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  1. HBD to one of my fav ppl on here. Much love and peace. Enjoy the day, Lil P. 

    1. itsukoii


      thanks ro!!! 💖

  2. I stayed up till like 3 working on this review for the Insulated World cuz im so fuckin rusty at this but its enjoyable since I like writing. I'm expecting it to be done by tonight or latest tomorrow evening. 

  3. Ro plz

    I'm REALLY fucking bummed at the Uroko responses....fuck, man. But on the flip side, the hiccups were a blessing in disguise. What a setlist.
  4. Ro plz

    You bring up a good point about the throwback tours. The songs ive witnessed live are ones ive seen a shit ton of times before on DVD/YT and I also kept tabs on the sets before ive seen em in my city. Somehow I was still pretty blown away and "shocked" when they played X and Y song for some reason. I think I just got so sucked into it that what i was expecting just went out the window.
  5. Ro plz

    Delete this and PM me your location. I've seen them twice here in the states and the setlists have been more "colorful" than what EU is getting now.
  6. Ro plz

    Papa Kaoru promised us a US tour.
  7. Ro plz

    Hoping this set changes for the US tour but it’s not bad
  8. Ro plz

    They’re just a lot to deal with musically. I dare even say they’re not an accessible band. I personally have VERY hard time making it through their full albums but ANIMA and VITIUM are gold. Perfect length(s) without feeling hella overwhelmed after.
  9. Ro plz

    Gonna work on my review tonight y'all. And also, I really hate that they don't put the second or third disks of albums (with the remakes/remixes) on Spotify/itunes :/ I got rid of the download I had on my phone and just copped the copy that was on spotify to "show support." I Can't really afford the luxury of buying CD's these days. Would be nice if we could get the other editions as well.
  10. Hahahaha, I was waiting for someone to get it. Yo Mods, how do you delete someone else's post? This one cut me deep man. I thought we were cool. Why would you say this?
  11. Mejibray...its been a minute since they announced anything new.
  12. Ro plz

    Found this on the DIR EN GREY tag on Instagram. This is pretty good. I think people are so (rightfully) tapped out from EU VK that they aren't even willing to give this a shot, which explains the lack of well deserved hype.
  13. Ro plz

    I’m tired of @Zeusbeing the only nigga with reviews of power. Ima do it...properly 😤😤😤😤
  14. Ro plz

    Friends, we need to discuss how perfect that Kiri To Mayu live take is.... It sounds so fucking CLEAN. Shinya really did a great job here. I thought he fucking killed it in the DSS Budokan performance but here he sounds wayyyyy more comfortable. And the fact that Die let Kaoru do the solo without joining in just makes the track sound more fuller. They need to do this for Uroko as well cuz it calls for the rhythm Guitar section to be played while the soloing is going on. Toshiya alone doesn't cut it. The whole performance just ROARS. YES. YES. YES....I AM SO HAPPY.
  15. Ro plz

    Lynch. is the only band this year that severely disappointed me. XIII isn't a horrible album because it DOES have like maybe one or two standout tracks but its pretty bad. There's nothing here that i can call a banger or says that "it slaps." In general this album is something that's just here and thats it. What's more infuriating is that you'd think with AK back, the band would kick it into overdrive and churn out something memorable. SINNERS, despite how meh it was, is more listenable than this. Normally I'm one of the people who stick up and defend Lynch. but i cant for XIII. I want next year's album to be better. 3/10.