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  1. I have that feeling with A Beautiful Lie I remember pre-ordering their selftitled album after just downloading the Capricorn video from one of the music video rippings groups in IRC (there was no YT at that time), didnt even know Jared Leto was involved and then...they become very generic
  2. From Japan: 人格ラヂオ: Thier first releases were great...but most of the stuff they did after their comeback is pretty mediocre being generous. Roach: Pretty much the same feeling as with 人格ラヂオ, but with them is a bit worse as they seem to "deny/forget" their first works. Western bands, many of them...and always for the same reaons, the most notorious examples: 30 seconds to mars: Such a great first CD, and then... Sugar Ray: really, wth happened with them... Incubus: The pretty much became an elevator music band
  3. Well, taking into account how oversensitive Chinese people are (and in that issue even more), that could be the "end" of their career in mainland China (eventhough not sure if they have a career over here, apart from a couple of gigs)...as example, Placebo were supposed to play in a Chinese music festival in Shanghai this summer (as part of the Chinese branch of Summer Sonic...along with Luna Sea among others) but they got banned for life from China for posting a Lama picture with a quote in Instagram...
  4. This CD should have been the "extra" CD for the special edition of March´s greatest hits CD, not those remixes...though probably will end up getting it too... Btw, why these CD's (the remasters and this) are released through DC and not Sony?
  5. Zigzo The Birthday The Mad Capsule Markets The Back Horn Thee Michelle Gun Elephant Lili Chou-Chou (though it wasnt a "real" band) Yen Town Band Roach Maximum the Hormone I guess I would like Rosso too, but never listened to them on detail...just jumped from TMGE to The Birthday. For the 10th one I would say something like Th eRockers or similars...but I'm not that into them to put them in a top...so just 9
  6. People singing in concerts rude??? Most of the times u can see the artist are having like "the time of their life" when people sign with them (one good example is Noel Gallagher in Argentina)...I guess is just different cultures and way of being, I have the same feeling as you when I see some shows in Japan and people are like in a funeral without even clapping between songs
  7. Miya just showed the artbook for both releases> Look pretty nice
  8. Didnt they say before the concerts that no recordings are allowed? (at least in the 3 lives Ive seen in Tokyo it was like that) And I have the feeling that while doing all the recording etc. etc. stuff ppl misses a big part of the show, they have to be quiet to not ruin the audio, still to have a good image, checking the phone from time to time to see everything is ok...Dunno, I just miss the times when you went to a concert and nobody was holding a cellphone or similar...just a few traditional small cameras to take a couple of pics.
  9. For some reason the Kiwamu topic came to my mind after reading this...
  10. For the different versions of the remasters
  11. Sooo many ppl were having it at Shibuyas Tower Records...anyways, most of the TR cafe is a bit overpriced so it doesnt really stand out
  12. I remember a few years ago, one morning going to class and saw and ad from them in the street (I live in Beijing)...at that moment I was running late so didnt have time to check it, 3 hours later when going back home the ad was already gone...it was a shame because at that time I used to listen to some of their music frequently so I was hopping to be something about lives or similar. Maybe it was a coincidence that only their stuff was removed... As for VK taking off in mainland China I doubt it very much, anything that is not the typical pop or very soft rock is not going to appear in the media, sometimes there may be some exceptions like Dir en Grey coming to Beijing, but I feel the most normal will be (specially with the anti foreign/a bit racist orientation the gov has taken in the last times) that the bands find any kind of problems (like X-Japan when tried to come to Beijing). Is a bit old, but if any one is interested in the underground punk/rock scene can try to watch "Beijing Bubbles".
  13. Didnt Daisuke left Roach due to health reasons? I haven´t really followed them the last couple of years, but I remember watching some notice about it in their twitter...I thought he would retire from being in a band 100% of the time.
  14. Seems they will add another extra track to the single, for some reason they kept which track in secrect...I guess will be a good surprise
  15. Good to get the confirmation! I´ll try to get it at Budokan´s lives then.