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  1. plastic_rainbow

    yess, i do still wanna get to it! thanks for reminding me, haha. it's just been really busy for me the past few months but i'll see if i can have a translation up sometime soon~
  2. plastic_rainbow

    why does being around people hurt so fucking much, i feel so out of place
  3. plastic_rainbow

    damn, my mom needs a break. grandma passed last year and now it's my uncle. i don't know if i'm capable of giving her the support she needs right now...
  4. plastic_rainbow

    easy, that's baroque 2001-2004 era for me. their music never gets old and has a lot of nostalgic moments for me album would by sug life by them and as for song i don't really know...
  5. i like their aesthetics but damn what a mess. well, i was getting bored of their music anyway. the vocalist needs to do more with his voice instead of sounding monotonous all the time. (i don't mind the high pitch all that much, just needs something more)
  6. apparently tenten's new band will be covering sharon by rosso!



  7. plastic_rainbow

    it was a pretty krappy live house anyway joking aside tho this kinda sucks as it was probably one of the bigger ones i've been to while in sapporo, at least for smaller vk bands
  8. plastic_rainbow

  9. plastic_rainbow

    that sounds painful D': i was pretty young still so yeah. i think i was still losing baby teeth even in elementary school
  10. plastic_rainbow

    thankfully, mine grew back eventually
  11. plastic_rainbow

    broke my two front teeth during gym class in kindergarten by colliding into someone, my mouth was bleeding and i was chewing on the ice pack they gave me lmao. also being that young i was crying too
  12. plastic_rainbow

    the thought of me still having to live with my parents for probably the next 1-2 years fucking sucks, and on top of that i live in the basement. i can't afford to live on my own right now cuz of school loans and my friend who i was planning to move out with is out of the picture cuz she just bought a new expensive car. she wasn't very serious about living together in the first place anyway......
  13. plastic_rainbow

    inspirative never disappoints
  14. plastic_rainbow

    can this song be any more perfect
  15. plastic_rainbow

    not sure if awkward eye contact or person likes me cuz i'm pretty good at doing the former
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