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  1. lukrecia

    Argies; Acoustic Rebellion. It was quite good, Argies even covered Psycho Killer from Talking Heads. Next week, Sziget Festival, and I can finally see The XX, The Stone Roses and Wild Beasts.
  2. lukrecia

    Parks & Recreation S02E02.
  3. lukrecia

    If you liked the movie (imho it was quite mediocore), you should try 24 Hour Party People too. On: Oslo, 31. August
  4. lukrecia

    Wonder if "Hello, I Love You" will be a cover of The Doors song.
  5. lukrecia

    Andi de Luxe - Boobsie Collins
  6. lukrecia

    Another 48 Hrs. It was as good as the first films was, the duo of Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy (who is in a great form again) is one of the best pairings in the history of filmmaking, and 'The Boys Are Back In Town' at the and again is a great choice. 10/10.
  7. lukrecia

    And last, but not least: mind your tongue, please. I understand your problem, but you could tell it in a much more friendlier way, there's no need for that style. Thanks for understanding.
  8. lukrecia

    Stephen King - It (Second Book).
  9. lukrecia

    Dazed And Confused I had a great time watching it, 10/10.
  10. lukrecia

    oh a MODERATOR start to flaming the topic are you proud of yourself? Stop, both of you. (Or continue it in PMs.)
  11. lukrecia

  12. lukrecia

    Nice to see Killer Mike and El-P on your list, a pleasant surprise! Should have added El-P to my list too. >__>;
  13. Lukrecia' Best Album Picks of Mid-2012 Chromatics - Kill Of Love Sample song: Back From The Grave After appearing on Drive's soundtrack with two of his bands (Desire, Chromatics), Johny Jewel finally released the third Chromatics album under the label of Italians Do It Better. Just a quick look at the label's name will give you a good hint of what to expect: italo disco, synth pop, the mainstream music of the 80s, blended together, creating the perfect soundtrack for a late night drive around the city. Ruth Radelet's icy vocals fit perfectly to the music, and Jewel is great songwriter. Still, I can't really call it a perfect album - Jewel went a bit too far, and put seventeen tracks on the album - which is the smaller problem. The bigger one is that half of the songs are a way too long (ranging from seven to fourteen minutes long), without getting anywhere, being boring 'cinematic' filler tracks, restricting the album from being the year's absolute best. But still, the album contains one of the best songs of the year, and within it's style, it's a great choice. Ty Segall & White Fence - Hair Sample song: Scissor People Ty Segall, hailing from San Fransisco, is one of the most important figure of the so-called new garage revival: remembering and recycling old musical ideas, knowing the 'traditions' the rock music, but at the same time, reinventing them - just listen to 'You Make The Sun Fry' from him, for example - sounds like a typical T-Rex song, but with some 'segallness' added to it. No surprise that many of the music critics call him the new Jay Reetard. White Fence (Tim Presley) comes from the same scene, but with some more folk-rock. On this release, they join forces, bringing one of the best rock albums of the year. Just check 'Scissor People', and you will get what I'm talking about. The Men - Open Your Heart Sample Song: Open Your Heart The first band that came into my mind about The Men is The Strokes. From the aspect that both bands ripped-off many previous bands and 'reintroducing' them on their album. The Men did it, and I must say, they did a very good job - Open Your Heart is simply one of the best songs of the year, followed by a pseudo-Beatles song (Candy), which is followed by noisy-punkish, mesmerising rock 'n' roll, from the Daydream Nation era of Sonich Youth. Animal is like a lost tape from GG Allin's (or maybe Iggy Pop's) garage, with a catchy refrain, Please Don't Go Away is like a lost My Bloody Valentine track...clearly not the most innovative album of the year, but to be honest, as long, as they can write so good songs (some of it didn't even made it to the album), I really don't care. Great work! LA Vampires By Octo Octa - Freedom 2K Sample Song: Wherever Boy Amanda Palmer (Pocahaunted), who runs the label 100% Silk and Not Not Fun is back with her LA Vampires project. LA Vampires teamed up with artists like Ital or Zola Jesus, and now, they worked together with Octo Octa. The result is a great trip into sexy and haunting house music, with piano and tunes that will make you want to make love and dance at the same time, synthetic beats, and some ravey flashbacks. Good collabration! Sleigh Bells - Reign Of Terror Sample Song: Demons Sleigh Bells, one of the loudest bands is back again - Reign Of Terror, at the first listen, isn't too different from Treats: heavy hip-hop beats, simple, but effective drumming, and a _loud_ guitar spitting out riffs varying from Black Sabbath to glam metal. The duo is still good at being minimal, but brutal(ly loud), hardcore but popish at the same time. Alexiss Krauss gets more space and more chance to _sing_ in some slower, softer tracks like Road To Hell or End Of The Line, Miller still knows, how to play extremely good riffs, and the whole atmosphere is like Japandroids' Celebration Rock - we came here to celebrate and to rock out and there's nothing that could stop us. Altough there aren't any ultimate hits like Infinity Guitars from the first album, the second coming of Sleigh Bells is still a freakin' musical earthquake, worth a listen. Death Grips - The Money Store Sample Song: Punk Weight So, do you remember when Public Enemy said, 'bring the noise'? Well, Death Grips certainly brings it with some free headkicks. Forget Odd Future, this is the real screaming out from the filth, certainly a different kind of anger, but it's pure anger, a real sonic whirlwind, where you can see the sight of artists like Public Enemy, Tricky, El-P, or Slayer...yes, Slayer. I never expected a hip-hop band to sample Black Flag in a song, but Death Grips did it (Kink, from their previous mixtape, Exmilitary). While their previous mixtape was good, it was hard to find the difference between the tracks - however, on The Money Store (which was released by Sony), the bands tries out something new in nearly all of the tracks, from M.I.A.-ish ghettoish dance tracks to 'avant dancehall'. Punkish DIY-mentality, crazy rhytms, and of course MC Ride, who is better at shouting and spitting words than rapping, but the amount of hate would amuse even Henry Rollins, I guess. Clearly not for everyone, but imho one of the more important (and better) (hip-hop) releases of the year. Japandroids - Celebration Rock Sample Song: For The Love Of Ivy (The Gun Club Cover) In 2009, Japandroids' Hüsker Dü inspired, awesome debut album was released, filled with noisy guitar riffs, shouting, californian punk hymns was released straight from the garage, and it made it's way into my very favourite albums list. It had shitloads of garage-y coolness, great guitar riffs, and songs like 'Young Hearts Spark Fire' or 'Wet Hair' - songs that were THE songs for me, songs like they could only do. After a number of smaller releases and some awesome covers (Jack The Ripper from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and Racer-X from Big Black for example), here is the second coming, with less effects, maybe a bit less upbeatness, but with some more experimenting (think of the disco drums in The House That Heaven Built for example). To be fully honest, I'm a bit disappointed, because the new album lacks some of the screaming coolness, that lazy awesomeness the first album had, but Japandroids are still great at what they do, and honestly, can you come up with a better summer song than Younger Us? Other albums, without description: Actress - R.I.P. Sample Song: Caves Of Paradise Beach House - Bloom Sample Song: Lazuli Alt-J (∆) - An Awesome Wave Sample Song: Breezeblocks THEESatisfaction - awE naturalE Sample Song: Deeper number0 - PARALLEL/SERIAL Sample Song: AO Luis Nanook - 丘の上のロメロ Sample Song: Faust
  14. lukrecia

    Hm, it seems that I accidentally deleted Zess longer reply, when I tried to delete AltermaliceNero's posts with the same content. Sorry for it, I had no intention to censor anything, just forgot that coffee comes first and moderation after it.