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  1. Lol no. We would've been heard something by now.
  2. Their last two were :/ Sugar Free still the undefeated GOAT
  3. I made an account here right around the time that Batsu was nearing the end of its peak. I would casually just lurk and maybe post here and there but nothing serious because it wasn't as lively as Batsu was. Then Batsu died and became the infamous Fukkatsu, which didnt last that long but seemed to generate a reputation here of being uber serious Dir en grey Stans haha. I then gave forums a break and for some reason i decided to poke around here years later and ran into the chat where @CAT5was very welcoming. Through chat i was able 2 reunite with my long lost fellow negro @WhirlingBlack and make new friends which I hold very dear ( @allisapp@Jigsaw9@Carmelzors@paradoxal etc.) . Posting in the forums regularly now has also introduced me to more cool people which I enjoy interacting with daily (on here or elsewhere online)/ whenever we bump into each other in a thread. I love this place. There's a legitimate effort here to keep it fresh and running smooth (despite the antics). Long live MH. Jk, my ass is just here for the downloads. Y'all ain't shit.
  4. I listened 2 one Xaa Xaa release and it was REALLY bad. Lemme see if its just me and peep this new album. 

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. chemicalpictures


      xaa-xaa is also hit or miss for me, and this album was almost a complete miss. check "冷たい" or "余命". If you don't like neither those or the full album, I don't think xaa-xaa is ever gonna please you

    3. Tokage


      tbf i enjoy them a lot more than all of the other 'inexplicably popular on mh'-core

    4. Ro plz

      Ro plz

      I'ma do a review, stay tuned. 

  5. Same. I mean its great that they tapped into using Ryo for the creation of this release and he can bring some new ideas to the table.
  6. Not wasting any time. Im with it. Lets go.
  7. Thing is that I was half asleep when he posted this smh :<
  8. WHELP. Guess it's too late to say my dog took my computer and that wasn't me who posted this huh?
  9. I'm just gonna keep it straight. There's more than enough evidence on here that shows we don't care about YOHIO and the other western VK bands. A lot of said threads get derailed hella quick with us wondering why such topics were made in the first place and various jokes (which i find hilarious at times). This then leads to one or more warnings from mods (which they actually are entitled and in the right to do)....And if things continue to derail, the topic is locked. We not checking for him or anyone else in that niche here in MH (besides one or two ppl). There's other people all over the net who care and can go find updates on him via his twitter account or the other J-rock news sites. Blacklisting saves the mods doing more work than they have to, once said threads are posted, they can lock em and keep it moving. OR even better....we can move such news to the spam section. It keeps us on focusing on bands/news we actually care about and the temptation to troll and shit post as a response can decrease significantly. Just a suggestion.
  10. Hmmmm.... Yes sign me up!
  11. Good for him....?? You'd think after the "Opinions on" thread that the point was made that a lot of people here don't care for Yohio or what he does lol. I really don't get the need to constantly update the forum on ol boy.
  12. Also, notice how terrible the drums sound and how Kai isn't even present with the other band members in the interview. I don't think its that far fetched to assume that his parts were programmed and then "mixed/Mastered" after.
  13. Too much negative WTF's in this thread and not enough positives. THIS takes the cake. I remember coming across this vid during my beginner days as a J-Rock fan and shat myself in disbelief.
  14. Our complaints with this album are justified. There was no sound engineer during the recording process. Seems as if Uruha who really doesn't know anything about this stuff, based on this interview was the one who handled the production and such. This shows that this isn't an issue of people being picky as @TheZigzagoonis implying. It just further proves that this was some half assessed cash grab.
  15. I guess i have a reason 2 go 2 Anime Boston.