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  1. Yup, I'd recommend Oakhouse as well. They're friendly and very professional. Lived in their places for 2 years. In Shibuya (Daikanyama), Shinjuku (Nishi-shinjuku) and Setagaya (Kyodo). All three places were great, I visited friends who also lived with Oakhouse and all places where great and reasonably priced.
  2. listen to both albums decide which one to buy it cant be that hard?
  3. I watched Kimi no na wa/Your name at work some days ago... Brilliant movie.
  4. I just watched Takashi Miike's "Audition" and I loved it. Do anyone here have any recommendation for other movies he's done? (With exception for Koroshiya Ichi/ichi the killer).
  5. ^ i cba to read up on their tanuki topics but from the posts i read some ppl think he's staying at a mitsu
  6. Getting to start the topic is what's most important here at MH. I thought everyone knew that by now.
  7. 移動 -> travelling somewhere 引っ越す -> to move, switch house/apartment etc It says he went there alone (the entire band went to Sendai, but he travelled by himself) and they have yet to come in contact with him. They will continue to gig with the 4 members until they manage to get in touch with him. I hope he's alright.
  8. because it's a rumour made up by the western fanbase.
  9. he needs to stop doing that pose, for real
  10. I believe it when it's out on iTunes/spotify.
  11. http://puresound.co.jp/user_data/sp_artist_product.php?aid=kyokutougirlfriend http://www.closetchild-cd.jp/product-list?keyword=KYOKUTOU+GIRL+FRIEND&Submit=検索
  12. Ten years... damn. I've been here since 2008 I believe. At that time I got all my DL's from a friend who was very into VK, until of course I came to old TW. I think I stumbled upon the forum while searching for releases by Deathgaze and/or Thomas, if my mind doesn't trick me. I remember not posting a lot back in the days, at TW I probably had less than 100 posts during my 2~ years there, so I started being active first when Toasted Waffles/MH came around. In all honesty, I've been one of the members who's been here for quite some time, has left several times without saying a word... But in the end I'll always end up here again. Due to my sudden retirements (specifically during 2011-2014, during which I visited MH about once every other week) I feel I have missed out on some of the stuff that has been going on, particularly the lit chat-era. I remember visiting the chat several times, but I never really participated in your sheningans. I also remember when the FB-group and Skype-chat was started, however I personally choose to not use them. I do have some fun memories from my time here though! I remember all the demon android drama, Sparklies, Toasted Waffles, the drama between the former staff (dai?) and him wanting people to join his new forum, ppl faking 90's vk rares, the epic kiwamu topic, slsk hoarders finally joining MH and sharing rares, the secret VIP-forum (which I think I was allowed into for sharing a NEGA single lmao), the girl who tried to get Kiwamu to sign her even though she publically humiliated him on his FB etcetc. Shit, I probably stired up a lot of shit myself back in the days, I was a stupid teenager. In the end, I have had a lot of fun here and this is undoubtedly the place (online) that I spent most of my teenage years at. It is only in recent years that I started socializing with people here through other social medias (exception for lastfm), but most of you are great. Here's to ten more years, cheers!
  13. this song is so amazing