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  1. The new song is definitely better than I thought it would be, but still nothing really too memorable. Its like a mix-up of songs from their last two albums, that brings nothing new to the table. Their last album had like one song I liked. Arche was great overall, but thats 6 years ago... They have really lost their touch imo.
  2. dannemannen

    Sadly I think VK is smaller than ever, when it should be the opposite. I also don't feel that there are many bands left worth really listening too, who keep creating good music. I wonder what went wrong, DEG etc were so big back in 2015.
  3. dannemannen

    Damn the new single is boring.... literally nothing stood out to me. How many songs like that haven't we heard from DEG before?
  4. Is it only me or does the new single sound bland? Sounds like an album filler song..
  5. dannemannen

    No comments on the waizatsu pv?LMAO
  6. dannemannen

    For me there isn't even one memorable song on the whole album, but great review.
  7. dannemannen

    Why do people mention Matenrou? I think their last albums have been pretty good and they seem to be touring alot...?
  8. dannemannen

    I also think that LMC is one that it is close, their last album was so copy&paste-lazy.
  9. I don't want to sound rude but to say that this is some of their best work, is just so wrong imo.. This album doesn't even have one 10/10 song. The best would be Ranuculus, which is a 7/10 at best. Everything else is 5/10 (average) or below. This comes from someone who have been a fan of them for 15+ yearsm and moved to Japan simply to be able to go to their concerts, lmao.
  10. Will people hate me for saying that this is the worst DeG album to date?
  11. So how is this album selling so far
  12. First half is almost unlistenable to me, what were they thinking? Second half is a bit better but there are no real 10/10 songs, I guess the best song is Ranuculus..? I dont think I have been this underwhelmed by a DeG album before. Compared to Arche it feels like they didnt even try with this one.
  13. Nothing sounds really mindblowing to me. Cant wait for full album though.
  14. Listened to the whole song, not bad but quite underwhelming. I think its the bland chorus that brings it down.
  15. More and more bands I used to follow just seem to get get worse and worse with time, some examples are Nogod, Matenro Opera and Sid. Even Dir en Grey is starting to loose me recently, Gazette's last album after an ass-long hiatus was boring. I think I only care about/follow Mucc personally, they seem to be the only one that keep releasing quality music. What bands do you still care about/follow?
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