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  1. LOL, that's so strange. But I guess if the vocalist says so then vkdb is probably wrong.
  2. 12 years? they've been active since 2011. http://www.vkdb.jp/DEEP+RAVE.html
  3. It tastes like there's baileys in my coffee at work. :v

    1. Komorebi


      Why is that a bad thing?

  4. It was announced at D's gig yesterday that Ruiza will release his first solo CD in about 5 years! So far he has released 3 cd's in total. This will be the first time ever that he is singing (on track 6). The CD comes in 2 types, one with a DVD that includes 2 PV's and a making of, and one with an extra song. 2017.2.28 NEW MINI ALBUM 2type Release. 「ONE」 [限定盤(CD+DVD)]GOD CHILD RECORDS/GCR-134/\2,800(税別)/6songsCD/2songsDVD/Limited Edition [DVD]1.Resonance 2.Another + Music Video Making [CD] 1.ONE 2.Another 3.Round&Round 4.Distortion 5.Amethyst 6.Resonance [通常盤]GOD CHILD RECORDS/GCR-135/\2,100(税別)/7songsCD [CD] 1.ONE 2.Another 3.Round&Round 4.Distortion 5.Amethyst 6.Resonance 7.Nemesis (Bonus track) source: http://www.visunavi.com/news/207612/
  5. https://www.monochrome-heaven.com/calendar/
  6. trombe took it with him when he left us (rip).
  7. メアリィ (meary) will be releasing their live limited single 「お手紙」 ("otegami") at their last live 1/25 @ takadanobaba area.
  8. LUNA SEA's live performances are some of my favorites. Their Lunatic Tokyo gig from 1995 in Tokyo Dome was one of the first live clips I ever saw of them, therefore it has stuck with me ever since. This performance of RAIN is great, and in general RAIN is an underappreciated song because it's a B-side (which IMO deserved to have been on MOTHER). My favorite performance of LOVE SONG: Ryuichi's vocals are amazing as always. Also a very underrated song. Not sure what DVD/concert it's from but I love it. Also, one of their best performances of all time CAPACITY -NEVER SOLD OUT- 10th anniversary gig This concert is legendary not only because it's a great show but: "They then planned an ambitious open-air concert in Tokyo, with a stage costing 10 million dollars US. However, on May 27, two days before the planned concert, a typhoon storm destroyed the elaborate set. However, at the suggestion of Sugizo, the debris was used as a backdrop. The 10th Anniversary Gig [Never Sold] Out Capacity ∞ was held on May 30, began with the members arriving in a helicopter, and was attended by approximately 100,000 people, an attendance record in Japan at the time" Imagine this being done by a vk band! Love it. Fun fact: LUNA SEA were called "band of disasters" or "natural disaster band", because a lot of their gigs were ruined by typhoons etc.
  9. >>>>truth is, the scene has never been big except for a few bands<<<<<<<
  10. lmao visual kei is far from dead in japan. if someone manages to believe so then you are definitely looking for shit bands on purpose in a haystack of bands. or like, don't attend gigs at places like shinjuku urga on purpose just to find bands with 10 fans. truth is, the scene has never been big except for a few bands. ikebukuro cyber is a small shit hole that shouldn't cap more than 50 ppl, yet madeth gray'll and bands who we in the west consider ~*legendary*~ giged there a lot.
  11. oh lmao. sorry
  12. whats the setlist?
  13. Not sure what site you used to romanise this but it's romanised as "Otoshi ana", not "Koibito gokko".