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  1. Here are some of the extra flyers I'm not in need of~ There's multiple of most of the first group of them that are all newer. $1.00 USD per flyer ^^ Water damaged ones $0.50 USD + S&H [MORRIGAN] [ぞんび / ZOMBIE] [グリモワール/GRIMOIRE] [DIAURA x MEJIBRAY] Front & Back [龍 真咲/Ryu Masaki] !!!!!!!!! These flyers have some water damage which caused them to all wrinkle up [MORRIGAN] & [ラヴェーゼ/LABAISER] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OLDER Flyers that I have at least one of each of them~~~~ Click the links to see which they are please ^^; $1.00 USD per flyer - Smaller 2 flyers $0.75 USD + S&H GPKISM 2 flyer BLOOD THE SOUND BEE HD LUZMELT 2 flyers project-Merrow- 3 flyers Suicide Ali Calmando Qual Marlee EXTRA ++++++++++++++++++++ メガマソ/Megamasso CD Twilight Star promo card $5.00 USD + S&H (also have 花びら/Hanabira large Poster up for grabs) ((Poster is $15.00 USD)) Thanks for viewing~~~
  2. I'm Selling~~~ Chanty's 1st MINI ALBUM (不完全な音楽) [Fukanzen na Ongaku] Still sealed, never opened! Asking $25USD + S&H [Regular Edition] - 2016.09.14 1. Netamashii (ねたましい) 2. Konya Mimei (今夜未明) 3. Mugen Loop (無限ループ) 4. Genkin, Shoudoku, Bansoukou (減菌、消毒、絆創膏。) 5. Sekai ni Misuterarete mo Kitto Oto wa Nari Yamanai (世界に見捨てられてもきっと音は鳴り止まない)
  3. I'm In search of copies of the following magazines featuring アヴァンチック Avanchick! (would be awesome if I could get 3 copies) Cure V-splash 05/2016 vol 32 POPUNITED vol.115 Any help is much appreciated!! Also if anyone has any of their fliers or merch I might be interested! THANKS!
  4. Avanchick is coming to Tokyo in Tulsa in 2017
  5. atsuxx

    Still in search of anything Chanty or MeteoroiD! If you have anything PM please! Thank you~!
  6. atsuxx

    In search of flyers or clippings of Chanty or MeteoroiD if anyone has any! Thanks~
  7. I have an Artistic in Black vol 3 photobook for sale! 2006 - featuring Kisaki & マコト (Makoto) of Phantasmagoria & ドレミ團 Price: $20 + S&H Book is in great condition, some pages have come disconnected but they are all there and currently sealed up in plastic cover. I bought it two years ago at an anime convention and no longer need it! Hoping it can find a new home! Also have if anyone is Kisaki fan~~ HOLIDAY Monthly Schedule Magazine Issues 2007 - May, June, November Price: $10 each USD prices shipped from the USA, contact me if you'd like to know more or interested! Thanks~
  8. Selling these items Luzmelt - photos, buttons, flyer Photo cards - exist♱trace, Megamasso Flyers - project-Merrow-, Suicide Ali, Calmando Qual, Marlee, Blood, The Sound Bee HD, Risknote BLOOD, GPKISM, Noir du Soleil(back of GPKISM) Spectrum X, Vanished Empire (back of Blood) Pulled SHOXX Magazine Pages - Vol. 174 August 2007 (Mix's Speaker's Inc - Megamasso - Ayabie - Kra's Yasuno) Vol. 183 May 2008 (Megamasso - Mix's Speaker's Inc) HOLIDAY Magazines - Monthly Schedule Magazine 2007 Issues May, June, November Posters - MoNoLith, MUCC (autographed), E.M. Jail O'Hashi, Alice Nine, bis, NOIZ, Ancafe(with bou) Message/comment to know more or see photos.
  9. atsuxx

    Which ones are you interested in? Most 4$ though
  10. Luzmelt first costumes photo set for sale $35 USD Total I'll include a special comment cd (if wanted?) cd- the fool, lix, the sound bee, frenzy -mr.satan solo project-, suicideali, calmando qual also have some flyers, ask if interested GPKISM, Marlee, project-Merrow-, Luzmelt, Calmando Qual, Blood, Noir du Soleil, Spectrum X, Vanished Empire, Suicide Ali