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  1. Sounds like this is gonna be worth the listen
  2. Imagine making a big deal about "not contributing" (as if anyone cared) only to come back and contri-nvm.

    1. Show previous comments  30 more
    2. KuroDen


      I also don't see a big deal that I shared 4 interviews.  Yes I said I stopped contributing. But I still had those 4 ready to share here.  Just forgot to share them earlier and I also promised some people to share them. Also Peffy did do a shitload of work to type them down.  But well, I erased them all and also all my previous promises to anyone, stuff won't be shared, not in public but also NOT in private.



    3. Carmelzors


      Promises or no promises, don't get too provoked though DW. I think the point has been heard and assessed there. So do as you wish. I mentioned the "consensus" that I observed there - so let's abide to such mutual understanding without giving in to trolling.

    4. KuroDen


      Yes, I already did regret for sharing those 4 interviews. 

      But all those who troll like Ro, come on.

      If all are nicer, more people would come to chat. 

  3. Ima be that asshole. This song is straight garbage. They seem to be stuck in the same rut Mejibray is in which is that they cant stay consistent. One minute they drop a stellar metal track (they are SO good at this. EXPAND ON THAT MY NIGGAS....EXPAND!!!!!!!!!) Then the next is just some average VK-Pop rock. But hey they look good doing it, which is all that matters right?
  4. This whole leaving this was much more entertaining when it was Trombe :V

    1. herpes


      it's always more fun when it's not leaving but being pushed out of the door

  5. Cred to them for at least having the balls to try out being on stage before realizing this wasn't for them in the end. Salute. Best of luck even though idk who this person or the band is.
  6. Eventually I'll watch this but the set is more or less the same as Persuasio minus the handful of new songs.
  7. There is. Before the hiatus, they released a DVD. Sadly none of it is uploaded on youtube or anything audio rip was released here.
  8. Takumi (i'm assuming) is killing it during that Lotus symphonic version. Sounds more fresh.
  9. I'm here for dem RX Overdrive remixes. Everything else can go.
  10. Even though i do find that one DISREIGN sign boss, i vote we blacklist Western v-kei bands (or as i like to call em: Swed-kei) from discussion here lmao Or black listing YOHIO in general would suffice.
  11. Based on what I'm here it sounds like another case of grown ass adults who dunno how to act right and landed themselves in hot water with silly drama. Whelp. Serves em right.
  12. I'm so for this.
  13. Inspired by the recent "drama" circulating Taka from OOR's instagram post, I figured id pose the question. When artists lash out/address native fans or fans in general for doing too much, are they in the wrong? Are they overreacting? Is it antagonizing? When is enough enough? Seeing as though I also follow K-Pop pretty closely, its not uncommon to constantly read news about idols being fed up with their fans being too invasive/stalker-ish. This is clearly an issue that happens a lot in various scenes. So what do you guys think about this?
  14. I could've sworn this anniversary was something they were hyping up and was gonna go all out for. Yikes.....