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  1. Stardew Valley and Steamworld Dig 2 as of currently.
  2. Yeah, I also think they won't be doing too much touring. All members are busy in other ways/other projects as well.
  3. what's up with that name tho
  4. Awesome! that set list is great btw. They should mix it up like this more often and not just play the same old songs. I hope I'll stay with you is on the album as well. One of their best post revival songs so far. Edit: Shinya seem to have lost a lot of weight btw
  5. Awesome! No track list yet though?
  6. All aboard the hype train
  7. listening through my new autumn playlist i just made, shits amazing
  8. yassss
  9. @sheepprincessgara @YuyoDrift I'm talking about Dragon ball Xenoverse 2. I think it's a port originally (as it's already on the PS4 among other platforms). Anyway, it's mediocre at best. Edit: I ended up buying Steamworld Dig 2 btw, might be one of the best games on the Switch so far. Anyone who has a Switch should pick it up asap.
  10. Very cool! Looking forward to whatever they have in store for us.
  11. Bands I keep an eye on/follow: LUNA SEA DIR EN GREY glamscure Insanity Injection La'veil Mizeria ラヴェーゼ Gossip 黒百合と影 DIAURA グリーヴァ (although they're disbanding by new year) ぞんび Crucifixion アマンジャク。 Gibkiy Gibkiy Gibkiy sukekiyo That's what I can think of from the top of my head, I'm probably missing some bands.
  12. cant get over this track as of lately lol. so amazing edit: also VVVV
  13. Kinda depends I guess. I mean, I have some magazines, and in some releases there are photos/photobooks/photo cards etc. So in that sense I guess I kinda do, but I don't save them digitally.
  14. Anyone picked up any good game as of lately? I bought the new dragon ball game but It's unfortunately not as good as I had hoped (despite being a dragon ball fan since the age of 11). I am considering buying both Golf Story and Steamworld Dig 2 while waiting for Mario Odyssey and Fire Emblem Heroes. I am also thinking about the One Piece game but the Dragon ball game made me sceptic to games based on mangas. Have anyone played it, if so - is it any good?