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  1. Indeed, that looks good! I had a feeling for a while that the promotion didn't went well (with some of the messages that were posted on social media). But I was luckily wrong.
  2. Seraphinne

    I thought the same!
  3. Ah, good to know, because I want to see this band live again!
  4. Seraphinne

    NightRetriever - Dancing in Valhalla
  5. Seraphinne

    Exactly, @hyura. Must say he isn't annoying with the promotion, I find it very interesting to see how this evolves. Kyuho has his own account on Twitter now: https://twitter.com/kyuhoofficial
  6. Seraphinne

    Kyuho is indeed very active with the promotion, a few months ago he asked around for help to get his music more known. Shortly after that, he started releasing teasers and MV's. I find it also interesting that he also is releasing covers, while he is in the middle of the promotion of ME's newest album. I think it really helped him, in combination with the music he makes, to get a deal with GAN-SHIN and ... It made me interested as well, so I ordered Nacht and the newest album as soon as I could.
  7. Seraphinne

    Honestly, I expected that too. And "Isn't this a bit too fast?" crossed my mind as well. Still, can't wait for new music of this band!
  8. Seraphinne

    Didn't want to make a new topic, so I drop it here. Satsuki has announced REBOOT tour part 2 for October and November. He will tour with SnakeZ Agency. Shows are planned in Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia and more.
  9. Seraphinne

    Yes! Looking forward to this.
  10. Seraphinne

    I Promised Once added another date in The Netherlands. It is on the same date as KAMIJO's live show in Amsterdam. https://q-factory-amsterdam.nl/artikel/loud-clear-i-promised-once-shinigami-gizah-metal
  11. Seraphinne

    Party in Czech Republic (short video)
  12. Seraphinne

    Awww, that sucks!
  13. Seraphinne

    The show in London got sold out!
  14. Earlier this year Esprit D'Air toured the UK (their base for years now) to promote their new album Constellations. With this album, they won a prize for best metal/hardcore album of 2018 by The Independent Music Awards at the Lincoln Center, New York, among an esteemed judging panel featuring Amy Lee (Evanescence), Slayer, Sepultura, Tom Waits, and more. Starting from 8 September, Esprit D'Air extends their Constellations Tour to Europe. Sep 08: Barcelona, La Nau, Spain (http://lanaubarcelona.es/ca/agenda/esprit-dair-18-09-18) Sep 12: London, Boston Music Room, UK (http://www.bostonmusicroom.co.uk/all-events/2018/9/12/espirit-dair) w/ Rie a.k.a Suzaku Sep 13: Paris, Le Klub, France (https://www.weezevent.com/esprit-d-air-le-klub-paris) w/ Lightning Sep 15: The Hague, AVO J-Music Festival, The Netherlands (https://www.zuiderparktheater.nl/agenda/avoj-musicfestival-209251/) w/ REMNANT Today the band released a cover song, titled Serafine, originally from Dead End. OHP: https://www.espritdair.com/
  15. Seraphinne

    The show in Poland got cancelled. REALive: "It became impossible, for practical reasons, to organise this concert in good conditions." But instead, REALive announced to have this show replaced by one in France at Le lys d'or in Amiens. https://www.facebook.com/events/450805768751040
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