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  1. sounds awesome!! i was expecting a full heavy track until it got to the soft verses, but i like it!
  2. it's sooooo beautifuuuuull ;__; i love every track, but god track 2 is so LOVELY
  3. OMGGGGGG they brought back old school pura (except for kenken tho). wish i had the chance to attend this live T^T
  4. saw the thickest fog ever early in the morning. wish i could've taken some photos but i was on my way to work.... :/
  5. been a while since i spent money on music and it feels good!! this is my first time buying rock and read and i had no idea they were that small....... xD or is that how they print them nowadays? 有村竜太朗 - 「デも/demo」 (Type A) ROCK AND READ 70 feat. Ryutaro 首振りDolls - ピンクの実 首振りDolls - 色子 dummy-xD - s/t グリモア - フラブジャスナハト (Type A)
  6. this is kinda minor but still adds to the experience. i don't know if other live venues do this, but the one i went to called Sapporo Colony would occasionally offer limited cocktails mixed or thought up by band members (i think?) in exchange for your 500yen drink pass. for AvelCain they had a cocktail called "noroi" and karma later made a tweet saying that it was mixed with his saliva. i don't know what to believe but it seems that i might have been cursed by his saliva.....
  7. i forgot about some of these, keep em coming guys!! @togz i think his experience with depression played a major role with these changes. seeing him now, i think it's pretty obvious that he's way happier than when he was back then. i mean if you just compare these two videos, the first one being around the time when his depression hit the hardest and the later being the most recent work from BAROQUE. but of course, i can't say for sure that he's no longer struggling. still, i think he has recovered a lot after what he's gone through and i feel like he's viewing things more positively. i don't know how much of it reflects his musical expression either, but i'd like to think it has considerably. p.s. can i buy one of those copies from you?? xD i don't even know the actual contents of it but i remember someone making translations before, haha. god, i just realized how long ago that was...
  8. LATE AGAIN..... Dx lyrics for "exit" have been added
  9. gdi tomo and takashi always look amazing song is just meh tho, as usual.
  10. can't wait!! @Yukami looking at my copy of frabjous nacht it doesn't specify who wrote the music or lyrics in the booklet... :/ it's probably the same for their other releases too.
  11. totally an unnecessary remake, but DAMN it looks amazingg
  13. coool~ and it's out already!
  14. had a power outage last night, and then again at work today. well, the good thing is that we got sent home early~

  15. i am so glad that it sounds good!!