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  1. So they are releasing digitally a "clean" version of the demo. This Monday 11 for 200 yens. I guess, this is less than nothing
  2. Apparently yes... Also in their stories can be seen https://www.instagram.com/stories/mucc_official/ in the fight story they show how the tape is I think is going to be so hard and expensive get one of those
  3. They announced the single name: "時限爆弾" (time bomb/explosion?)
  4. Now is confirmed: Now is confirmed, for what i get just to be sold during Hokaido tour, 2 hours before the shows. 『自己嫌悪 DEMO 〜Dirty Ver.〜』 MSHN-050 ¥1,000 (tax in) 【収録曲】 01. 自己嫌悪 DEMO 〜Dirty Ver.〜 As the 4 song single, relased as indies/their own label. Hope somebody can share it
  5. They also announced new single for July 25 with 4 songs, each one written by different member 初回盤(CD+Mカード) MSHN-047〜048 ¥2,300 (tax in) 通常盤(CD ONLY) MSHN-049 ¥1,800 (tax in) 【CD】※初回盤/通常盤共通 01. 生と死と君(作詞/作曲:ミヤ) 02. TIMER(作詞/作曲:逹瑯) 03. レクイエム(作詞:SATOち、逹瑯/作曲:SATOち) 04. マゼンタ(作詞/作曲:YUKKE) ※全曲編曲:ミヤ 【初回盤Mカード】 Zepp Tokyo公演写真、新曲メンバーインタビューなど随時更新予定! And new look: I´m curious why they are releasing this as indies
  6. TrentReznor

    Hope they add some dates in Asia...I missed it the last time they came to Beijing
  7. TrentReznor

    Definitely he did the right thing there, but in terms of trying hard to be a celebrity...adding the weird colaborations (avril lavigne), being drunk or extremely bad on stage, etc. put hims pretty much on the same joke level in my opinion (and im not a manson hater...they used to be one of my favourites bands)
  8. TrentReznor

    Nowaydays dont know who is a bigger joke...Manson or Yoshiki... So finally Miya actually played with them in Coachella? most of the places dont mention him...maybe they thought it was a roadie
  9. TrentReznor

    All of them were guess in yesterdays 10 years of reunion annivesary shows... I wonder if they will go to Coachella together
  10. TrentReznor

    Apparently is bringing Miya (MUCC) just in case https://www.oricon.co.jp/news/2109398/full/ ? (and Wes and R. Fortus like the last time)
  11. TrentReznor

    Sorry, but I have no Merry original releases. To avoid any issues I usually only upload rips from my own CDs.
  12. I wonder if there is any interest in Mucc's FLAC/320 rips for their "pre 2007" releases

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    2. Mamo


      I'd like 320 and please post it in the discography section there's a bunch of shit rips on there.

    3. xriko


      Every FLAC is a god bless

    4. AimiGen7


      Yes, please!

  13. Now is official, new Mucc DVD (though I would say they will still release something else...) [DISC-1:MUCC TOUR 2016 GO TO 20TH ANNIVERSARY 孵化 -哀ア痛葬是朽鵬6極志球業シ終T-] 2016年6月25日 日比谷野外大音楽堂+2016年9月3日 大阪城野外音楽堂 01. 大嫌い 02. 娼婦 03. KILLEЯ 04. JOKER 05. フライト 06. 悲しみとDANCEを 07. ファズ 08. 1979 09. パノラマ 10. トリガー 11. ハニー 12. ママ 13. 9月3日の刻印 14. この線と空 15. 家路 16. ハイデ 17. CLASSIC 18. Mr.Liar 19. TONIGHT EN1. 1997 EN2. オルゴォル EN3. 蘭鋳 [DISC-2:MUCC 20TH ANNIVERSARY 97-17 羽化 -是朽鵬6極志球業シ終T脈殺-] 2017年4月15日 Zepp DiverCity Tokyo 01. 脈拍 02. 絶体絶命 03. CLASSIC 04. KILLEЯ 05. BILLY×2 ~Entwines ROCK STARS~ 06. りんご 07. 勿忘草 08. EMP 09. コミューン 10. 秘密 11. シリウス 12. ハイデ 13. ENDER ENDER 14. 前へ 15. Mr. Liar 16. 孵化 EN1. 蘭鋳 EN2. 1997 EN3. シャングリラ <DVD> 2DVD AIBL-9396~9397 ¥7,900+tax <Blu-ray> 2Blu-ray AIXL-90~91 ¥8,900+tax
  14. TrentReznor

    Thats only for UK? I bought from them being me in China and it was easy...I just emailed them the items I wanted/link, my address/phone number, etc. and once they collected all the items, they sent me the invoice. Closetchild maybe was a bit faster, but still was ok.
  15. TrentReznor

    Why they dont ship to UK? I thought they shipped worldwide