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  1. plastic_rainbow

    The Fallen Crimson by Envy Third track from the album has been released. It has been noted that a music video has been out for it too but I haven't seen it up yet.
  2. plastic_rainbow

    i'm happy for these two~ it's cool to finally see haine/kai in a band, who i've been a long time follower of. he also did the cover art for the single. the song is just decent but i'll be looking forward to hearing more from them.
  3. anyone compiling their 2019 favorites? i kind of have a list (while still going through some releases i missed), but it's nothing big

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    2. plastic_rainbow


      in any case, it's a good way to see what others liked so that you can check them out yourself

    3. Komorebi


      I have my list on the rating thread more or less up to date. 

    4. colorful人生


      Not visual kei, but everything at this point and after is 2019 j-indie stuff I liked for the year (pruned from another playlist.)



  4. plastic_rainbow

    2020 really be making my wallet nonexistent.....the amount of new and upcoming video games has never looked this bright before i just recently finished playing Remothered: Tormented Fathers so i'm really excited for the sequel, shown down below. classic survival horror fans will like this one, especially if you like clock tower, rule of rose, or haunting ground. i had no idea there was even gonna be a second game to Hellblade. it has quite a different feel from the first one so i'll be looking forward to see what it has in store.
  5. plastic_rainbow

    didn't believe it until i saw the trailer myself (and hooooly damn carlos looks hot)
  6. plastic_rainbow

    damn, i just found out that mono performed last night the next state over
  7. plastic_rainbow

    "A step in the morning glow" from their new album is available to listen.
  8. plastic_rainbow

    just sent in my application for a summer intern for a game company.........*crosses fingers* i'm so nervous i don't even know if i want to do it anymore lol
  9. plastic_rainbow

    ^been following them for awhile! 80s slash horror fans will totally dig their stuff too. i bought the survival horror-style game "the glass staircase" but have still yet to play it. hope they will make more survival horror games cuz it looks so good, and i'm a huge fan of the genre. on another note, i don't wanna pour 100+ hours on a persona game again but persona 5 scramble looks amaaaaazing
  10. plastic_rainbow

    interesting! hope they bring some of the proggy influences back that were evident in late kannivalism
  11. plastic_rainbow

    Envy will release a new album titled "The Fallen Crimson" on February 5th, 2020 in Japan & Asia, and February 7th, 2020 worldwide. The album will contain all new songs from their new line-up and was recorded right after their EU tour in June. There are many options/bundles available for pre-order, including a CD or LP format and a bonus t-shirt. Check links below. Tracklist: 1. Statement of freedom 2. Swaying leaves and scattering breath 3. A faint new world 4. Rhythm 5. Marginalized thread 6. HIKARI 7. Eternal memories and reincarnation 8. Fingerprint mark 9. Dawn and gaze 10. Memories and the limit 11. A step in the morning glow http://envybandofficial.com/ https://pelagic-records.com/ https://www.temporaryresidence.com/
  12. plastic_rainbow

    the envy 10inch sold out..........i shouldn't have waited to order it 😥
  13. plastic_rainbow

    @platy Oooh, I'm so glad they worked for you! Maybe it's because my skin has gotten more sensitive, but I noticed that the Secret Key Tea Tree Toner will cause some red bumps to appear on my chin area if I use it twice a day. I tend to breakout in that area a lot. So you might wanna avoid putting too much on your face. Let me know how the sunscreen goes! Compared to other sunscreens I've tried this one has caused me the least greasiness and doesn't feel like I have anything on. I should mention that the kiku sake toner has a smell, the scent varies between people, but it fades rather quickly and doesn't bother me. Also, I noticed that you linked to yesstyle. Feel free to use my friend code! FUD8H3 Forgot to mention one other product that I've been loving, and that is the Rohto Melano CC Vitamin C Essence. I've been using this on my acne scars, specifically the area near my ear lobe, because I noticed that I had some pretty dark scars there, which have probably been there for a while. Ever since I've been using this my scars have faded so much! Not completely gone, but a lot less visible. I don't use it all over my face because the product dispenses in one drop, meaning it would take a while to get enough product for the entire face, so I use it in small areas only. You have to be very patient with this as the results are slow, but surely.
  14. plastic_rainbow

    i've actually been wanting to make a playlist with a similar concept myself, haha. would love to see everyone's playlist! also, for some reason a lot of japanese bands (mostly indie/alternative) are obsessed with the word 'plastic'? band names use it, song titles, and even lyrics. don't look at me weird cuz yes, i know my username has it. i just took it out of the lyrics of my favorite song yeeeeeeaaaars ago lol. and @CAT5 i think you meant this one (despite it being a rip off):
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