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  1. I really spoke 12012 back into existence. 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Himeaimichu


      Can you perform Necromancy and bring Amano Tonbimaru from the grave?

    3. Tokage


      bro please predict a lynch disbandment.......

    4. Ro plz

      Ro plz

      Send me your location @Tokage.  I cant let you post that and not throw hands. 

  2. Ro plz

    GIMME MY FLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Ro plz

    Preordered. Satsuki been slappin since he left RES. Y’all some elitist MF’s man SMH
  4. I was hoping they’d call it quits but that teaser sounds tight as hell. I’m game.
  5. Are y’all forgetting that the Uncensored version of TSUMI TO KISEI was a digital only release? This IS “right up DIR EN GREY’s alley” lol. Idk why there’s such “novelty” (if that’s the right word) about this. If they do decide to release a physical version later, that would be dope. But with how the world is right now, I doubt that’s even a possibility that’s floating through their heads, nor a priority. As long as the music gets out so be it tbh.
  6. This would’ve been a stronger track if that Chorus stayed in the same key. I have no idea why American and overseas bands love that song format. It throws off the feel of the track significantly imo. Other than that, I dig it. That main riff is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  7. This single gonna drop. This thread will get locked a few weeks later cuz MH can’t act right whenever DEG releases music smh.... I can see it now ;-; I’m stoked for this btw. Idk what to expect.
  8. Lynch really bout 2 hit us with a double whammy of heat....
  9. Ro plz

    This post aged terribly....
  10. Ro plz

    PM me your location, fuck the Corona virus. i just wanna figh....I mean talk.
  11. Ro plz

    I swear I’m not even saying this as a means to sway your opinion. But This album is more than Just Ballads LMAO. Actually, now that I think about it...this album would’ve been more dope if it was just ballads.
  12. Ro plz

    I hope whatever comes from these members, whether as the same line up or individually, produces better than this. I’m not gonna lie and say that I’m in that bunch that loved their older material. Everything else minus a few tracks sounded really uninspired...and boring. I wish them the best though.
  13. Ro plz

  14. Ro plz

    Somehow Lynch. was able to keep my interest in those string of Albums that dropped back to back. Once AVANTGARDE came about, it was VERY clear that they were running on fumes but were starting to break out their shell a bit. BLOOD THIRSTY, and SINNERS were more great steps in the right direction even with the absence of AK. That momentum went out the window when AK came back. XIII was a mess. It was worse than that one album ppl always killed me for hating...what was it? OH "I BELIEVE IN MID." Easily one of the biggest let downs of 2018. ULTIMA is what XIII should've been. This album is LYNCH showing in length that they're evolving while still staying true to their sound. This shit is a breath of fresh air, dawg. Maybe they realized how they let a nigga down, and they channeled that energy and really crafted something amazing. The energy in this album feels like a huge fuck you to me and anyone else who doubted them. They had something to prove here. Like dawg, why do I wanna do dirty things to my woman...but dance at the same time while listening to EROS? Why do I feel like the band sat through a couple of the GazettE's recording sessions and used that influence to create the BANGER that's MACHINE? Who told them to make DEVIL better by making IDOL? WHO?!!! What the fuck is Reo and Yusuke smoking? Did AK give them the same weed he got caught with? The fuck is up with the nasty riffage in these songs? Why do wanna cry after listening to ZINNIA? I have so many questions after listening to this album. This shit SLAPS. What the hell man. Even XERO, which i killed sounds good with the rest of the album. Man 20/10. Fuck the proper rankings. Unless DECAYS or KEEL is coming back, I aint tryna come back on here and talk about J-rock for the rest of 2020 with yall. This album sealed the deal. Corona virus can take its time. The endless replays this masterpiece will get shall hold me over. Have y'all seen someone so happy with a release that they quit a forum over it? No. Congrats, I just did it. And you just saw it. Bye. I love you all and ill see you in 2021.
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