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  1. Imagine having so disturbingly much time that you create a list over people who didn't finish their reviews 👀
  2. Mei seem to be working at a bar in Kabukicho btw... For some reason people seem to be very discrete about where exactly it is though (there's hundreds of bars in that area). I'd love to know lol
  3. Yeah but at least you got access to the dl-forum now
  4. new honmei
  5. I agree, it doesn't. But Yoshiki knows he got thousands and thousands of rabbid fans who will pay that price and he can therefore charge it, I guess.
  6. Richard Fortus (Guns N' Roses) & Wes Borland (Limp Bizkit) are apparently attending as guests.
  7. what anime is this from
  8. I guess the price is so expensive because Zepp Divercity is very small compared to where they usually play? (In total about 4000 tickets to sell I think)
  9. Track one is read "ibitsu ningyou" (as confirmed by Kikyo on twitter). @The Piass
  10. Katachi is kun yomi and gata is on yomi, so in this case gata is probably the right reading for the last kanji. Actually I will ask Kikyo myself, hopefully he answers lol
  11. Is this the actual romaji? I would write it Ibitsu Kabanegata, but it's difficult kanjis so idk...
  12. Most of Yayoi's and Yukika's band were far too short lived. Vice risk (Just a bit over a year) La'miss fairy (1,5 years ish?) Etcetra (2~years) Fils (less than a year) and the list goes on...
  13. dOwnload oNly iTunes viRtuAl lIVe viDEO dRUG
  14. My hair is getting pretty long again