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  1. Ro plz

    According to how it was tagged in my file.... One of dem Niggas from Orange Range helped or collabed with AIE to write KEEL's Fanfare according to the Tag data on the song... Does that count?
  2. Ro plz

    Ima need you to delete this, dawg. And as iffy as Ningens mix is, the album version, based on their track record will most likely sound worse. Never gonna forgive them for what they did to Rinkaku, Lotus and Hageshisa.
  3. Ro plz

    If this comeback can give me an album that surpasses KISS which is their BEST work so far then im all aboard for this comeback. Also its 2018 and I'm still trying to wrap my head on how ppl let VAMPS still prosper. They are the epitome of MID TBH.
  4. Ro plz

    That Live was raw as fuck. I wouldn't say its the best but holy hell was it awesome. AGE QUOD>>>>>>>
  5. I think once ARCHE came around, he stopped or rarely botches the drums anymore tbh. Like dude kills it on Uroko and that's a fast as fuck song, bro
  6. Ro plz

    TOXIC and DIVISION (minus a few tracks that do well in a live setting) were lifeless and DIVISION's production was ass garbage. I for one don't go back to said albums unless I'm trippin or am super bored. It wasn't until Beautiful Deformity that the band seemed to get its shit together. DOGMA as a whole concept was executed fairly well and NINTH is a well done compilation of songs from previous eras with a lil bit of experimentation here and there. The growth IS noteworthy, yes. But its very possible to despise some of those albums while ya dick is hard for another.
  8. Ro plz

    I needed to sit down (or bike) and like actually listen listen to it bro haha. I jumped the gun way too quick!
  9. Ro plz

    Ima just copy and paste from my twitter: NINTH is the GazettE’s second best post DIM album. It sounds like a compilation of their best b-sides that didn’t make the cut for their precious string of albums. What’s even more awesome is that besides like one song, the album isn’t riddled with the usual cut and paste filler tracks. Even my least fav songs are worth listening to and flow pretty well with the other tracks. With that said, it sounds like either Ruki’s song writing improved and or he let the other members contribute more in the writing process. The songs sound more varied, even though they still have the GazettE sound to em. DOGMA is still the GOAT post DIM album cuz of its cohesiveness and the dark/metalcore feel it has going for it but NINTH is cool cuz it has that balance of Light and dark tracks. This album is def getting endless replays. I’m so happy with how it turned out. 9.5/10
  10. Ro plz

    I just read what dystopia is... This ain't no joke. Hope he feels better soon. The lil bit ive checked out from them is pretty enjoyable so I look forward to their comebyke.
  11. Ro plz

    I had my nigga @Seimeisen as my partner. I know we have similar tastes in terms of bands but with this mix, i was able to get a more in depth feel for the other stuff hes into! Lets get it! 1. PELICAN FANCLUB-Chilico: Never really checked out these guys before! This track is a nice introduction to them though. Its rockin, gives off the dreamy vibe and its more on the uplifting side. I'm actually reminded a lot of the Pillows when I listen to this track. Not bad at all 7/10 2. PLASTIC TREE-遠国: Im BIG bad I slept on these dudes. This track is a nice blend of chill, rockin, and dark which is right up my alley. The solo's are fucking dope as well. I haven't stopped playing this since I first heard it. I'm def digging more into Plastic Tree. 10/10 3. Retinwaav-Trial of Merit: I always say i need to get more into instrumental music and this is why, right here. This was a peaceful yet intense track that Id def use in a movie staring myself. I need to write more joints like this.....9/10 4. BORIS-Ghost of Romance: Could it be....? Have i found a BORIS song that i actually like? I've tried getting into them before and they just weren't hittin. This track makes me wanna try again. I love the hazy, haunting vibe this track gives off. The background guitars/effects and vocals remind me a lot of the Novembers. Solid track 8/10 5. Northlane-OHM: Another band I haven't heard before! Not a big of fan of weird time signatures/djenty stuff unless its done right and these guys do it well. The vocals are the huge take away here alongside the instrumentals. A lot of these bands have some whiny, cringe Kellen Quinn tier vocals that ruin what was a perfectly good song, once the chorus/singing parts come in. This was not the case and i felt a nice tingling sensation in my wee wee when this dude sings. I like. 8/10 6. Cloudkicker-You and Yours: Another killer instrumental in the mix! It too has the odd time signature thing going on which works well. Diggin how it also has that indie/ambient feel to it. It blends well with the rock style it has going on. One of my favorite aspects about Instrumental music is how well the instruments can do the story telling and I def get that here. Another band Ima check out 9/10 7. Umbrealla-Hollow: This track/band feels like a fusion of KEEL/9GBO if that makes sense thanks to the Guitars which is pretty cool, considering I’m a fan of both (but more KEEL). Curious to see what else they have to offer cuz this song didn’t do much for me tbh. 6/10 8. The Novembers-Rhapsody in Beauty: I’m familiar with some of the Novembers music but not this specific track/era! It’s surprisingly a lot lighter than the tracks I listened to/enjoyed but this was a pleasant listen! 7.5/10 9. Shodai-I am more than the Skin I live in: At this point, I’m just gonna have to ask Sei to make me a mix of purely instrumental songs because these are the highlights of the mix for me. This track starts off intense as fuck with some pretty nice Guitar work with the chords used then it mellows out to a chill/ambient vibe. I wish this track was longer because just when I expect it to explode again, it’s over! 10/10 10. Katatonia-Shifts: The M3u file that Sei gave me didn’t work for some reason so I put this playlist in the order that it was in via the zip file so this flowed in perfectly from the last track! Where has this song/band been my entire life? A more tamer track than the last few but I love the key that its in and the sad/dark vibe that it gives off. 9/10 11. Sukekiyo-hemimetabolism: Don’t ask why but I never really payed much attention to this track or skipped it whenever I listen to this album, which isn’t much these days as with anything Sukekiyo unless it’s VITIUM. Clearly I was doing myself a disservice here. This is mostly a dark/haunting instrumental track which already starts things off in the right direction. Can’t say it has much chill to me but fuck it, a ballin track is a ballin track. Time to go listen to Immortalis again 9/10 12. cali≠gari-深夜、貨物ヤード裏の埠頭からコンビナートを眺めていた: Cali Gari is another band I have some knowledge of but who I never really delved into…why? Again, idk but this track is an indicator that I need to. Pretty mellow/hazy track which threw me into a bit of frenzy before the solo started thanks to the skipping but im sure that was part of the song. Nice end to the mix! I’ll def be going back to this! You really put me on to some heat, Sei! 9.5/10 Overall!!! Thank you!
  12. Ro plz

    I did one initial listen and Ima keep it 100 with y'all...this XIII is MID as fuck.
  13. Ro plz

    Yo turn on your location. I got hype reading this and opened my app not to find the album on there. We fightin.
  14. Ro plz

    Im indifferent. I'll wait for this shit to drop
  15. Ro plz

    They've been doing what they want since DOGMA, at least when it comes to when their albums come out. Ruki still has dictator ship over the bands musical direction. Don't get ya hopes up, dawg.