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  1. If I'm not mistaken, I remember reading here that one of the members explicitly said that the anniversary show wasn't going to be on DVD, despite having shown footage of it?
  2. Facts. The first time they played Utafumi on the DSS mode DVD, they did playback for one of the guitar parts but on the following one, Kaoru actually played that part instead, which worked better. I agree that DSS could've been handled much better but I think even now it gets wayy too much flack, especially when there's a lot of note worthy performances from that album/tour run. Also the symphonic live versions from that RINKAKU DVD were pretty ballin. It wasn't all bad.
  3. Fukai seems to be the only remake that they actually put a solid effort in. I'm also just gonna pretend like the other two remakes don't exist because they were terrible. I may check out the actual re-masters when it leaks but im sure i'll just stick to the originals. This is just a cash grab, nothing more and nothing less. Just give us a new album please for the love of Zordon.
  4. That sucks....
  5. Wasn't there a voting going on and it ultimately came down to those three? IIRC that was the case, unless im trippin
  6. Y'all can't watch that vid and not tell me that there's a better option than AK. That warmed my heart yo lmao.
  7. It wasn't until Easy Make that I finally realized what you saying. Its gotten to the point where I can't even listen to it unless its at home with my speakers because at least then its not as bad. Fukai is a pleasant listen, and its not as blarring on the ears but my only complaint is Kaoru's part on 2:36 to 3:02. Could've done with out whatever effect he was messing with. I don't think I can forgive the fandom as a whole for collectively deciding the other two tracks were plausible candidates for remakes. I doubt i'll do more than 1 initial listen to both.
  8. If Lynch. as a unit wanted Hazuki on bass then it would've happened a long time ago. Occasionally for shits and giggles they do a line up switch. Nocturnal Bloodlust, L'arc en ciel, and a few other bands do this as well.
  9. This is bold...
  10. I was convinced that Akinori was done and Lynch. would just revert back to having only session bassists. When i seen this thread title I had to do a double take because of how harsh Japan is when it comes to drugs in general and past incidents (IE the former drummer of L'arc en ciel). For the first time ever (?) on here I can actually see both sides of feels expressed here. This was a fairly big deal and a huge blow to long time fans, only to have dude come back a year later. Also on the flip side, facts is facts. No matter how you feel about Lynch's musical direction, AK is that missing piece that they needed for so long. He's a pretty kick ass bassist and on top of that, his personality and stage presence just blends well with the rest of the members. I also remember reading on here (i think @cvlticmentioned it) that having him around was great for fans as well. This whole situation is a nice lil testament to show that these guys are more than just band members and are willing to stick their necks out as a unit for one of their own. Turn your location on, bro. You sound like you need a long over due hug, lemme give it to you. This literally says "It sucks that they're no longer mad at this dude and the situation is resolved."
  11. To be fair, there's a handful of great live recordings of it. TRTA version>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  12. Holy fuck the drums sound awful.................
  13. The most disturbing part about this is the fact that I could see Dir en grey actually letting BatAAr feature on the tribute lmao
  14. My dude, turn on your location again. I just wanna talk and clear this out in person. Turn on your location as well and get ready to TOOT DAT ASS UP.