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  1. Takadanobabaalien

    Holy shit, the Limited edition type B comes with a DVD of their live at 2017/03/10... Kinda want to order it just for that but man, 12k jpy :v
  2. When looking back at AINS 2014-2015, they sure downgraded themselves a lot. They were the best label in the indies scene back then tbh. Gossip and Diaura are alright nowadays but it's just not the same...

    1. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      I'm surprised they haven't added more groups ~officially~. Even all of their secret sub-label bands are gone.

    2. Jigsaw9


      Ains more liek NEINs

    3. Takadanobabaalien


      I'm excited for whatever Neo Diaura has in store for us though! Hoping for early valluna-esque stuff.

  3. Takadanobabaalien

    can we have a legit kotekote / matina-esque new label already (and start by putting these guys along with mizeria and crucifixion there)
  4. Takadanobabaalien

    He hints that they will be selling it at their next anniversary live and it will indeed be limited to 100 copies.
  5. Takadanobabaalien

    wait, they're still (again?) around? gotta keep an eye on them then I guess
  6. Heya, I figured I'd ask you here, rather than on chat, don't want to clutter it lol:
    Would you be able to send me scans (or even just photos) of that magazine you mentioned? I looked it up on the internet and wasn't able to find anything, probably because of the generic name lol

    Would be much appreciated :)

    1. Takadanobabaalien


      Sure, I don't have a scanner but I can send you a pic of the magazine when I get home! 

  7. Takadanobabaalien

    I was actually at the gig so y'all just jealous
  8. Going to Krakow in a couple of weeks, anything I shouldn't miss while there?

    1. crucifiction


      If you have a chance, definitely visit Auschwitz-Birkenau (you can get there easily from the city centre). When it comes to Cracow itself, I'd recommend St. Francis' Basilica (exceptional stained glass windows designed by Stanisław Wyspiański), Wawel Castle, St. Mary's Basilica and the Main Market Square - these are the most common tourist attractions. I actually live here, so if you're looking for something specific, feel free to let me know.

    2. Takadanobabaalien


      Thanks!! I'm going with my gf so we're mainly looking for nice places to relax. Nice cafes, tasty drinks and great food basically! We're definitely planning on visiting birkenau though! @crucifiction

  9. Takadanobabaalien

    Bad picture because I took when it was just made but I got the AINS logo on my thigh because I'm trash
  10. Takadanobabaalien

    We should definitely have some sort of MH meet-up pre/post gig.
  11. Takadanobabaalien

    Nice! Very likely that I'll try to attend at least one of the EU-shows. Probably UK/Finland/Germany/Poland
  12. Takadanobabaalien

  13. Takadanobabaalien

    i think all the title tracks especially are great. the b-sides aren't as great but not bad. looking forward to whatever they'll announce at their one man this month
  14. Takadanobabaalien

    So it's been about 10 years since we saw the first real 90's vk inspired band form*. For me personally this was a breath of fresh air since I was never that into the nu-metal thing that was going on during the mid-2000's. What's your opinion on the matter? Do you prefer these bands to other active bands in the scene? During the last 1-2 years a lot of these bands have decreased, why do you think that is? Would you prefer if bands like Grieva, Ru:natic, La'veil Mizeria etc would continue playing (and maybe even formed a label and giged more together)? Some bands that I include in this wave of "revival kei": Ru:natic RounoiЯ Sadiesmarry La'veil Mizeria Vallquar Madieduor Grieva Diaura (early) Gossip (kinda) CELL (I guess..?) Crucifixion Gauzes Under fall justice Anyway, feel free to discuss this movement in the scene in general here, or any of your favorite bands from this movement. (I probably forgot some bands that plays this style as well so feel free to namedrop more lol). * 10 years since Ru:natic formed, the only band I can think of that was earlier than that is Sadiesmarry but I'm not entirely sure when they started.