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  1. Kaoru and Die could get all .5 inches of this schmeat tbh.
  2. Ro plz

    Giving the internet the "ability" to air out their unpopular opinions was a mistake.
  3. What was TIW's numbers compared to ARCHE's? Also havent their sales been trash since DSS?
  4. Ro plz

    I still think @CAT5is a racist for giving me that warning. And he’s fake cuz he ain’t hit a nigga up In years ;-; I miss my homie.
  5. Ro plz

  6. Ro plz

    I believe Ryo from orange range helps folks write songs. He's credited with co writing KEEL's Fanfare with aie...at least thats what it says in the tags under that file.
  7. Ro plz

    I agree that Sukekiyo and Dir both fell off. But to pinpoint the source of both declines on Kyo is giving that nigga WAYYYYYYYYYYYY too much credit, especially since Kaoru still writes a majority of Dir’s stuff with some needed inclusion from everyone else. And it’s no secret now that Kyo’s mindset and main focus is solely on Sukekiyo, which is composed of an entirely different set of musicians. I severely doubt he has that much influence on both bands. Them sounding similar is a reach. I normally refrain from saying this about ppls opinions but even with my gripes with both bands, I gotta straight up say that’s just not true. Kyo sounding more or less the same on both? Yes. Dir en grey as a unit is running on fumes. The evidence lies In everything post DSS. Sukekiyo....Lately is just really trying to be this super abstract band based off of the history of the individual members, and in return is making music that makes my head hurt. Post VITIUM Sukekiyo is damn near unlistenable.
  8. I dont believe it was shade at all. That's exactly what it was. Shinya didn't start nailing those DSS/ Unraveling songs until Budokan. And notice now specifically how the drums in Different Sense sound different in the first half when they play it live. But to be honest the entire band was a mess during that time. Even with their refined sound, some of those songs still sound awkward when played.
  9. I'm happy for the actress cuz im sure this is a monumental step in her career. At the same time, there's plenty of capable minds who can draft up something original instead of this constant need for race/gender/ sexual orientation swapping for well established characters in live action. These types of things used to excite me. Now its just clear that its mainly just for brownie points/money/ so ive grown numb. Also i find it really funny how there's been hella outrage about Bailey's casting and now that there's word of Harry Styles in talks to play the love interest (i forget that nigga's name), there's been hella ppl that are happy about it. Last time i checked, he also don't look remotely similar to the OG character. Oh well.
  10. Ro plz

    My review will be up later today!
  11. Ro plz

    Most of my favorite Lynch. songs are from their major era. The same goes for the GazettE. Its a bit of a process at first however.
  12. Ro plz

    Locally, you can still most likely find a copy of either Uroboros, Uroboros with Proof, and DUM SPIRO SPERO at Newbury Comix
  13. Ro plz

    I figured since this counts as creative id post it here... But here's my youtube channel! Its comic book centered and I put out new content every week! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp8hvpCX0NNxLdEKQng3yEA
  14. Ro plz

    Sent my mix to the homie @monkeybanana4!!!!
  15. I've been avoiding here like the plague cuz im still getting over the fact that I missed the GazettE concert. 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. YuyoDrift


      Considering its been a few years I guess that was my bad then.

      Next time I'm just walking up to the members to confirm lol.

    3. Zeus


      Nah next time we have to meet ahead of time so we don't lose each other in the venue! That's what we should have done :(

    4. YuyoDrift


      Haha I was gonna leave my line in order to try and spot you but I was afraid of the drama already going on with Heresy/VIP resulting in me losing my place in line.


      Yeah next time we plan better 😕

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