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  1. gosh i haven't listened to them in so long i've forgotten what a beautiful ballad this is
  2. @Bear Ah, I'm very sorry to hear that and really appreciate you writing your review despite having a rough headache! It's totally understandable and I hope you get well soon! ^^ (gah, i hope some of my songs not fitting for your tastes didn't worsen your headache either!!) But thank you for your review! I still had a fun read~ I chose to do a theme of COLORS and picked one song for each color and how I interpreted it. I also added a few extra concepts like "colorless" and "prism" to make the mix more interesting. I decided to go with this theme because it would allow me to add variety into the mix, and since I'm not familiar with your music tastes it seemed like the safest option to do. I originally had an all VK mix in mind, but had a feeling that you wouldn't enjoy it too much so I trashed it for another time, haha. Here is the tracklist for my mix. I put my interpretation of the colors in parentheses. 1. Plastic Tree - ~作品「ammonite」~ (colorless) 2. DADAROMA - 「溺れる魚」 (violent red) 3. 河辺千恵子 - シマウマノヨル (frenzy orange) 4. Clavier - 夢の白地図 (mellow yellow) 5. 圭 - pitiful emotional picture. (serene green) 6. dummy-xD - detritus (dreamy blue) 7. 殻 - debris (forlorn purple) 8. amber gris - 茨の花は罪に咲く (fragile pink) 9. Salyu(Lily Chou-Chou) - 回復する傷 (pure white) 10. Hood - Branches Bare (downcast grey) 11. 明日の叙景 - 名付く暗涙 (sinister black) 12. 少女スキップ - calmly (dazzling prism) Funny how you guessed DADAROMA as Matenrou Opera as their music styles sound pretty different. For track 3 lol, it was one of the few songs that really felt all bright and ORANGE to me so that's why I chose it. I probably had a similar reaction when I first heard it too, which was really long ago, but ehh I eventually grew to like it because I liked the singer's other songs. For track 9 you were quite close! It was actually used in a movie instead called All About Lily Chou-Chou, great movie btw! Track 11 was probably the only one that I felt was up your alley. The mini-album of theirs is worth checking!
  3. they're releasing a lot of stuff! sounds decent
  4. and then resume as a band like lolita23q did? ^.^
  5. omfg mono are touring in the US!!! oh wait.........fuck no fuck noooooo the tickets closest to me are sold out already????? ok i'm gonna go cry now T-T
  6. sorry, i know you posted this a while ago already but yo, you gotta watch the second film if you haven't yet. i thought it was pretty good even tho they changed almost everything. also, the train scene was pretty awesome imo. as for the latest movie i watched, it was the new Gantz:O movie which i already talked about here.
  7. sounds really good compared to their previous release
  8. Ohhh, that's a very cool theme for this mystery mix! Bands doing covers of songs is even harder to guess since they're employing their own style to another band's style. I didn't even recognize Boris, haha. Sadly, I didn't know the other bands too well tho, otherwise it might have been a more fun experience. But don't get me wrong, this is still a great mix. Now I don't know whether I should check out the bands featured here for the songs that I liked, or the original band that was covered. Guess I'll just check em both, haha.
  9. GANTZ:O is now available on Blu-ray! You can also watch it on Netflix!!!! I just watched it on netflix (cuz i'm too impatient to order the dvd) and ughhh I can't explain how amazing it looks! If you like Gantz you NEED to watch this. Seriously, everything looks so amazing animated. Watching the H-gun in action is also something you don't wanna miss. All the yokai and gory special effects look awesome too. Even though a lot of the cool characters from the manga (i totally wanted to see muscle rider and the kid!! and the vampires too) didn't make it in the movie I still really liked it. And actually, I think I might order the dvd now too lol.
  10. wow, this is quite a nice list! i'd rank gibkiy and tgads on my top ten too! there's also lots of new and interesting stuff here for me to explore, like GoGo Penguin and Obscure Sphinx~ i'm still new to Alcest but i've been hearing lots of positive remarks on the new album so i'll have to check it out too! ^^
  11. omfgalfhelafsdg i love tomo and his pinhead look takashi looks awesome too! song is just meh tho
  12. siren and silent hill VIBES
  13. My partner was @Bear and they gave me almost no information about their mix except that it’s noisy and that some songs might be louder than others (mostly as a precaution to my ears). So with only that to build upon all that I could think of was that maybe it could be a mixture of noise rock and underground punk bands. When I listened to the mix though, I was quite wrong as the mix contained a string of metal bands, with possibly 1-2 post-rock/progressive bands. First of all, thank you for the mix! It was honestly a bit hard to sit through though, not because it was too noisy or because some songs were quieter or louder than others, but because it was more of a hit or miss for me. I don’t listen to a whole lot of metal outside of vk, which I think this mix had an abundance of, so I had to give very low scores to most of these songs. I think the majority of these bands were Western too, and as you may know or not know, I listen to Japanese music 90% of the time. Of course, I'm always open to non-Japanese music, but most of the songs from this mix didn't quite cut it. The more favorable ones were only the slower ones, but there was at least one heavier song, track 4, that intrigued me. If I had to make a guess for the theme I’d say that it was a variety of metal and its sub-genres, except I was told the theme was paper thin so I think there may be a deeper theme to this too. Anyway, thanks again! Now I feel worried about my mix though, since I get the sense that our music tastes differ quite a lot, haha.
  14. wow, i'm kinda shocked.....i thought they would last a bit longer since they finally found some new members.. guess it didn't work well.