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  1. chizuruki

    I completely agree about the zombie thing being more of a backdrop. Yesterday I finished the first season and hooooo boye. Gonna look into the other shows you've mentioned above in the coming days. A lot of them sound intriguing.
  2. chizuruki

    Wow. I guess MH is going on 12 years in a few days. Amazing, and it's all thanks to the community for keeping it alive. I have been lurking on and off since the TW days. One of my fondest memories is reading and laughing at the crap jrock bands thread and how the horrible song by idiot or w/e became a running joke among the old regular members for a while. That was fun even if only as a vicarious memory. There are so many familiar usernames still, which is strangely comforting to this occasional visitor. Hoping everyone has been well.
  3. chizuruki

    @yomii Thank you, we did make lots of memories together. We did have to separate two years ago because I had to move overseas twice, so he stayed with my best friend and lived out his senior years in comfort and happiness (albeit constantly chasing cats away like a grumpy old man haha). Fortunately I came back home just in time to say goodbye.
  4. chizuruki

    I was also surprised that I kind of enjoyed this series even though it's very aggressively ok from an objective point of view haha. Lots of inconsistencies, and the plot was somewhat predictable? Robert Sheehan's portrayal of Klaus was probably my favorite thing about it, and the dynamic between him and No. 6. My brother and I are watching the Korean series called Kingdom together. This is my first Korean series, and although I'm not really a fan of the zombie genre, this one is pretty exciting and (positively) stressful for me. Two episodes to go before we finish it. I heard the second season is currently being shot, too, so the ending is something I'm looking forward to very much. Has anyone else already seen it?
  5. chizuruki

    Ami Kusakari of sakanaction is pretty good. I had to google her name tbh, but off the top of my head she's probably one of my favorites.
  6. chizuruki

    My baby boy Rooki passed away last week. He was 10 years old. This is a picture of him when he was around seven. And here he was about four.
  7. chizuruki

    Recently I've been trying to eat more plant-based dishes, and here are some of what I've made so far:
  8. chizuruki

    I made one really really good friend in my exchange program. He's basically my only real friend in the whole country and one of the best friends I've ever had. But I have to fly back home in June and then move to another country yet again and the thought of probably not seeing him again until like years later is legit making me so sad. Whenever we hang out I always complain that he's going to leave me when in the end I'm really the one leaving first, aren't I.
  9. chizuruki

    Sarah Vaughan - Key Largo
  10. I'm a Libra sun, Pisces moon, Virgo rising with a Scorpio stellium 🙃
  11. chizuruki

    Luna Sea - Gravity
  12. chizuruki

    Thanks for the advice! And I'm sorry you were bullied back in school, that's awful... I did try to join the archery club in my uni, and I basically just hang out with anyone who doesn't mind having me around haha. It was probably just an especially bad day, I mean when I posted that... Volunteering sounds like a good idea, though. I'll try to find something here and have my friends come with. I know friends who stuck with people from their own country noticed that they really do end up not assimilating at all. You're right about that not being a good idea, especially for anyone staying long-term. Thanks again! And sorry my response took a while oops
  13. chizuruki

    Living in another country is so difficult. Even though there are so many similarities between my home country and where I live now, I still haven't completely adjusted, and trying to make friends with the locals and other foreigners is just so exhausting. Is anyone else here living overseas? How do/did you deal with the adjustment period?
  14. chizuruki

    Iron Jawed Angels
  15. chizuruki

    Rewatched Memoirs of a Geisha in class.
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