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  1. Cossette

    Ahahahhaaaah u made my day xDD Seeeeersly. xD Though I liked it. *.*
  2. Cossette

    Not now. Likes pancakes with nutella, cherries and plazma ??
  3. Cossette

    Thanks ppl ! ^^ @ gyakutai : yup ! someone asked me about it on old TW as well xD
  4. Cossette

    Woooooah, just saw it. Woaaaaaaahhh diru, just woooaaaah *.* Not sure which version I like better, rly *____* Also, LP's Chester is in the movie ? xD
  5. Cossette

    Lillies and Remains MUCC Nega 9GOATS BLACK OUT Tokyo Heroes Kagrra vistlip THE KIDDIE The Rolling Stones the studs Cocklobin
  6. Cossette

    ^ I think it's the same piercing, it only depends what kind of jewelry you put.. Rings or stubs... o.o not quite sure actually.. xD
  7. Cossette

    Uuuu yeees. Yeeees yeeees yesss
  8. Cossette

    Oh wow, Dead Tree and Unknown...despair...a lost ! Also, Obscure -new version- ? What does that sound like ? o.o
  9. Cossette

    Oh mister I am totally confused now. Plus, now that I've read my previous comments, I see that I totally lost my (first) point, and that is : I didn't like that Chianti's video. I didn't like it at all. Also : What in the world are you on about?
  10. Cossette

    Well I kinda agree with you now but I think they aren't big enough to act like that. I think they really didn't get enough attention in order to be remembered anywise. Those much bigger bands overshadow them. Big time. I mean, do you remember Family Values ?? Those Korn fans were just standing there, bored-to-death, not moving AT ALL. And there was diru doing an amazing job on stage, with all that bleeding-Kyo shit. And the crowd was only waiting for them to come off the stage. Sad. If I had emotions, I'd cry. It was one of those awkward moments when somebody embarrass themselves so much even you feel the same way. So, yeah : of course, but not yet.
  11. Prefer KAYA ?? Now you scare me. .____.
  12. Cossette

    Not only with similar bands. In order to appeal to everyone, you do have to be recognizable in your genre's circle first. That way, when you tour with very different (and much more well-known !) bands, you will be remembered as ''DIR EN GREY'', and not ''those weird japs''. Which is exactly what happened now.
  13. Cossette

    Someone made a mistake, so I'll kick out 2 bands. Matenrou Opera amber gris TIME SECTION # Galneryus Lillies and Remains MUCC Coldrain SEIKIMA-II Angelspit the GazettE Nega VanessA
  14. Cossette

    Wtf seriously ? I am very open mided, it's up to you guys who don't want to see the point in my posts, but stamp a ''retarded fangirl'' stamp when you don't like my opinion. This was pretty much my point : Discussing is about hearing different opinions and deliberating them. Anyway, this argue has nothing to do with diru, and it will become a ridiculous bunch of personal insults.
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