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  1. Not as great as creature but still pretty bangin.
  2. @ ME NIGGA. And actually It really does seem like Die is out 2 switch things up with the line up constantly so the sound is fresh on every album. I like this. Granted I really only know Aie from KEEL and some of DEADMAN, I'm stoked to see how this collab will be. Lets get it. I will miss the previous line up, BABY WHO WANDERS is still a stellar album.
  3. Nigga what the fuck is wrong with you? And salute to this song. A nice refreshment from the A# tunes that Hazuki's been pumpin out as promo/single tracks.
  4. I hate MH. I hate that its lasted for 10 years and is still gonna go strong. I hate that ive spent so much of my time here.
  5. Nigga ima fight you lmao
  6. Kaoru said that b4 the ARCHE budokan show, while in the US they were gonna do Budokan, go right back in the studio to record new music and hit the states again. Only part of that has happened. Budokan happened and then Utafumi. I guess they realized it was their anniversary so they've just been doing the FROM tours but I do suspect that they'll be hitting the states soon? How many more albums do they have left to celebrate after this?
  7. One of the Guitarists from SADIE had to have had this song left over and let homeboy use it. I'll peep the EP but i aint taken away tbh
  8. What the hell did i just listen to?
  9. i love you bro
  10. Whats the name of this song plz???
  11. I get it. Two of these members are from a band that has spent a majority of their time active ripping off Dir en grey songs. With that said, there's a crap ton of crap they've written thats original as fuck. This seems to be a prime example of that. Besides the drop A tuning (which, newsflash is not exclusive to Dir en grey), this sounds nothing like any previously released D.E.G song. There's blatant fact/examples and then theres reaching just for the sole purpose of reaching. I know this band isn't liked here, but you reachin....
  12. @Seelentau dead ass killed Batsu. What the fuck dude.
  13. Meh, i dont see the point in doing that especially when it'll just get taken down. Take what you want and just enjoy it by yourself dawg.
  14. http://batsu.org/viewtopic.php?t=48461 most of the files still work surprisingly...Enjoy Bunch of great stuff here.