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  1. I sometimes wish I was raised in a bilingual (English & Japanese) household simply because I like the language, but am too lazy to learn it. XD Japanese schools/society in general seems so strict, though; I'd probably hate growing up there.
  2. guitar.chic92

    Pretty much everything Ito said. If things like drugs and prostitution were legalized, then they could also be held to certain standards, making them a little bit safer... But I will never use them myself, (especially alcohol since it's ruined most of my family). Also sending internet hugs for Mei. Good luck.
  3. guitar.chic92

    X Japan. I like a few songs, but their music isn't interesting to me overall. I do respect that they influenced a lot of other artists, though.
  4. guitar.chic92

    I have a 4GB mp3 player and a few of my very favorite artists have a crapton of songs, so now I'm having to kick out some of my most loved songs to make room for new stuff. What I can't part with entirely: BUCK-TICK (entire discog is great, damn them) Emilie Autumn Dir en grey Ayumi Hamasaki Fiona Apple Florence + The Machine Bat For Lashes Plastic Tree Rammstein Amanda Palmer Merry ...see, I can't even fit the discographies of all my favorites on this puny thing. ;_;
  5. guitar.chic92

    I'm watching InuYasha with my little sister, and she's getting pissed about the past few episodes being filler-ish. XD Now that I think about it, I've probably only watched about a dozen anime series in total...
  6. guitar.chic92

    A song from the new album found its way to tumblr: http://marysue-complex.tumblr.com/post/ ... om-the-new
  7. guitar.chic92

    I just watched the documentary Jiro Dreams Of Sushi. It was very interesting.
  8. guitar.chic92

    sai's first paragraph is almost exactly what I was going to type, except for the favorite albums/tracks part. My favorites always change depending on my mood, but if I had to choose one album, it would probably be Six\Nine. Kodou is a very important song to me. Buck-Tick are my favorite band overall, and they never disappoint me. As for Non-VK... I don't really listen to many Japanese bands, so it's hard for me to name one. The pop artist Ayumi Hamasaki comes to mind when trying to think of someone who doesn't disappoint. Even her weaker albums are enjoyable for me. It took a little while for the older ones to grow on me simply because Ayu couldn't really sing back then, but her singing has gotten MUCH better lately. Some of the lyrics she writes are touching, and her live shows are a spectacle. Again, my favorites change with my mood, but I guess I'd go with her My Story album. I love her rock-influenced songs. As for a track, I'll say Crossroad, (it's also very important to me).
  9. guitar.chic92

    As much as I love Dim and a few songs from previous releases, Deg is one of my favorite bands and really got me into music in the first place, so my vote goes to them. (Plus, they have Shinya and Toshiya, who blow most rhythm sections out of the water.)
  10. guitar.chic92

    I'll just drop the limited edition cover here because I like its artsy-ness, (though I'm sure everyone's seen it by now):
  11. guitar.chic92

    ^That was my thought, too. I'm so excited for this album.
  12. guitar.chic92

    I need to get off my depressive ass and find a band... I'm feeling so old.
  13. guitar.chic92

    Ayumi Hamasaki's music. <3 And exercising, shockingly enough. Maybe soon my flesh will no longer feel like pudding.
  14. guitar.chic92

    I'm loving the new song! asdfjkl I adore My Baby Japanese; I hope they'll also perform it live, (and record it).
  15. guitar.chic92

    I think the Buck-Tick fans have been the nicest and most helpful to me. Then again, I don't interact much with the fans of any band, so even my experiences with Dir en grey and Gazette fans have been positive.