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  1. please someone make a youtube rip!
  2. wow.vagina on cover.
  3. some songs are a little bit generic,but not boring at all.
  4. bBa7ebKKNNc
  5. for me it's veeery awesome!! i will love this band more..because i love creepy and dark atmosphere
  6. all songs can be watched on other DVDs exept toge and Juggernaut. I am very very disappointed. why they don't want to make DVD with new songs!!i hate it!
  7. chorus sounds like MELT's chorus
  8. i wrote about this few posts up
  9. i'm really excited about new releases. bonus song in regular edition will be S=r&b
  10. wow!! i hope it will be as great as DaN!
  11. Everything is awesome, especially when he sings
  12. Everything is awesome, especially when he sings