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  1. i managed to find a link here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/4bkmmemyupn/01+SAMURAI.mp3
  2. plastic_rainbow

    i just sent in a pitch deck for a game idea and while i'd like to get my game out there i haven't done any public speaking for years i almost hope that they don't choose mine to be presented in front of judges who are professionals......god help i don't even know what i'm doing
  3. is it this....? https://www.jmusicitalia.com/tackey-e-tsubasa/video/samurai-pv/4/
  4. ohh i totally missed this topic, can't wait!!
  5. plastic_rainbow

    hope they come back soon 😢
  6. I don't think anyone has ever translated any of Kei's solo works before, aside from the PV songs, so I decided to take up on it! I've also been going back to "barred door." a lot for the past two years and was curious about the lyrics so I'll be working on his silk tree. album first. Thankfully, Kei uses a handful of English in his lyrics, with some fairly short songs, so it probably won't take me long to get through this amazing album of his! ^^ silk tree. [2009.03.04] Lyrics and music written by Kei. 1. wailing wall. 2. end of Sunday/black hircine. 3. 17. 4. pitiful emotional picture. 5. barred door. 6. the blueroom. 7. sleep2 the moon. 8. vesperbell. 9. gresham face cream. 10. the primary. 11. ring clef. -------------------------------- Original lyrics were taken from uta-net. Translation corrections and suggestions are much welcomed! Thanks for looking and enjoy~ ^^
  7. plastic_rainbow

    ahhh, you're right. i couldn't tell without seeing the eyes xD
  8. plastic_rainbow

    lynch.: i love hazuki's yakuza cosplay <333, only other one i recognize is yusuke as bruno bucciarati from jojo and reo as a shinsengumi (not sure if from a specific series)
  9. plastic_rainbow

    Plastic Tree: akira as joker, ryutarou as billy the puppet, tadashi as makoto shishio (rurouni kenshin), i'm not sure about kenken's costume.... scapegoat: layha as kaito kid (detective conan), tatsuki as majin buu (dbz), haru as chucky, sayura as milky candy girl sayura's costume is absolutely adorbs
  10. plastic_rainbow

    @PIZAZ late but i finally got around to translating the live version on yt! i got stumped on one line, but anyway here's what i got. it starts around 4:12 of the video. あなたに生かされてる この命はあなたを怨み 「ありがとう」、「ごめんなさい」 怨み続ける気が付くまで 死ねばいい 青いゆえ?? (i need help on this line....) 死ねばいい 怨みゆえ どうかあなたが地獄へと English translation: I'll let you live As this life will give you malice "Thank you", "sorry" Until you realize my continuous resentment You're better off dead ???? You're better off dead Because of my resentment May you go to hell --------------- let me know if i might've gotten anything else wrong
  11. plastic_rainbow

    yeah, of course i will! ^^
  12. plastic_rainbow

    i have the book and i'd love to tackle translating the rest someday but i don't think my japanese is advanced enough atm..... the book is also quite thick so it would take a long time to translate the whole thing....
  13. plastic_rainbow

    anyone here have letterboxd? i need to follow more people so i can stalk and discover new films to watch here's mine: https://letterboxd.com/soundofrespire/ share yours so we can follow each other! ^^