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  1. Metamorphosis is almost 6 minutes long but is generally speaking one of the new songs that people seem to appreciate the most. Anyway, anyone who expects nostalgic 90's luna sea is bound to be disappointed in the end.
  2. Their look is very cool. They are on bloom, right?
  3. La'veil mizeria was great tonight. For the encore they did madeth gray'll covers ;_; they also announced a single release for April but I cba to make a topic :v 

    1. The Reverend

      The Reverend

      Ooooh La'veil Mizeria doing Madeth Gray'll sounds tasty. Know what songs they played??


      How full did they have Cyber?

    2. lichtlune
    3. Takadanobabaalien


      I didn't recognize all but I know for sure they played missantroop. I did make a tereko as well anyway. 

  4. Yukika walked past me inside ikebukuro edge without saying a word. RUDE 

    1. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      Just for that, I'm going to illegally download that DIAURA album and then delete it.

  5. I'm not sure how serious your post is, but I hope you're aware of that you're not allowed to kill someone just because you're into bdsm...
  6. Nice art! Why are you using your brothers nick though lol?
  7. I think the members are legendary rather than the music they make. It's not bad but there's definitely Nagoya bands I prefer over them. deadman, lamiel, kuroyume, silver~rose and laputa to name a few.
  8. The thing is that at this point this could very well be a new X Japan song. I would honestly not be surprised.
  9. Is that an actual X Japan song? I'm not sure if you guys are trolling or not lol. Toshi isn't even singing?
  10. Official track list revealed: 1. Hold You Down 2. Brand New Days 3. 誓い文 (Chikaibumi) 4. piece of a broken heart 5. The LUV 6. Miss Moonlight 7. 闇火 (Yamibi) 8. Ride the Beat, Ride the Dream 9. Thousand Years 10. Limit 11. So Sad 12. BLACK AND BLUE Not really sure what to think.... The names doesn't sound like LUNA SEA at all... Oh well. The album will be played 2nd december from 00:58 on TBS Count down TV in Japan. (http://www.tbs.co.jp/cdtv/)
  11. Okay so at this point it is getting confusing to keep track of what bands Yukika signed to Ains/an Ains sub-label or simply is producing outside of Ains, so I thought I'd make a list: Ains: DIAURA MadWink. (official sub-label) Gossip Grieva (are they on Ains or MadWink.?) Yamikakumei (official sub-label, which now (seem to be)) run by someone else(source?)) Kuroyuri to kage Culminate: MALISEND (disbanded) V-Eyes Records: Mediena (disbanded) 天邪組 (ten yokushimagumi*) Amanjaku. XIX BLACK RECORDS (can someone confirm this?) MIZTAVLA Possibly signed by Yukika: LIM. (can somebody confirm this?) Virge (can somebody confirm this?) * not sure about the reading Am I missing something?
  12. Sounds pretty nice. Kinda similar style to PROMISE. I do hope they have some heavier songs as well on the album though, but I can basically dig anything Ryuichi sings to.
  13. you could take advice from this guy:
  14. tbh it would be very cool if they made some sort of super band consisting of members by those bands something like: vo. mei (ktk) gt. marya (sibilebasir) gt. itsuki (tbs) ba. hisame (grieva) dr. yuugo (grieva) although it would be very weird at first lol. and well, more than anything I just hope they don't end up disbanding lol.
  15. ex.Ru:natic member doing Kuroyume worshiping? Definitely down for this.