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  1. Listened to the whole song, not bad but quite underwhelming. I think its the bland chorus that brings it down.
  2. More and more bands I used to follow just seem to get get worse and worse with time, some examples are Nogod, Matenro Opera and Sid. Even Dir en Grey is starting to loose me recently, Gazette's last album after an ass-long hiatus was boring. I think I only care about/follow Mucc personally, they seem to be the only one that keep releasing quality music. What bands do you still care about/follow?
  3. dannemannen

    The Back Horn Glay Galneryus
  4. Not that impressed by the sample, chorus honestly sounds a bit boring.
  5. Do you guys seriously think this is DeG's last release before disbanding?
  6. dannemannen

    Sounds like your generic western stuff
  7. dannemannen

    Can't believe this is the best they could come up with after 3 years. Most of the album felt like filler.
  8. dannemannen

    Just a random question. Who do you think get along best in the band? I have the impression that Shinya is the outsider that the other members never really have liked, deep in their hearts. Who is Kyo's best friend in the band? Who doesn't he like? LOL.
  9. dannemannen

    LOL gay sex in the uncensored one? Someone share it!
  10. Don't get me wrong. I remember Jrock being quite popular in western countries like 10 years ago, Dir en Grey touring in Europe and playing at rock festivals etc, hype was insane... but the popularity seems to just have gotten weaker and weaker through the years for some reason, and today it seems that no one except the hard core fans care about the scene. No buzz at all. I grew up with Japanese rock and Japanese rockers have created some of the most amazing videos and catchiest/craziest/coolest rock songs in human history. There is no doubt about that - but for some reason, they never just seem to get recognized for it. Again, there is just no buzz anymore. Take a song like Different Sense by dir en grey, I swear if it was released by a so-so famous American band, it would have more than 5 million views on youtube now (and if it was a famous band 50mil+), but its around 400k - and it was released 7 years ago. That video is awesome (& shocking in a good way), and the song is so catchy and badass. Or why not Gazette with the undying at 200k? What the hell are those numbers for that kickass song? Jrock never just seem to get that big break or recognition in the west, that they deserve. Mucc is another band with some really really high quality well written catchy rock songs, some of the best, but like no one knows about them, and all their songs are on Youtube. I might suck ass at trying to explain what I want to say, but simply, why don't you think that Jrock never really broke through in the west? What hindered everything? I def not think its the quality of the music (or language barries as most songs get released after a while with translations)... There are almost no reaction channels to Japanese Rock either, while there are millions to Kpop (I am not comparing Kpop to Jrock, just a reference)... for the third time, there just seem to be no buzz at all anymore...? Just why?
  11. dannemannen

    Is Ningen wo Kaburu a sign that DeG has lost it? Or that the members just don't give a shit about the band anymore? The only catchy/good/ part about the song is 2 seconds of the chorus. Everything else feels so generic and un-inspiring. Generic intro, generic verse, generic bridge, generic outro. I cant believe they have been active for 20 years, and 20 years of experience leads to this, this is what they have come to be. Im really sad.
  12. dannemannen

    Do you guys think DeG has "lost it" after their last single? The chorus sounds decent but everything else of the whole songs just sounds like re-used "assets" of older songs, absolutely nothing stands out.
  13. Lol, the single fucking sucks. What the fuck DEG?
  14. Really disappointing that the only good part of the new song, after years of silence, is 2 seconds of the chorus.
  15. Amazing promotional video