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  1. Ro plz

    My review will be up later today!
  2. Ro plz

    Most of my favorite Lynch. songs are from their major era. The same goes for the GazettE. Its a bit of a process at first however.
  3. Ro plz

    Locally, you can still most likely find a copy of either Uroboros, Uroboros with Proof, and DUM SPIRO SPERO at Newbury Comix
  4. Ro plz

    I figured since this counts as creative id post it here... But here's my youtube channel! Its comic book centered and I put out new content every week! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp8hvpCX0NNxLdEKQng3yEA
  5. Ro plz

    Sent my mix to the homie @monkeybanana4!!!!
  6. I've been avoiding here like the plague cuz im still getting over the fact that I missed the GazettE concert. 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. YuyoDrift


      Considering its been a few years I guess that was my bad then.

      Next time I'm just walking up to the members to confirm lol.

    3. Zeus


      Nah next time we have to meet ahead of time so we don't lose each other in the venue! That's what we should have done :(

    4. YuyoDrift


      Haha I was gonna leave my line in order to try and spot you but I was afraid of the drama already going on with Heresy/VIP resulting in me losing my place in line.


      Yeah next time we plan better 😕

  7. Ro plz

    Ima have mine sent tomorrow :O
  8. Ro plz

    Not surprised at all.
  9. Ro plz

    If I had to take a guess, I don't think they ever really recovered after their two previous members suddenly up and left. What was a pretty dope metal band (IMHO) became watered down once Endigo joined. To me, BatAAr stopped being BatAAr once that happened so in my head, they were already disbanded. I actually liked them A LOT up till that point which is sad. Patrik has some pretty strong ties to the J-rock scene and as much as I may dislike him, he is a pretty dope song writer. If there's anyone in that band that'll bounce back from this, its him.
  10. Its almost certain that its a TiW leftover. Didn't an interview around TiW's release indicate they had some tracks that didnt make the cut anyways?
  11. I’m excited for this new single. And yeah there’s no way that bonus DVD won’t have a few TiW tracks on it. No comment for the Mode of. Whatever they smokin, I want some cuz it seems to be strong as hell.
  12. This was needed because I really wasn't fuckin with a lot of the tracks from the last two albums. This is giving me a lot of Juusankai Wa Gekkou vibes. I like.
  13. Skeptical. I'm assuming this dude is gonna be primarily responsible for writing the music now right? I HOPE there's another Guitarist joining the group. Good luck to em though.
  14. These previews aren't bad for the most part, even though i was expecting something on the heavier side. Stoked.
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