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  1. Takadanobabaalien

    Not a huge fan of either of them but i definitely prefer dimlim.
  2. Can't believe that this guy out of all the bands survived rockstar records
  3. Takadanobabaalien

    Nobody is going to be able to drag Yuinas old ass back to the scene
  4. This was announced a month or so ago at mixi but I haven't seen a topic here so I figured I'd make on. Phobia will have a one night revival on 5th of July 2019 at Shinjuku ruido k4.
  5. Takadanobabaalien

    please stop trying to summon kawaii minpha
  6. Takadanobabaalien

    yall cool as hell
  7. hopefully the pv will be on the starwave YouTube channel, that why we don't have to buy it
  8. Takadanobabaalien

  9. Takadanobabaalien

    rubra is the best song on the single for me. i do enjoy all songs though
  10. so what's everyones opinion on the gulu gulu single?

    1. ricchubunny


      I'm loving all the tracks, thank you for uploading.

      Are the lyrics properly in a booklet this time or are they spread in the CD again? lol

    2. Takadanobabaalien


      im not sure, i actually havent recieved the cds yet. my friend in japan bought them for me and was kind enough to rip them before shipping them off to me 😛 

  11. Can't believe mtworks played momoiro extasy at their one-man. Amazing setlist in general 

  12. Takadanobabaalien

    If their first release dont Include a cover of this then I don't need it
  13. Takadanobabaalien

    this is #fakenews
  14. Did anyone end up order the ロマン急行 single? 

  15. Takadanobabaalien

    In celebration of their long careers they decided to have a gig in USA despite having 99% japanese fans
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