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  1. I thought this was new hahaha. I actually like this track! Its pretty well done.
  2. Im watching the MODE of Kisou live as i write this and it seems as if they enjoyed themselves WAYYYYY more here than PSYCHONNECT and the various other clips of the other newer DVD's that i peeped.
  3. Gonna have mine up b4 the end of the night
  4. Will have @emmny's review up in a few days. Been busy with my new job :V
  5. You bring up a good point about not playing the originals @Carmelzors, especially when they actually went out their way to play both versions of Tsumi to Batsu during the PSYCHONNECT run.
  6. The Age Quod Performances of the DSS songs sounded much better, granted there were kinks to work out. They were hella raw. MODE of DSS sounds too fine tuned. Fine tuned works for older material and ARCHE but it just further proves that album just doesnt translate well in a live setting....
  8. What kind of nonsense is this?

  9. Change my name back or I'm deleting my account. 

  10. But Does this always have to be the case though because we're so used to it happening in the scene? If you ask me, Ryo by himself counts as a band/one man wrecking machine. I'm more looking forward to (hopefully) potential original stuff vs him playing in another band, especially so soon after Giru. There's a lot to explore when you're pretty ballin at composing and no longer have to worry about other members and such.
  11. Stoked to see what will come of this.
  12. 3 bassists on this album? I'm with it.
  13. Dir en grey's ARCHE It has many different moods ranging from fun to uber serious which is how I feel my time here has been.
  14. Lol no. We would've been heard something by now.