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  1. Ro plz

    Kisou is terrible studio album but the MODE OF Live(s) show the album in a new light for me.
  2. Ro plz

    Nah, I mean there probably is but that info would have 2 come from someone who can translate it. Sorry brodie.
  3. Ro plz

    I really enjoyed this thread. Thank you @Zeus. As for DSS to ARCHE, I did somewhat of a case study for it. The band (or maybe just Kaoru) did want to make a more badass version of Uroboros because of how well received Uroboros was. They were really confident and very open when it came to promo for DSS. Remember how Shinya did a QnA on FB? And how they had giveaways every other day like a month or so before DSS dropped and the twitter account was hella active? Once the album dropped and they seen how many units it sold, it definitely hurt their ego and overall morale. To paint a picture here's what i was able 2 pull from Wiki: Uroboros JP sales: 43,316 US Sales/Shipments: 6054 VS. DSS JP Sales: 37,586 US Sales/Shipments: 3,900 (if im wrong here or these numbers are inaccurate, please let me know) The bands attitude shifted after that and I remember there was a lot of talk about them hating each other and possibly disbanding, due to the interviews that dropped post the release of the album. It also didn't help that the performances were and arguably still are pretty bad due to how they recorded DSS. Clearly the band didn't learn their lesson because they proceeded to take the same approach when it came to the Unraveling, which imo aged badly minus a few songs. The band did go back to basics when it came to ARCHE and that same energy they went into DSS with was non-existent. Yes, they did learn how to work together again but they played it safe sound wise. It has hints of their oldie stuff mixed with DSS, thus making it one of their most lukewarm albums to date and imo it doesn't hold up well years later. The Insulated World, is a step in the right direction. It has elements from ARCHE and DSS that blend well with each other and has enough freshness thrown in that separates its self from them. Its also has some of the bands worst written songs to date...Zetsuentai and Devote My Life belong in a dumpster fire. As much as I love the album, its no where near as creative as DSS or Uroboros. DSS is where the band peaked and now they're in the same boat as Lynch. and the GazettE. They've found their medium and they're gonna stay there, while occasionally doing something that really stands out. The World of Mercy should be a clear indicator of that. And THAT IS FINE. Promotion wise, I don't think they care much for it at this point. ARCHE had like 2 singles but they were REALLY spaced out. The insulated world had like 2 other really spaced out singles as well. Though, a lot of that could be because of DECAYS and Sukekiyo. They also stopped dropping physical releases for the US as well and I think that's out of spite for the low sales DSS did over here.
  4. Ro plz

    I actually don't think its far fetched for a VK (or any) band to ask that there isn't any photography during their shows. And they as well as the venue have whatever right to lay the consequences on you if you get caught. There have been cases where the performers have called out and or kicked out people for using their phones. Idk about you but I'd feel embarrassed and like a dumbass if I was on the receiving end of that. Granted the GazettE couldn't and wouldn't do so and not all the venues had staff confiscate phones, It's just a matter of integrity and basic respect. Also, no matter what justifications people have had or will have, you can live without taking a picture or video during a set IF you're asked not to. That memory/experience of the show alone should suffice. And lets be honest, the clips and video ppl are willing to potentially get reprimanded for are probably ass anyways.
  5. Safe to say there's no more beefin?
  6. Ro plz

    Tekken 7 supposedly wasn't even in production yet when they were approached to do it so that could be the case here too.
  7. Ro plz

    I was pretty naive at first to not think this was the case why he left. But it makes sense now, especially with how they explained it in that video. Ironically enough, it does seem like recruiting Endigo was a desperation call cuz ol boy left right when they already had the upcoming shows and whatnot lined up. And he was the only vocalist they could find. Also the later part of the post is correct. Don’t forget that they did get a new bassist and slapped Toshiya’s ESP EDWARDS RU model on him. And if I remember correctly, They even managed to get a distribution deal or something with Firewall?
  8. Ro plz

    I'm off and on when it comes to K-pop but I think this time around I'm gonna stay off. I'm gonna come off a certain way when i say this but i promise its not meant to offend. When I got back into K-Pop in 2014-2015, I Honestly believed that this was a revolutionary genre. There was a lot of creativity with the music and I will always admire how the songs even in that 3:30-3:50 pocket, can make me feel so satisfied. Even with the plethora of groups, they all had their own style to an extent and they were always reinventing themselves with every release. However with that said, this applied mainly to the Girl groups and there wasn't that pressure or intent to break into the US back then. Come the tail end of 2016-2017...a lot of the groups/singers that i loved chose not to renew their contracts/disbanded, thus ending what I believe was the golden run of K-Pop. Since then, there's been a surge of guy groups that have taken the spotlight. I'm not mad at this because I know that trends happen and its how the business goes. The groups now sound more or less like carbon copies of each other and its clear that the goal is for as many of em to break into the US as possible. The artsy part about it that I need to enjoy music in general is gone. But im ok with that. I've racked up so much music and videos on my HD with stuff that I enjoy so Its really no love lost. As for the fans, I try my hardest to stay away from them so they don't bother me as much. But that's not to say they're not some of the most despicable, delusional, and outright nastiest people on the internet. I refuse to give them the pass of mental illness because its disrespectful to those who actually do have issues. Also i believe a lot of these individuals just act like this online and feed off of each other.
  9. Ro plz

    This is RAW as fuck. I lost mine at 16 and since then i've had good, bad, and anything in between type of experiences when it comes to sex. I do believe sex is best when you do have a connection/relationship with that person. But I also believe that its totally ok to hook up as well, whether its a friends with benefits or a one and done type thing. Just be safe about it mentally, emotionally, and physically. If you are still a virgin in your 20's, who cares. Its your life and fuck anyone who is or may be giving you pressure. While i don't agree that sex is as big of a deal as religion and others may make of it, I understand that is not the case for everyone. Do it when you're ready. And most importantly don't be an idiot about it. Last thing you want is some nasty disease, incurable or not or some damn kids running around.
  10. Ro plz

    So I finally watched the TIW lives. After listening to how well the new Wake and Kigan sound, I strongly believe they should've given both songs the Mazo treatment by not even bothering to record them. Overall, these guys sound so much better live, and they're REALLY into these songs.
  11. Who's going 2 see Dir en grey in December?


    I'm tryna take a MH photo tbh

    1. Takadanobabaalien


      come to lunacy in Stockholm for MH meetups 

  12. Ro plz

    Excuse me.... Mine are 8.99.
  13. Ro plz

    I feel like I should be more knowledgeable on music dynamics and such since I do write music for fun but tbh ...maybe my ear isn't as trained as everyone who has this HUGE issue with the production but to me, its nothing that drastic. I feel like I've heard worse. Musically its easily one of their best efforts in a long time and these lives are a great testament to that.
  14. Ro plz

    Ningen>>>>> The other songs on the DVD
  15. Ro plz

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2yyWw9v0cU ningen live
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