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  1. This was needed because I really wasn't fuckin with a lot of the tracks from the last two albums. This is giving me a lot of Juusankai Wa Gekkou vibes. I like.
  2. Skeptical. I'm assuming this dude is gonna be primarily responsible for writing the music now right? I HOPE there's another Guitarist joining the group. Good luck to em though.
  3. These previews aren't bad for the most part, even though i was expecting something on the heavier side. Stoked.
  4. Ro plz

    Nah, when i heard DEUX, I swore that id be upset at the GazettE if they tried remaking this track again. Its literally everything I love about this band fused into one perfect song.
  5. Ro plz

    The Transition from DIVISION to NINTH is by far one of the best examples of growth. Their earlier material is great but i can only listen to em on occasion. DOGMA Era will always be the best GazettE era. Deux>>>>>>> These Niggas's entire discography. If anyone has an issue or disagrees, I'm willing to throw hands and probably lose.
  6. Thats actually really fucking fair tbh The upside is that they can keep pumping quality singles with B-sides...which basically is a Mini, if we're keepin it a stack. Stoked for this new release.
  7. I honestly feel like they're doing this to get out a live version of 0 as quick as possible, which I'm happy for. But if im not mistaken, didn't their last DVD contain damn near their entire discography?
  8. I like what I'm hearing so far.
  9. Call me crazy but I'm more excited to see the NINTH songs more than any "treats" they might throw our way. I'd rather be surprised. Like I wasn't expecting Cockroach in NY and that was a fucking blast.
  10. Ro plz

    I fucks with this.
  11. D'erlanger's last two albums are stellar tbh....

  12. Ro plz

    I think at this point we should give the GazettE the Dir en grey treatment by not expecting release announcements at a specific times. I've been following their tweets closely as of late and absolutely nothing (that i noticed) indicates they've been in the studio/recording new music.
  13. Ro plz

    Their lives have been spot fucking on as of late. I loved NINTH so im eagerly awaiting this... Oh wait, I'll be seeing em soon so at least ill get to see some of these songs in person.
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