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  1. VAMPS - UNDERWORLD (USA version) Dir en Grey - THE UNRAVELING (EU version) Dir en Grey - ARCHE AT NIPPON BUDOKAN - Bluray (Bootleg Russia version)
  2. I hope 雅-MIYAVI- wins with a fatallity
  3. I've just received my last order from cdjapan Mucc - Shin Tsuzetsu [Limited Edition]
  4. My auction items from rarezhut have just arrived! Dir en grey - DECADE 1998-2002 Sadie - GRUDGE OF SORROW Alìce Nine - VANDALIZE (LE) V.A. - V-ANIME ROCKS!
  5. These are my purchases of the month of April and part of this month, all form ebay. Starting from the top left: Dir en grey - Vulgar (Standard edition) Mucc - Homurauta Signed (EU version) Mucc - TRENDY -paradise from 1997- (EU version) Mucc - The End (EU version) X Japan - WE ARE X OST (mainly purchased for the 2017 recordings....) Dir en grey - Gauze (Limited edition) An Cafe - Hikagyaku ZiprocK (Limited edition) Miyavi - The others (Standard edition)
  6. I was wondering how he has been broked his leg
  7. That it is because this one is another pv compilation of their pv that have not been compiled in any collection yet. Jasin to Bara was compiled on Love[CLIIIP]er
  8. My last order from RarezHut finally arrived
  9. Nice feauture, finally something cool since the site redesign. Mine it's here! http://www.last.fm/user/clow_eriol/listening-report/year
  10. Good news!! I'm really happy that they comeback together!
  11. Pardon my ignorance, but the shipment to Europe in auctions is the same price as a normal purchase through the store? (this one calculated by cart, for example "First-Class Package International Service™ (1 package): $13.50")