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  1. thank you for the explanation hiroki! gonna refer to that drama's english title and change the line to "love quotient" instead.
  2. well, after trying to look for more info on HASAMI Group i found more noise/lo-fi goodness! LOWPOP LTD. are more alternative rock but i love this slower-paced song of theirs. don't think i need to say it, but expect some lo-fi production. HYPER LACK + REPACKED by LOWPOP LTD. this screamo-like demo of theirs is pretty neat too. these guys are like downtempo noise rock and sound really good. this might be for you @CAT5?
  3. ^i have no idea. i just went for the literal translation because i didn't quite understand what it meant......
  4. i vote for JRLC. it's simple but makes more sense. ^^
  5. for a request~ (first half of the video) Lyrics: Ao Sakurai Music: Ao Sakurai Kanji source: jpopasia Kanji: 初恋中毒 Romaji: Hatsukoi chuudoku English: First Love Poisoning Romanization and translation done by me. Corrections and suggestions are much welcomed~ Enjoy! ^^
  6. i honestly have no idea what i'd be listening to because japanese music was where everything began for me. if i never listened to any japanese music i probably wouldn't even have become such a music fanatic since i was mostly exposed to all that american pop stuff like britney spears, backstreet boys, and nsync..........yikes!! although i guess i would have explored a bit of kpop since i listened to some of the older 90s stuff, or otherwise maybe some other asian music. have no idea if i'd even be into rock/heavy music like i am now tho.....i don't even want to imagine
  7. if you still haven't checked these guys out from the june recs do yourself a favor and listen to them now! i haven't heard such good j-indie in years and i'm honestly excited for these guys. they're bringing the j-indie roots back! for those who like some outrageously weird but good stuff, check these guys out. they're experimental and bleep bloopy with some fuzzy noises and strange-to-playful pianos. as far as i know, they self-produce all their music and upload them on their webpage only, so really underground stuff! a lot of their style and aesthetics come from experimental, lo-fi films and all those old 80s melancholic feels. my favorite of theirs so far. it's less weird and more melancholic capturing the very essence of youth in those lonely and bleak summer days.
  8. love the new look!!! futabaaaaaa <33
  9. damn, hope somebody gets a hold of this because their last release was pretty good
  10. purchased from @togz , thanks again! ^^ mah bois <3333 kannivalism - ホシの夜 kannivalism - 鬱病ロッカー (book) baroque - 我伐道 SINCE1889 - [Gaula] Crazy★shampoo - The place in which I am now. (and comment dvd) Crazy★shampoo - LOVE SONG
  11. i love this song more than the anime itself but maybe i need a second viewing cuz everything kinda went over my head.....
  12. been listening to osts of noir, elfen lied, serial experiments lain, and tsukihime and man, so many of the older anime had such GOOD osts. there just ain't enough dark and psychological anime out there anymore (that's newer) with sad strings and pianos or dark ambient vibes. or am i not watching the right stuff.....?
  13. forgot to mention that i sometimes upload new artist photos too. i didn't really do it back then probably cuz there were plenty of users who did it so i didn't care. but now that there are less users it kinda feels like a job for me to upload them AND to make sure that they fit the stupid image grid cuz it really annoys me when people just upload it without cropping/fixing so that you only see like two of the members. yeah, last.fm has completely taken over me HELP.