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  1. boy i cant wait
  2. i started out listening to the 2nd disc. really digging the tracks with gara, yukiya, and kyo (d'erlanger). only at track 3 on the first disc atm. but its really amazing so far.
  3. are they trying to get green cards or something i hope they cover this
  4. if you guys use twitter then re-tweet this they wrote that if this get enough re-tweets then they will upload the VR clip to their youtube channel.
  5. me and @K8A05.30 in central stockholm after attending a vk party at @WhirlingBlack's place was lit af
  6. This is amazing. The original is unbeatable but this is really cool. Never heard it before lol
  7. They left/got kicked off ains, koyomi left, mutsuki left, despite looking for a drummer for some months they still haven't managed to find one. I wonder if they're hard to work with? I recall something like that being written on tanuki a while back, and that they're not going to find someone who wants to join them as a drummer. Who knows though, they seem to have money to pay for a support drummer for the time being anyway so. Btw, some fans at tanuki are having fun over Mei saying: 烏名:そうですね。あ、あと俺、彼女がいないのでこの対談に「彼女募集中」って書いておいてください。 (I've got no girlfriend at the moment, so please write that I'm looking for one in the interview) in the interview lmao
  8. https://twitter.com/dchildren_eight this guy is doing support drums for them now btw. i wonder if he take turns with haruka or if haruka quit?
  9. I'll translate the interview as soon as I have time. Mei mentions that he's an alcoholic in it. I wonder if he's serious or not.
  10. Earl Grey (matina/eternal) also made pretty drastic changes in less than a year
  11. liking the previews. i hate 2 track singles though...
  12. Here is an article that Yoshiki for some reason decided to not share with his western fans, where he states that headbanging is bad for you!!! https://news.yahoo.co.jp/pickup/6244003
  13. Finished magicka for PS4 last night with one of my flat mates. Started to play life is strange just now, and will receive majoras mask 3ds and Pokémon sun tomorrow :v