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  1. plastic_rainbow

    just found out that my cousin got infected. i thought things were getting better but now things feel a bit scary again (been sorta out of the loop so i don't know how bad things are elsewhere). i'll be honest, she's kind of the party goer type so it didn't surprise me that she was the first one to get infected in her family. it does worry me though because her dad has diabetes and is already quite vulnerable.... just because things are opening up again doesn't mean you can party like the way things were before..
  2. plastic_rainbow

    i was holding back on buying nana kitade's new album but after listening to the whole thing i want it even more..... Dx i'm so glad she brought her rock sound back, and this time more grunge-y/alternative similar to her former band TTAK. please don't do electro pop again. obviously that was only something experimental or maybe because it was trendy? but i know in her heart she's always been more of a rock person.
  3. at this rate i only have hope for their b-sides because in every release they still had at least one very aicle-influenced song
  4. plastic_rainbow

    damn, this really sucks....i didn't know he and the vocalist were brothers too. may he rest in peace
  5. plastic_rainbow

    omg i have not seen this video of aicle before, so adorable
  6. plastic_rainbow

    new ff7 background up! 😊 my desktop is already getting messy, haha. didn't really bother trying to clean it up before taking the screenshot...
  7. plastic_rainbow

    they got a new song out! along with some t-shirts you can order. the order period is 4/25(sat) 12:00pm - 5/6(wed) 12:00pm. all proceeds will be donated to live houses affected by the coronavirus. https://www.dummy-xd.com/collections/mushic-tshirts
  8. plastic_rainbow

    i didn't think our second game project would get worse but it did.......this guy doesn't know what he's doing at all and he's adding stuff that we never asked for or mentioned about. if this was my game pitch i would be screaming right now. (it's someone else's in the team, not his) our main programmer probably feels frustrated too, there are errors every time we open up the project with his updates. files are now corrupted and we may have to attempt a recovery, which i'm not sure how well that'll go....
  9. plastic_rainbow

    yeah, i figured it was something like that. i didn't exactly read up on it, just heard from someone else.
  10. plastic_rainbow

    yup! i got it this morning! everyone gets it if they filed their taxes for 2019. i heard that children get $500 or something? which seems a lot for a kid, but it most likely went to the parents' account.
  11. plastic_rainbow

    if anyone needs masks and doesn't want to buy overly priced ones online or sew themselves one, Newegg gives out FREE masks (disposable ones) on your purchase. i think it's only a one time thing though and they give you five in a pack but it's better than nothing. i got some on a recent purchase for a graphics card. it just depends on whether you have something you want to buy from there or not. it's also US based but they have a global shop as well. i wonder if other shops/places offer free masks?
  12. plastic_rainbow

    I finished the Resident Evil 3 remake a few days ago and now have been playing the FFVII Remake! RE3 was disappointingly short, clocking in about 6 hours, but it's still pretty great if you're a fan. Just not exactly the remake it deserved. FFVII, on the other hand, by far exceeded mine, and most likely everyone's, expectations and the delay was well worth the wait. They sure packed a lot into this game. Everything that occurred in the original now takes maybe 5-10 times longer. I'm about 7 hours in, but am only about to leave the slums for the next bombing mission. The characters are much more fleshed out and the cutscenes add well to the story. I'm getting a much better grasp of the story and of everyone. I'm feeling impatient to get Aerith though because that's all I'm really here for lol (aside from Cloud ofc). But soon enough! Also, while I do prefer Japanese voices I think I like Barret's english voice better. He just sounds more serious and cool?
  13. plastic_rainbow

    i'll take on this challenge, vk only and one band each baroque - ila. kannivalism - sugar rainy plastic tree - zetsubou no oka deadman - additional cause for sorrow guniw tools - looser sugar if i wasn't limiting it to one band each i would've listed all songs by baroque only lol
  14. plastic_rainbow

    about time! i've missed these guys so much, i thought they pretty much just vanished.....
  15. plastic_rainbow

    can they PLEASE do a livestream, i've been wanting to see them T_T
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