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  1. Seraphinne

    Looking forward to it!
  2. Seraphinne

    They received enough insults. oh well... I missed that announcement and I am a bit surprised. But on the other hand, I am not. Curious on how this band will continue.
  3. Seraphinne

    A few days ago I was writing an article about the band performing in The Netherlands during Jera On Air, and someone poked me to give me more information: They will also perform in the UK, Spain, Austria and Czech Republic. All festivals in July.
  4. Seraphinne

    And there I was talking with someone about this band, saying that I am expecting a lot from these guys. Oh well... too bad...
  5. If you are interested, you can buy it on a platform such as iTunes.
  6. Seraphinne

    That reminds me of a tweet from a while ago.
  7. This was just published!
  8. Seraphinne

    Music video for the song PULSE.
  9. Seraphinne

    And the tour is over. There is one week to go to donate money, but they already got €835.
  10. Seraphinne

    New music video is online.
  11. Seraphinne

    They play his voice from a track a few days ago (my friend linked me this video the band tweeted: https://twitter.com/yusai_yoshi/status/935147803348672512), so I guess they will do that again?
  12. Seraphinne

    LOKA got robbed in Paris yesterday. They could perform on the stage, but they have lost some equipment and money. A 'Money Pot' page has been made for those who want to donate and support the guys, as their European tour just started. Here is the link for those who are interested (or want to know more): https://www.leetchi.com/c/nonprofit-loka
  13. Seraphinne

    Yeah, the bass was indeed very loud during the whole show.
  14. Seraphinne

    I took a photo of one of the setlist papers that was given to the prize winners of the lottery. 1. KISS IN THE DARK 2. DEVIL PARADE 3. SUPERSTAR 4. LOST IRIS [BGM] - (NECRO) 5. NECRO 6. Inside Decay 7. Everlasting. 8. DEVIL VERSION [BGM] 9. THE DAWN DEEP DOPE 10. SELFISH RUSSIAN 11. PANDORA 12. PARADIGM XISS [ENCORE] 13. TRANQUILIZER 14. BLACK OMEGA [BGM] 15. BRAINPINK.AD 16. Underworld. The sound in The Netherlands wasn't really great as well, and normally it is good at other shows at the same venue. At the encore, the sound went louder.