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  1. TrentReznor

    One question, any of you have the Happy Life + DVD edition? I mean physically, I have a doubt about the booklet.
  2. After listening it once, it's ok but most of the time I had a I've already heard this before feeling.
  3. Anyone has a physical copy of Merry´s Happy Life DVD edition? Does it originally come signed?

  4. TrentReznor

    Watching they are doing that old cover...cant help but remember
  5. TrentReznor

    Must be one of the biggest gaps ever between CD Will be interesting to check how they are now.
  6. Im surprised this kind of movie "needs" some special score for it and not the typical/random summer/action movie ones...dont think it needs johan johannsson/reznor & ross/ zimmer alike scoring...
  7. "サイコ" leaves me with a strong "déjà vu" feeling from other songs from them...not what I was expecting neither. Maybe all the experimentation and jazz is in "壊れたピアノ"...
  8. For example a 4 songs single (+1 a live version) for 2100 yens with a digital video...i would say is overpriced the same 3000 for a 9 songs "mini album" with no DVD or anything. Maybe now they are indies...but are big band with enough resources and these release appear quite high in the oricon or similar, is not like those indies bands that will sell 50-100 units...anywas I guess we will not agree in this, so lets just hope the coming album is good
  9. The only bad thing is their indie (physical) releases usually are a bit overpriced compared to the major ones...
  10. But usually those selfcover things they also release them as indies before...but in the meantime their Live DVD/BR and music videos DVD/BR were with Sony...maybe their 3 months break was because of contractual issues who knows.
  11. TrentReznor

    Kebyo's ones you can find those ones in Puresound...dont really need other service I think... https://puresound.co.jp/user_data/sp_artist_product.php?aid=kebyo
  12. Is weird they release this as indies too...
  13. So they are releasing digitally a "clean" version of the demo. This Monday 11 for 200 yens. I guess, this is less than nothing
  14. Apparently yes... Also in their stories can be seen https://www.instagram.com/stories/mucc_official/ in the fight story they show how the tape is I think is going to be so hard and expensive get one of those
  15. They announced the single name: "時限爆弾" (time bomb/explosion?)
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