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  1. Ro plz

  2. Ro plz

    The best way to enjoy ONE OK ROCK is to not listen to any of their material and see them as they tour with other bands. Surprisingly enough these Neighbors are stellar live. Im seeing em in March so ill peep this song then.
  3. Ro plz

    LAMENT is on Spotify. Ey man...these dudes are on fire.
  4. Ro plz

    Axing songs from setlists made sense in regards to DIR. They evolved musically so its understandable that they’d stop playing certain tracks. Sukekiyo imo hasn’t been around that long and has been pretty consistent with their sound, which makes this hella bizarre.
  5. Ro plz

    I cant wait for the 2 man with BatAAr.
  6. Ro plz

    Was their latest album ever discussed here? I remember snoozing through a lot of it.....
  7. Whoever you heard this from straight up lied to you. I saw them in NY and Ruki was quite pleased, surprised at how "crazy" the crowd was and mentioned it several times during the performance lol. Even in the interviews there's clear interest that they want to come back. I missed DIR EN GREY the last time they were in the states due to financial reasons and probably not being able to get the time off of work. I can't really remember anyone else VK related. There's quite few american bands i regret not seeing for more or less of the same reasons.
  8. Ro plz

    Ready to listen to this for like a full week and then never come back to it unless its occasionally.
  9. Ro plz

    This so so shitty.....
  10. HBD to one of my fav ppl on here. Much love and peace. Enjoy the day, Lil P. 

    1. itsukoii


      thanks ro!!! 💖

  11. I stayed up till like 3 working on this review for the Insulated World cuz im so fuckin rusty at this but its enjoyable since I like writing. I'm expecting it to be done by tonight or latest tomorrow evening. 

  12. Ro plz

    I'm REALLY fucking bummed at the Uroko responses....fuck, man. But on the flip side, the hiccups were a blessing in disguise. What a setlist.
  13. Ro plz

    You bring up a good point about the throwback tours. The songs ive witnessed live are ones ive seen a shit ton of times before on DVD/YT and I also kept tabs on the sets before ive seen em in my city. Somehow I was still pretty blown away and "shocked" when they played X and Y song for some reason. I think I just got so sucked into it that what i was expecting just went out the window.
  14. Ro plz

    Delete this and PM me your location. I've seen them twice here in the states and the setlists have been more "colorful" than what EU is getting now.
  15. Ro plz

    Papa Kaoru promised us a US tour.