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  1. How the fuck did things take such a shift in her...... Oh....um.... Yeah so.... About dem DVD's
  2. Hopefully its better than SINNERS. It wasnt a bad EP but lackluster compared to how solid of an album AVANTGARDE was
  3. Utafumi.....the alleged two new songs that @nekkichimentioned and now not only is Die and Kyo in other bands, Shinya started doing solo work. Also they stated that whatever solo is going on will siphon back into Dir en grey. They are fine and if anything the latest DVD's showed (minus Mode of DSS) that they still got it. Also @Saishuis right, these gaps in releases really ain't that big of a deal. Just let em cook. Dir en grey ain't going anywhere. This paranoia around em disbanding is starting to become tiring man.
  4. At least we'll get some kind of "new" music from Dir en grey... Anyways, I'm looking forward to seeing how my favs will tackle these songs. Especially Lynch. Speaking of which, could we expect MUCC or someone else in this list to be the guest bassist for Lynch. since they still technically don't have one?
  5. Happy Birthday :starry:

    1. Ro plz

      Ro plz

      Thank you!!!

  6. Im MOD for the day cuz its my bday. 

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      wtf i love getting temp banned for roasting decays now!!!!! (also hbd dude!)

    2. Ro plz

      Ro plz

      Thanks bro!!!

  7. Hapy b-day Ro! <3

    1. Ro plz

      Ro plz

      thank you!!!

  8. Their latest music has been dull AF and I almost forgot they existed with how active Hyde is with (trash) Vamps. Regardless, this still ain't right. I hope they come to some kind of solution.
  9. Hey its Takumi!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Haha nice to see im not the only one who uses Guitar RIg! Nice cover for the most part. I liked your Guitar done, it almost matches that on the song and the lil improv solo was cool too. You seemed to rush a lil bit through the pre-chorus's so it sounded off sync a but. Try and take your time next time brodie. Looking forward to what else you got cookin. Salute.
  11. Been waiting for an announcement from them bout a live performance. YES!
  12. Dir en grey and Sukekiyo are known primarily for their Dark-toned music, which they do well for the most part. With that said, I think DECAYS (and probably Seraph), gets hella flack because its on the lighter side. Kinda as if its illegal for the individual members of Dir en grey to be involved in or do any sort of music that isn't dark toned. The salt when Secret Mode came out was hilarious at best. SO many ppl were "let down" lmaoo. Of the 3, DECAYS's appeals more to me these days primarily because its a nice break/contrast tone wise. And their music, while its simpler than Dir's and Sukekiyo's is much more easier on the ears but still creative enough to keep me going back. DIE really struck gold here. Or maybe ppl aren't sleeping on DECAYS but its just cool to rag on em.