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  1. Surprised by how generic everything except the chorus sounds, which itself only shines for like 2-3 seconds. Is this seriously they best they got for us after years of waiting? *Edit, they didn't even add a bridge before the chorus?
  2. Sounds amazing
  3. The covers are out
  4. Did Kyo seriously go for Yoda?
  5. Am I an idiot or something? is the song out or not? What the fuck is going on?
  6. Where is the new song?
  7. Who remembers "Best Friends"? Loved those Gazette vibes.
  8. New song is awesome.
  9. Can someone post a sample of the new single?
  10. Can someone post a sample of their new song?
  11. What are these guys up to recently?
  12. No teaser?
  13. Bumping this topic. Would like to get recommendations of the absolutely best releases the 1-2 years.
  14. Have they released anything officially?
  15. What are the members even doing with all their time? I know that they have some side projects, but other than that?