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  1. cruel-crucible

  2. cruel-crucible

    Saturn in 12th house. Damn. I feel you on this. Conjunct with your Ascendant, though? My friend has this aspect, too. How do you handle it x_x Also - your Venus seems to be conjunct your descendant, if we allow the orb of ~4 degrees. Pretty cool. I don't have a good experience with Virgos, but I see a lot of Libra in there, which could make up for it hehe ;v; I've never seen a chart with the lower half completely empty, though. You're all out there, aren't you! :'D
  3. cruel-crucible

    Do those Scorpios you've mentioned have their Sun in Scorpio? Because that usually doesn't mean much ;-;
  4. cruel-crucible

    I'd like to bring this back to life, if possible, because it's always nice to know you're not alone. My "load" would be MDD (major depressive disorder), GAD (generalized anxiety disorder), panic disorder, OCD, and insomnia. I also suffer from chronic migraines, tetany, and my doctor suspects CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome). There's anemia too, but oh well. On most days I can hardly leave the bed, I'm always exhausted, in pain, and I struggle with eating. I've tried 6 different antidepressants so far, but I think my latest combination is doing some good at last. On my good days, I can live more or less like a healthy person, if I ignore the physical pain and exhaustion \o/ Needless to say, all of this has had a huge impact on my life, relationships, everything. I'm trying to come to terms with the fact that most of these things are for life in my case. Getting a cat was the best idea ever, though. To everyone in this thread: you guys are awesome. I'm glad nobody treats this as some sort of a pissing contest, because really, everyone always loses in the end. Not being healthy is difficult. Some conditions are more disabling than others, but the pain is real with all of them. Sending virtual hugs to all of you and wishing a painless day♥
  5. cruel-crucible

    How do I stop playing Stardew Valley.... Also replaying Witcher 1.
  6. Man, I haven't been to this place for ages. Glad to see Bear still strong with the metal spirit!
  7. cruel-crucible

    If you haven't heard this yet... beautiful
  8. So, TESO beta test this weekend. And Sochi ice hockey the next. Busy weekends ;A;

  9. cruel-crucible

    Well, they might change it up a bit in Cologne. Mathias said, that they wanted to play some older songs on this tour, so others tracks like Piece by Piece or A Portage to the Unknown had to go :/ They might even play One More, who knows, I know they don't always play Rasputin, but they did play it today (yesterday). You can be sure about Holmgard, 10 More Miles, We Ride Together, Battle Metal and Stand Up And Fight to be there, I think. I'd also add For Your Own Good and No good story.... as the first one is meaningful and the second one is fun. Mathias did seem quite excited about playing Miklagard Overture, so maybe he'll add that one again as well.
  10. cruel-crucible

    JSKASNDKJAN SARUIN IS BACK Kinda miss Reiga as well, but glad Maria's back and that Ranmaru's done with stuff like Para:noir (being back to his old name is great as well).
  11. cruel-crucible

    TURISAS and Starkill last night. It was, like, 3 hours ago? Hah. Pefect performance, amazing setlist. Starkill were pretty rad as well and they're all very chill dudes (except for the drummer, Spencer, he's kinda introverted). I had the chance to talk to TURISAS' Jesper, Kaspera and sorta talk to Mathias. This concet was even better than the Amon Amarth one. I was right in the front row (Kaspera even said: "You were in the front row, right? I saw you!" well, thanks, man, you rock) in a venue where there was nothing separating you from the band except for one step and the speakers. It was very wild and intimate at the same time, amazing atmosphere. In case they're coming anywhere near you, I urge you to check them out.
  12. cruel-crucible

    TURISAS Copenhagen setlist: 1. 10 More Miles 2. Take The Day 3. Holmgard 4. Land of Hope&Glory 5. For Your Own Good 6. 500&1 7. Battle Metal 8. No good story ever starts with drinking tea 9. We Ride Together 10. Miklagard Overture 11. Stand Up And Fight 12. Rasputin I was in the front row, the guys were epic. Starkill were really great as well, so be sure not to miss their part of the gig. You can talk to them afterwards, they'll be selling their merch. If you do talk to them, tell their bassist, Shaun, you know Barbora (me), he'll be even nicer to you. Thanks to Starkill I had the chance to talk to Jesper and Robert and sorta talk to Mathias. They're all very nice people. They didn't play One More, but there were some pretty rare songs on the setlist, so I'm satisfied. Also, Mathias sings like a God, no kidding. You have a lot to look forward to, Champ
  13. cruel-crucible

    TURISAS - Stand Up And Fight: Would I run today just to die another day give up now, and every fight has been in vain. This keeps me going whenever I have a tough time keeping up the pace with life. What is your dream job?
  14. I passed the terrible Japanese oral exam. Now I can get hyped for tomorrow's TURISAS gig~

  15. cruel-crucible

    I thought the same, no kidding. Heri and Liv look really great together and sound even better. I hope there will be more collabs with female vocalists in the future. I've actually been kinda hoping Týr would do something with Eivør since she's also Faroese and though it's not rock/metal, her music is folk-inspired. It would be nice~
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