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  1. plastic_rainbow

    yess i love the live version on yt as well! there are a few extra lines added making the song longer. maybe i'll try to translate those parts when i get the chance.
  2. This song has been therapeutic to me as of late so I decided to translate it. Lyrics: Lime Music: Lime Kanji: petitlyrics Romaji & translation: me Kanji: 怨ミ節 Romaji: Urami bushi English: Song of Resentment Enjoy! ^^
  3. plastic_rainbow

    sounds really good, i might like this more than noroi uta
  4. plastic_rainbow

    actual good cover, i like
  5. second track is probably the only thing worth listening here
  6. plastic_rainbow

    love your water color works! i've always wanted to try my hand at them. well, the last time i used that medium was high school or something haha. i like how you arranged the piece in the first photo. the lighting also gives it a warmer look~ ^^
  7. plastic_rainbow

    Thanks for your review @ghost! Sorry that you had a hard time listening to the slow 6-7 minute tracks, haha. And you're right, both of our mixes were quite different from each other. As I was listening to your mix I noticed that it was much brighter overall while mine was more laid-back and sometimes a bit sad sounding. But I had fun listening to it, so let's get to the review! Also, I decided to give the one-track version a go to get the intended experience. ^^ Good mix overall with a blend of electronic, jazz, and 80s synthwave! As I mentioned earlier, this mix was a lot brighter and cheerful compared to mine and I think that was the only problem I had with the mix as I wouldn't chill out to anything too happy sounding. That's just me. But I discovered many artists from this mix, and actually I think all of them were new to me. I'll be sure to check out the ones I enjoyed, most notably TAMTAM! ^^
  8. plastic_rainbow

    yaaaasssss i need more shoegaze goodness
  9. plastic_rainbow

    i'm shooting to get my review up for @ghost by wednesday night~! sorry for being late! ><
  10. plastic_rainbow

    bands probably don't give much thought into their names knowing that they won't last long
  11. song starts out really nice, i like it
  12. plastic_rainbow

    ughh looking for housing you can't view cuz of distance is really hard.... why does the university i'm planning to go to have to be so far away from home :'/ not planning to do campus housing cuz that's obviously the more expensive choice and tuition for art universities is already expensive enough....
  13. plastic_rainbow

    sent mine to @ghost!
  14. yes, please do this! i already do something similar for bands i follow, but this would be great for releases i might've missed or for new things to check out. ^^
  15. plastic_rainbow

    i had a dream i fist pound with a japanese language assistant who i think was korean, i forgot why we fist pound but his hands were really rough like sand paper even though he had fair complexion, and then he seemed really surprised by how soft my hands were. in the same dream i was napping at the top of the stairs against the rail near the office of a japanese assistant i kinda had a crush on. we talked a little. for some reason there were anime figures placed near the stair railing and i was observing them.