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  1. Välkommen, alltid kul med fler Svenskar här!
  2. Sometimes. Prefer League of legends.
  3. what a dickmove
  4. I really liked it as well, had it on repeat for 3 hours yesterday. I wasn't a big fan of their 3rd album so this is their best release since like... ankoku sekai wa yami for me!
  5. @emmny that and stuff like he's old school af
  6. Noi'x will hold a one day revival gig at Ikebukuro chop on 7th of april. More details to be announced later.
  7. I think this is an unpopular opinion but: When it comes to the matina label I think Madeth gray'll are quite overrated. Sure they were great but there's bands on the label that I prefer much more. Vice risk, MIRAGE and Syndrome to name a few.
  8. new chips flavor by yoshiki
  9. Less than two weeks until X Japan's Wembley gig. Any bets on how Yoshiki is going to get out of releasing the new album again? (He said when Pata got hospitalised last year that it's going to be released along with the gig).

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Jigsaw9
    3. herpes


      he can't kill taiji again so who knows

    4. orange~


      I think jigsaw got it right XD

      I'm expecting to see tweets of collapsed Yoshiki on the ground after near-death rehearsals and "the vampire" is hospitalized for the few critical days...

  10. https://twitter.com/ki_zuofficial @appl-
  11. A new mysterious band has been revealed. Translation from visunavi: The flyer and the quote about the vocalist makes me think of Karma from Avelcain. But I guess we'll see. I'm sure they're from previous bands since they are playing with Unite, Pentagon, Dog in the PWO and D=OUT. The name means scar/wound btw. http://ki-zu.com/
  12. love it
  13. ghost writers rocks
  14. MIZTAVLA will release their 3rd mini album in 28th of june 2017, entitled 『CHIMAIRA-キマイラ-』