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  1. Half of them sounds really nice.. 😅I hope the heavier tracks are at least 5min long.And it seems that the first track is an instrumental.So there's "only" 8 new tracks.. From Myakuhaku I only liked E.M.P very very much.
  2. Hmm what a bad album name:S I just hope they do not sing english again>.<
  3. TatsuSan

    The end of the World is my least favorite MUCC album tbh.. Yeah, Conquest would have been a better choice than Killer.
  4. TatsuSan

    EMP is one of their best songs in many many years. I had tears of joy in my eyes. This is "the MUCC" i want to hear.
  5. TatsuSan

    Can you explain why? 😶
  6. TatsuSan

    I hope not another mainstream Rock Song with a whoo whoo Yeah Yeah refrain😂😅
  7. TatsuSan

    Okay thankyou.😅 So only 10 new songs on the album 😳
  8. TatsuSan

    Stupid question but does anyone knows if "Killer" on the Album is the same "Killer" as it's on the Heide EP?I hope not😅 [Sorry for my bad english^^`]
  9. TatsuSan

    My ranking: 1 Kuchiki no tou 2 Gokusai 3 6 4 Kyutai 5 Zekuu 6 Houyoku 7 Homura uta 8 Tsuuzetsu 9 Antique 10 Aishuu 11 Shion 12 Karma 13 T.R.E.N.D.Y. 14 The end of the World
  10. TatsuSan

    This Album sounds too forced.. It's a pity. At some points it sounds very fresh,edgy and almost unfamiliar with the "recent mucc style". But i don't know.I think it's one of their weakest albums so far. Almost all of these songs sounds like "uhm we need to do something new,something fresh,the audience is expecting this from us.Let's put in there some more whoa whoas and huu huuhs.Oh and don't forget to increase the speed in the refrain.." For me there is no harmony and little human emotions. And what's going on with the bass control btw?My headphones almost died. There is so much going on in lots of these songs.What a mess. Miyas' guitars are way too much in the front. This Album in it's whole is a disappointment Best Song in my opionion is Japanese [Pls excuse my bad english xD'] 1 - The End of the World 8/10 2 - Ender Ender 6/10 3 - Ms. Fear 7/10 4 - Halo 5/10 5 - Tell me 6/10 6 - 999 21st.. 8/10 7 - 369 5/10 8 - Japanese 9/10 9 - Hallelujah 7/10 10 - Worlds End (Album edit) 6/10 11 - [The Person you want to die] 7/10 Overall barely a 7/10
  11. TatsuSan

    Shangri-La(Track 13) and Track 5 are my favorites^^
  12. TatsuSan

    Mother is going to be a new [Naruto]single^^' Don't know if I'm pleased with it or not. Because I hoped it would be the new album.
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