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  1. plastic_rainbow

    not sure if awkward eye contact or person likes me cuz i'm pretty good at doing the former
  2. plastic_rainbow

    i like the old vibe their samples are giving off.
  3. plastic_rainbow

    me liking the concept of minimalism by no means indicates that i prefer minimalism over maximalism! i do like the different kinds of aesthetic people create, given that it doesn't look like a hot mess and is actually pleasing to look at lol. i feel like i'd kinda fall into both categories.
  4. plastic_rainbow

    there are definitely things i don't need. heck, i still have some writings from high school and diaries as old as my elementary years (which all sound pretty dumb and embarrassing), but i can't help but still feel attached whenever i look at them, haha. i can get rid of my anime figurines and key chains tho that's for sure.... since i've been constantly changing locations due to school for the past several years, i've been more aware of how much stuff i've accumulated and traveling was always a hassle. getting rid of things definitely puts less weight on your shoulders. (if only books were easier to transport tho cuz i can't get rid of them!)
  5. plastic_rainbow

    i love the concept of minimalism but i don't think i can ever put it into practice....... i like collecting things and i've got books and games that give me a source of inspiration. it's kinda hard to be minimal when you're an artist, unless you do minimal art or something. thankfully, i mostly do digital art at least.
  6. plastic_rainbow

    i'm crying out of happiness~~ ;o; <333 also, i want that t-shirt so bad....
  7. plastic_rainbow

    damn, this is a hard pick but i'm gonna go with kizu. both are on par with their recent releases but there are more songs from kizu that i like. also, kizu give an outstanding performance, although i have not seen live clips of dimlim so that may not be a plausible opinion.
  8. plastic_rainbow

    Qujaku will release a new 200 limited EP titled "In Neutral" on July 26th, 2019. The EP will come in a 10 inch vinyl with tracks "In Neutral" on Side A and "Gloria" on side B. Starting on the same date they will also be touring in Europe. Tracklist: 1. In Neutral 2. Gloria
  9. plastic_rainbow

    yeah, i pretty much make it a habit to take photos/scan, i sometimes share it on my other handles anyway.
  10. plastic_rainbow

    when you're drawing for a friend but wanna keep the drawing instead..... i tend to get attached to my drawings, especially if it looks better than my previous drawings lol
  11. plastic_rainbow

    are those cloud strife's piercings??? I WANTTT
  12. plastic_rainbow

    they sound pretty dope. also like the fact that they put the drummer in the foreground as they're always in the back
  13. plastic_rainbow

    managed to find lyrics for the band M and i always thought koko ni iru yo was some kind of love ballad but damn, that song hits me even harder just knowing how dark and edgy it is
  14. plastic_rainbow

    well this sounds better than their previous song but it's still ehhhhh hoping b-sides will be better
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