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  1. b-sides sound a lot better than the title track, with the second track probably being the only noteworthy one. and i spoke too soon earlier, third track sounds like a bunch of aicle. songs mashed together. the growl section sounds almost exactly like kuru kuru to taiji wa mawaru. unfortunately it's not quite as good as itadakimasu but at least now i haven't completely lost hope for them yet. edit: actually, third track is pretty much a poor copy of aicle.'s nekuronomikon
  2. plastic_rainbow

    can't wait for spring break, i need it 😩
  3. after watching kizu's awesome live dvd i suddenly want to start buying more dvds and this looks pretty amazing!
  4. plastic_rainbow

    i think i can already say that bad dream is my favorite off the album ❤️
  5. feeling down and remembered this gem...


  6. bring back that aicle. sound from itadakimasu please this is generic af i was so excited for them....
  7. plastic_rainbow

    @Tokage the sequel was rather weak imo but still worth playing for the atmosphere and new creepy enemies. the first one had better characters overall while i didn't care too much for anybody in the second one tbh. somehow i didn't realize that hard mode (?) was similar to the normal mode in the first game so it didn't feel very satisfying when i beat the game in normal mode....seemed a bit too easy. but that's just me.
  8. plastic_rainbow

    if you opened the window cuz it feels hot then why are you in bed sheets?? (at my roommate who i'm pretty much annoyed with at this point)
  9. plastic_rainbow

    i played the first one a long time ago and don't remember much but i'd love to replay it sometime! grandia xtreme is the only one left i've still yet to play but i read somewhere that it was the worst in the series? i don't remember liking the third one too much when i played it so i'd probably say that my favorite of the series is grandia 2 as of right now. although i have a feeling it won't change since i love ryudo and millenia lol. not necessarily as a pairing but as the characters themselves.
  10. plastic_rainbow

    ohhh awesomeness, looking forward to it!
  11. plastic_rainbow

    think i might have to turn in assignments late or half-ass them just to catch up on my other assignments, this semester is getting too busy ughh having lecture classes where you only have to do readings would be kinda nice right now also, being a perfectionist sucks
  12. plastic_rainbow

    probably you say......
  13. plastic_rainbow

    Grandia 2 is such a good game y'all. i've been wanting to play it for so long and finally decided to pick it up. the gameplay might be a little simple in some areas and could be more fleshed out but the unique battle system, storyline, and lovable characters definitely make up for it. if you're a fan of JRPGs you should definitely give this one a chance! or if you've never played a Grandia game before you should check the first one out too~
  14. plastic_rainbow

    a mucc song i haven't heard in a while came on shuffle and i legit thought it was the band M lol
  15. plastic_rainbow

    i'll try to stop by for a few hours~!
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