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  1. Ro plz

    This song Makes you wonder if this was even worth beefing with the nigga to begin with. Surely there's no way that they can come back from this, especially since those VK centered venues are so important in the scene for any band. Sucks but at this point, its like crying over spilled milk. Its curtain call for those two and this project. I wasn't expecting to see Satsuki type flopping ever again and now here we are....
  2. Ro plz

    The key songs that i enjoyed sound fresh but even so...they ain't sticking, bro.
  3. Ro plz

    Lemme just pull up the tweets I have addressing my opinions on NINTH. Ima keep it a buck with y’all...I ain’t feeling NINTH minus a few key tracks. I can see the effort that the GazettE (or Ruki) put forward in terms of how different the song structures are and how varied Aoi and Uruha’s guitar parts are. This is like A 5 dollar Beautiful Deformity. DOGMA and the two singles after it, despite its flaws Is still the superior album in this post DIM era. This shit is forgettable tbh but the GazettE is an inconsistent band and I didn't come into this expecting something groundbreaking. W/e maybe this album will grow on me once they drop the live.
  4. Ro plz

    This is embarrassingly sad. Yes, I've had my issues with Mejibray but I was expecting to see something similar to their Mejibray style or at least metalcore oriented. Looks like they really couldn't hold it together musically without their main songwriter, Mia.
  5. Ro plz

    I'll post a full review later but ill say this for now. I almost don't recognize the GazettE with this album because of how fresh this sounds. Wow
  6. Ro plz

    ningen bonus dvd shits boring as fuck
  7. Ro plz

    I don't agree with this statement one bit and i'm under the assumption it comes from the fact that maybe the scene has gotten TOO used to side projects lately. Doing side projects shouldn't be used as a cop out, ESPECIALLY to a reoccurring problem. Its dismissive in this case, especially since we have clear evidence that its effected one of the members negatively.
  8. Ro plz

    Yo this shit sounds like a serious yet fun track. Again, its nothing special but damn....this slaps. SO much better than that snoozefest ballad. I fucks with this heavy!
  9. Ro plz

    Snoozefest song is snoozefest
  11. Ro plz

    SO y'all can have an MH meet up in EU but none in the states. Fuck all y'all and i hope DEG cancels this tour. I wanna see MH ppl too!
  12. This. I became frustrated with the band in a similar fashion as the GazettE when they started falling off the wagon, post DIM. The music was complete ass but the looks stayed consistent. At least with the GazettE, some of the blame could rightfully be shifted towards the label switch to Sony and after DIVISION, they started dropping significantly better music. Mejibray, unless I'm correct didn't have that (kind of )issue. They just got worse and worse over time musically but again stayed consistent with the stellar looks. Its clear that they became complacent with where they were, the die hard fans they accumulated, and had no indication of evolving their sound. There's nothing wrong with that but for a band that had so much potential, you really can't blame people for jumping ship at all. I'm also under suspicion that another reason why Mejibray fell off was because whoever their main and possibly only song writer was, must've ran outta steam hella quick. It became to hard to start telling songs apart....
  13. Ro plz

    I was for sure after Kisaki's antics last time (is there really ever a last time with him though?) that we wouldn't see much from him. Guess I was wrong. This is cool...? I guess.
  14. Ro plz

    My bad, It must've been another member then. Y'all right about Kaoru saying they're brothers http://direngreytranslation.tumblr.com/post/50574022101/kaorus-interview-in-ongaku-to-hito-may-2013 I do remember another member saying something of the sort though...I can't be trippin