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  1. HYPEEEEE i'm still so happy to see them back!!
  2. this should be a thing every year. we need more appreciation for the visualzzz (QUIT HIDING IT Y'ALL) anyway, lots of great picks! minpha and elysion (specifically the one on the left) would probably be in my tops too, despite not listening to elysion myself either. btw i also love me some black-suit kei looks *high-fives*
  3. me remembering the good old oshare days, i can dig this lol
  4. I've been following this thread for quite a while and many things came up in my head while reading through it. Many people already mentioned things I wanted to say or made valid points, but I'd still like to share a few things from my own point of view and experiences. (and sorry if i repeat some things already stated because i read kinda fast and have a short memory...) To me, LJ played a huge role in the VK international fanbase and was what really made it feel alive (especially for people who lived too far to attend lives and such and could only rely on the net for the experience). It was very interactive and people shared the shit out of things. Jrock scans was one of the best LJ communities ever and I must've spent hours browsing through their directory just trying to save scans of all my favorite bands. I still have them in my hard drive today and my only regret is that I didn't spend more time on it because all the links from there are dead now (lol). I was one of those people who made a shit ton of graphics and icons so scans were pretty important for me yeah...For a movement that's all about the visuals though the idea of making pretty graphics felt interconnected and made the fandom more fun as a whole. Now that it's practically not a thing anymore the whole appeal of the visuals feels more boring? Another thing I liked about LJ was that you could read your friends' journal entries and learn about their favorite bands, other than the ones you already share. People wrote about their favorite bands all their time, posted PVs and pics, and shared live reports, which I found very fun to read because they were very casual. Around the time LJ died out was around the time everybody's favorite bands started disbanding and a lot of people just left. With the transition to tumblr, like most people mentioned already, it's only reblogs and it feels a lot less interactive, making it hard to find/talk to new friends. (thankfully there's still MH though :>) Seeing that all my vk friends were leaving even I was feeling the pull of leaving vk forever. I even left my fav band Plastic Tree for a while (probably sometime after their ammonite album released). How dare I, I know. But in between those times I was out of vk I still found myself checking back in the scene once in a while out of curiosity, and found interest in a few newer bands. I just wasn't as crazy active as I was during LJ times. It wasn't until I went to Japan when I attended my very first vk live, which was AvelCain, that I regained all that vk-ness back in me. After seeing such an amazing and fun performance I realized how much I still loved vk, and that was pretty much how I woke up (and here I am now). It's probably different for everyone, but I feel like those who say that it was a fad might just a need a little something to make it all come back again, as it did for me. Also, I feel like the attitudes of fans might also play a role in the decline. You see a lot of people complaining about the low quality of music these days and that vk is not the same anymore, which I KNOW is very true in many cases and I do this too, but at the same time it puts too much negativity into the fandom and makes everything seem less attractive, and so people leave. The sharing aspect also feels increasingly dead--music sharing wise the reasons are pretty obvious, but even just the talk and spread of vk feels increasingly dead. Again, this can probably lead back to how tumblr is all about the reblogs, not much interaction or discussion. That's why I'm very glad that MH still does what it does today (the monthly recommended tracks, reviews, and great threads like these and the awesome recent oshare and nu-metal kei threads, etc. where we can really discuss and share about vk), because maaaan the vk fandom feels so dead everywhere else. With the changes in mainstream culture, and Kpop still a thing, I don't see how the newer generation will grow into vk. The only way they'll ever get into it is probably by the influence of a friend. So with that said, keep spreading the vk love people, as cheesy as it sounds lol.
  5. seeds of blood pang of madness first piece of the year! the one above was something i started last month and dropped for a while so it doesn't really count.
  6. té - 具眼の士に検閲されることは、最も正しい『価値』の決定である。
  7. remember the name sounds like a lovely ballad <3
  8. you took the words right out of me. he could become an amazing screamer too if he worked on it more. will keep tabs on this band.
  9. just putting this out there but i think it'd be nice to do a "favorite PVs" theme sometime. feeling like they don't get appreciated as much these days. i get that not all full pvs get uploaded online, and that some videos were taken down or are blocked in some countries, while some old ones just have downright bad quality, but it might still be a fun theme to do~ was anyone else planning to do a themed session soon? just wondering.
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  10. I transcribed and translated THE TEENAGE KISSERS' PERFECTLY DIRTY EP a while back, but never posted them here until now~ [2013.10.16] PERFECTLY DIRTY All lyrics written by Nana Kitade. All music written by Hideo Nekota. 1. BLACK SKINNY BIRD 2. GHOST BITCH 3. FLOWER BED 4. VIOLENT LIPS 5. DAYDREAMER 6. WENDY -------------------------- Corrections and suggestions are much welcomed! Thanks for looking and enjoy! ^^
  11. i hope they keep this up, this is some good stuff.
  12. té sounds like the band version of hideki taniuchi's osts (death note and kaiji)
  13. why didn't they follow the footsteps of early lycaon instead they don't sound too bad tho lol
  14. ^i don't think nukegara by plastic tree starts with the chorus.. ClearVeil has another one: