a good summer film~