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  1. plastic_rainbow

    for some reason that link isn't playing the video? but i found a different one. damn, should've added this album to my recent cdjapan order (luckily it hasn't shipped yet!)
  2. plastic_rainbow

    it's nice but i always feel like i'm using up their time with their busy schedules so i try not to bother them too much lol....
  3. plastic_rainbow

    Yeah, I think I get where you're coming from. I can definitely see how finances will affect you're earnings. But as I mentioned before, my friend lives with her sister and mom so they split the rent and bills. And where we're from, which is a rather small town, the living costs aren't as expensive as bigger cities either. You can find 2-3 bedroom apartments for $500-700/month basically. I didn't mention before, but my friend partly took the job because her sister (who's older by 5+ years) was the one who wanted the job change (my friend doesn't have her license yet so they've been working the same jobs), and I feel like she was kinda forced to work at their current job because of her sister only. But then again, I don't know the full story as to how they came into an agreement for the job change so I probably shouldn't speculate too much on that. I still think she should be more independent and make her own decisions though. Being dependent on her older sister for having a job and transportation has probably been affecting her choices....
  4. plastic_rainbow

    vocals are a bit rough and need work but 2008 me is totally jamming to this
  5. plastic_rainbow

    is it weird that i go to my instructor's office almost every week just to hangout? 😅 also, he's like the only friend that i've made at art uni so far lol, my classmates are just kinda casual friends in general
  6. plastic_rainbow

    yeaahhhh awesome!! i should order their single
  7. plastic_rainbow

    exactly. life isn't all about the money. there's more to it than that. my friend doesn't want to work at my job cuz she's worried about the 'stability' since it's a part time job (it does get busy during the summer tho so that practically makes up for the slow times). i think she just isn't willing to sacrifice all the luxuries she's been spending on, which makes me feel sad for her. couldn't agree more. i mean well, i'm an aspiring artist which i know does not pay very well but i'm okay with doing a job on the side while still doing what i love, haha.
  8. plastic_rainbow

    can people just stop being greedy for money....my friend wants to keep her job cuz of the higher pay but i KNOW she's not happy with it. it's about an hour commute and she always comes home dirty with grime in her hair as she's a machine operator and the place she works at isn't the cleanest. yet, she isn't willing to sacrifice all that pay for a more moderate and cleaner job that pays just good enough to make a living, in other words the job i've been working at. i mean, she lives with her mom and sister so the rent shouldn't even cause a huge dent in her bank. plus she doesn't even have any loans to pay. she tells me that she wants to earn a lot so that she can both save and spend money at the same time, which looks to me more like spending than saving. well whatever, it's her life so i can't try to change her mind. it's all just kinda ridiculous to me though.
  9. this actually looks pretty interesting, hope it doesn't flop
  10. plastic_rainbow

    pv spot sounds alright to me, definitely different from ktk but i'm quite excited~
  11. plastic_rainbow

    Aeris looks amazing!! ❤️ can't wait for the announcement in june~
  12. plastic_rainbow

    here are some lesser known bands that might fit under your description these guys are more recent and have traditional influences but still pretty good imo
  13. plastic_rainbow

    try MELLO, they're rather similar to Sugar imo.
  14. plastic_rainbow

    excited for this! the album art looks pretty rad too
  15. plastic_rainbow

    yeah, their budget definitely went up. looking cool~
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