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  1. I guess this is some hint about the upcoming DVD? 4 DVDs?
  2. Anyone knows any online store for JRock second hand CD/DVDs (no VK)?

  3. I think it was a requirement from them...because Hyde is behind the cover...but I'm surprised nobody "leaked" it by "mistake"
  4. I think they have included it in some of their live setlist, dont they? I also really liked it (being a bigger MUCC's fan than Merry's) Btw, I dont know if its happening to anyone else...the first listens to M-OLOGY left me a bit cold...I was expecting something else after NM, but lately is growing on me
  5. I'll give some tries to those two, thanks!
  6. Were they ever that big? I remember getting into them because of Kalimero, but after Panorama I pretty much "forgot" about them...I always thought of them to be in some kind (2nd)/3rd level in terms on popularity (in the scene) but maybe I underestimated them. I guess I will check this single too and as you I'm surprised they still releasing stuff but need to give them some credit for being out there more than 10 years and without line up changes. For the big fans...anything you recommend after Panorama?
  7. Previews of the single/mv
  8. I have always wondered what happened to Hiro, Mucc´s original bass player
  9. That one is a very very good chooice though as you say, not very "light". Adding some more...Rainbow song; Go or Closed Note from Isao Yukisada; Lili Chou Chou, April Story, Picnic or Love Letter from Shunji Iwai (well, in fact people should watch all Iwais films ), Tokyo Serendipity, and some comedies leaving apart the romance part I would say Kisaragi, Welcome to the Quiet Room, Adrift at Tokyo, Survive Style 5+ and all SABU movies
  10. After more than 3 years later than their latest release (Forever Young) they plan to release some new music again (though it seems live limited). ps. I thought they left behind the mispelling English stuff in Add9 Suicide
  11. They announced at least a selfcover to appear in this album, they even open a votation to choose it...weirldy, so far they didnt put it on the tracklist for the album
  12. Based on those very short samples I found I am computer to be the most promising one...a few of them dont really bring anything (like 最終列車)...and then I have no words for 溺れる魚 and specially for 大嫌い... The tracklist doesn't help neither
  13. Have you seen Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu (the tv series version, not the movie)? It has some drama... and as far I remember a nice soundtrack too.
  14. And now Twiggy is out due to the raping accusations (though last years he was just another of the live"mercs")...Manson and him seems to differ on how long the absence will last and who decided about it
  15. I remember Jinkaku Radio were supposed to release the single "Hizikan" that was going to be the ending of some anime...until Yuuki opened his mouth and started talking shit about one voice actress...as result they were dropped from the anime, the single cancelled, and Jinkaku Radio pretty much "ended"