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  1. plastic_rainbow

    i totally forgot about these guys, glad to see that they're still going but i wish all their stuff wasn't live-limited..... :'<
  2. plastic_rainbow

    so we'll never get an album from them? 😧 oh well, a mini album is better than nothing
  3. plastic_rainbow

    i just met this guy from one of my game dev classes and he asked me to hang out at his place already. lmao it doesn't work that way dude
  4. plastic_rainbow

    ughhh, roommate and her friend is over hanging out in the kitchen and i'm really hungry right now but i don't want to try and make them leave lol......in other words i hate human interaction our kitchen is really small btw so i can't even do anything while they're still in there
  5. plastic_rainbow

    fuck are you serious?? 😢
  6. plastic_rainbow

    ahh yesss loving this already <3333
  7. Requested by @Seelentau Lyrics: Kyo Music: DIR EN GREY Kanji/Romaji: wikia Translation: me English: You don't realize what's happening to you Your face is like a layer of patches Gushing out a replica Gushing out a replica Die Try copying it into my head I'm kept in emptiness You will still love me, won't you? You will still love me, won't you? Trash that hard on of yours Trash every part of you Here's the very best ballad For me who is possessed by hypocrisy Here's the very best ballad You don't even love me, Beautiful Dirt You feel it somewhere, don't you? You feel it somewhere, don't you? You feel it somewhere, don't you? No choice but to love the rotten future Trash that hard on of yours Trash every part of you Here's the very best ballad For me who is possessed by hypocrisy Here's the very best ballad You don't even love me, Beautiful Dirt You, just living is a pollution You, just living is a sin You are living, so please die I will rot away the way I am ---------------- Notes: This is the version from VESTIGE OF SCRATCHES, which is different from the original version from Withering to death., aside from a few similar lines. Enjoy! ^^
  8. plastic_rainbow

    omg yessss please be a comeback!!!!
  9. On a flight to art uni in San Francisco, I don't know if I'm ready for this.... 😫

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. emmny


      you got this!!!

    3. platy


      You can do it!! My dms are open if you need to vent about the incoming artist identity crisis ❤️

    4. plastic_rainbow


      thanks everyone!!! i finally made it to my dorm, it was a long day lmao (ran into several issues)

  10. As requested by @emmny (apologies for being EXTREMELY late!!! ><) Lyrics: Kazuma Music: Hideno Kanji: lyric site Romaji & translation: me Kanji: 赤い絲 Romaji: Akai Ito English: Red Thread Thanks for looking, enjoy! ^^
  11. plastic_rainbow

    today my distant crush and i coincidentally wore matching plaid shirts today and it was kinda embarrassing but then i felt more happy and my heart beat a little i wish i could talk to her..... this is also my first time having such a crush on a girl, i didn't know i had this gayness in me until she showed up on another note, i wish someone would make dinner for me for once. my parents are still so traditional that everybody has to sit at the table for dinner ughh and i'm usually the one who has to cook dinner.......i'm so tired of this
  12. i'm still kinda new to them but damn that look kills
  13. plastic_rainbow

    ^sounds pretty interesting and a good selection of directors too. i'll have to check it out sometime. super late reply!! i haven't been checking this topic much lol..... thanks for the recs, i will be sure to check them out! i've really grown to like kiyoshi kurasawa's works and am quite interested in penance~ hearing that it's based off a novel by the same author who wrote confessions makes me even more interested. i most recently watched Tag by Sion Sono. first of all i didn't realize it was a Siono Sono movie and i remember seeing posters of it everywhere when i was in japan back in 2015. i've seen several clips/gifs of it around the web and always that it was some really mediocre core movie that was all about the gore. but after watching it through i can say that it was not a bad movie at all. you just have to get past the poorly cg'd and over-the-top gore, although it's there for the comedy. the first half seemed ridiculous and absurd (so many panty shots too) but once you get deeper into the movie the mood becomes drastically dark, giving you an awful feeling that most sion sono's films do. i was really impressed by that ending and especially when "The Land Between Tides / Glory" by Mono started playing (one of my faves by them). certainly not sion sono's best work but still good.
  14. plastic_rainbow

    seriously loving these guys more and more cool pv as well!
  15. plastic_rainbow

    might as well release the full pv already, they sure like to tease us