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  1. This is better than Utafumi. And I can tell this will get more plays than Utafumi ever will. It’s a rockin track but i guess I was looking forward to more variation on the guitars. I’m still kinda bothered that it sounds hauntingly similar to Un Deux. I hope whatever they do next suprises me because as much as I like this...I’m still waiting on a track to make me insert the shocked black guy gif. I haven’t felt that way since ARCHE and even then only a handful of songs from that album warrants a response like that.
  2. Idk....I felt like Dozing Green did a great job at shedding away from TMOAB. The cause of alarm here for me is that unless im mistaken, I don't think there's been a Dir en grey song in memory till now that i can say that it "sounds exactly" like (insert song). This sounds (so far) uninspired just like Utafumi, even though Utafumi does pack a punch to it.
  3. Kaoru said that he's aiming for something new and fresh with their new work but yeah this doesn't seem to reflect that so far.
  4. Chorus sounds solid Ill wait for the full song. Kaoru's new Viper looks dope though.
  5. I like you. Welcome to MH, homie.
  6. egnirys cimredopyh +) an injection We finally seeing this live. The boner i have is reallllllll.
  7. Unless it IS the track played on the Mode Of Kisou tour which @Wicked Teletubby just mentioned in his new thread... I feel like something should've given off the hint that Ningen was one of the new songs played. Doesn't seem like it so ima just assume it wasn't played.
  8. I Find it weird that the new single wasn't played but other new songs were played....? Nigga what?
  9. I ain't gonna lie....some of them joints on that preview actually sounded pretty good.
  10. The setlists for Spooky box (more so Abyss) are gold and the performances at least based on the audio rips are golden. How has this not been discussed yet or has anyone not seen the stuff uploaded on YT or snagged any DLs?
  11. Yo...... Thats wild. RIP
  12. I need 2 re-listen because Megiddo put me to schleeeeeeeppppp
  13. The man has been through enough.
  14. Cassis is overrated as fuck. It always gets skipped whenever i listen to lives, or NIL.
  15. Lynch. are the definition of real niggas. They really rode out for AK, man.... This PV is awesome....