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  1. I've given the album a spin now, and I'll come back by the weekend once I've given it some more listens. My first impressions is that the album is kind of messy. I feel like it lacks structure and the vocalist could benefit from some vocal training. That said, I still don't think it's bad. So far my favorite song is 追憶の雨.
  2. I feel like I say this way too often but I once again had one of the strangest weekends ever. And now I just feel sad, lonely, and confused... Mainly confused I guess. meh. time to get back to work.
  3. Indeed they are! Really looking forward to it.
  4. You can also check with the venue if they have storage lockers.
  5. yall welcome
  6. Most of their stuff is on Spotify as well (with romaji tags though). Antique is not there though which kinda sucks :v
  7. i want to like it because of mast but no
  8. 12-15? I'm expecting like 2 in Germany, 1 in France, 1 in Great Britain and then possibly 1 in Finland.
  9. Christiania is an interesting place! I live in Malmö so I'm very close (only been there once though). I'm not a big fan of the vibe the place gives off (despite being pretty liberal to drugs). The only time I was there was after midnight though, that might have been part of what made it strange.
  10. It's going to be interesting to hear TUSK sing 1999 shy boy story. Same with Kiyoharu for Sadistic Emotion.
  11. ^ you couldn't paste the tracklist in your post? ACID ANDROID /「AFTER IMAGE」 <feat. kyo D’ERLANGER)> Angelo /「dummy blue」 INORAN×TERU×HISASHI×ピエール中野×ERY /「LULLABY」 清春 /「SADISTIC EMOTION」 Psycho le Cému /「DARLIN'」 Justy-Nasty /「an aphrodisiac」 THE SLUT BANKS /「1999-Shyboy story-」 DIR EN GREY /「EASY MAKE,EASY MARK」 DEZERT /「MOON AND THE MEMORIES」 HYDE /「LA VIE EN ROSE」 <feat. CIPHER、SEELA、Tetsu (D’ERLANGER> MUCC /「CRAZY4YOU」 MERRY /「So...」 YOW-ROW from GARI /「UNDER THE PRETENSE」 lynch. /「XXX for YOU」 Rayflower /「Dance naked,  Under the moonlight」 Track order is not yet finalized, this is just the tracks that will be on the CD.
  12. To me LIN and Avelcain's disbandments were the worst. Especially LIN I guess. I love Sui and Mizaly, and them in a band with Kisaki was something I could only dream of basically. Everything they put out was great as well.
  13. 死化粧 is usually romanised as Shigeshou Also Jaki mentioned that they will release a cover song at todays one man. It's either the song they are distributing as La'veil Mizeria (Suicide Labirynth) or the Rasen song Setsudan. I don't recall any vk song called suicide labyrinth so I'm think Setsudan could be a la:sadie's cover? Edit: also it's Ebisu, not Enbisu. Edit 2: Wait, I might have misinprented that. It's possible they will be covering artists at the one man, I'm not 100% sure tbh.
  14. Anybody bought Mighty Gunvold Burst? I love Megaman and as it's only 10$ I am considering getting it.