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  1. Ro plz

    I can't fucking believe this lmaoooo I HATE IT HERE!
  2. Ro plz

    You can't just say fuck Uroboros without no sort of context lmao. Well you can but...IM ASKING YOU FOR CONTEXT!!!!
  3. Lynch dropped the EXODUS EP, which was their first real shift into something different and stayed complacent in that pocket. In that time they’ve managed to drop hella gems across those albums after that but also a lot of senseless rehashed fluff. DARK and AVANTGARDE so far imo are the only two albums with less filler and more creatIve effort though. I think XII was a clear indication that they’re out of ideas. That album literally sounds like a compilation of Hazuki’s loosies. They couldn’t have chosen a worse time for AK to come back. I hope with him settled into the band now, they find that spark again. EDIT: also GREED is a fucking horrible song.
  4. This album needs to slap. XII was hot garbage and they didn’t release anything last year. Let’s hope some fresh ideas have spawned.
  5. Id sell my tit to see this happen but hella unlikely.

    1. sleepy coffee
    2. platy


      You asked for it 

    3. anadentone


      meets zeus, get a warning in your kaboose. 

  7. I can die peacefully knowing i finally met @Zeus

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Aferni


      this is unfair, i demand my prayers be heard @Zeus

    3. Zeus


      come to the next diru show in ny

    4. Peace Heavy mk II
  8. Very bold of Kyo to think overseas fans would sing along to a fairly new song.
  9. Ahhhh crap. I could care less for Merch but id at least buy that. Thanks though.
  10. They selling copies of TIW on tour?
  11. Hoping New york gets a surprise surprise.
  12. I didn't see a thread started So I figured id start one. Tour Started last night in LA Setlist: 1. Zetsuentai 2. Ningen 3. Rubbish Heap 4. Downfall 5. Devote My Life 6. Celebrate Empty Howls 7. AKA 8. Merciless Cult 9. Keibetsu 10. Values Of Madness 11. Keigaku 12. Ranunculus 13. The World of Mercy Encore 1. Followers 2. Sustain The Untruth 3. Utafumi I can'remember when a set list was this album heavy. I like this....
  13. Is it mandatory to line up for DIR EN GREY’s NYC show? I’m not gonna be alone so I’m tryna figure out if I should let them know/plan accordingly. 

    1. YuyoDrift


      Hit up @Zeus since he's going too.


      I don't think you need to line up, but that's only if you don't care about being in the front.

      The gigs they have in Chicago aren't too bad if you show up later, so I'd guess they're the same.

    2. Ro plz

      Ro plz

      Yeah i really dont care for being in front this time around. As long as i get a spot near the bar, I'm good tbh. Thanks bro. 

    3. Zeus


      When I went to the GazettE they forced us to line up due to demand. We'll see what Gramercy is like this time. There's not a lot going on around the area so if we have to line up it shouldn't be as chaotic as Times Square.

  14. Ro plz

    I've been playing Persona 4 on PS Vita and its really fun. Next up my list is to finally bang out Horizon Zero Dawn.
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