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  1. deeeeeeeeehhh

    Listened just now and it’s an instant album of the year for me, they made the music feel super fresh while having oldschoolish atmosphere. Every track is just delicious, unique and unskippable and Karmas voice is just ❤️
  2. deeeeeeeeehhh

    Fav look from 2018 by far: Kyonosuke from Kizu
  3. deeeeeeeeehhh

    Deus abençoe minha carteirinha de meia, to com muita pena de quem não tem. Muita sacanagem fazer esse anúncio relâmpago bem no final do mês de dezembro kkkkkk Vou tentar M&G, achei $375 valendo (alias não esperava que realmente fosse ter um meet com eles)
  4. deeeeeeeeehhh

    Salve carai. Nunca comento aqui mas vim conferir como estão os ânimos. To ultra ansioso desde já, tirando minha camiseta do GAZEROCK do armário. Se quiserem companhia tamos aí
  5. deeeeeeeeehhh

    Same. I love DEZERT/XAAXAA/DAMY/etc and had no idea Kagerou had so much influence. Good to know where their inspiration came from! I'm gonna need some time to digest all of this, thanks for the post!
  6. deeeeeeeeehhh

    thanks for pointing this out, it's brain melting indeed. Gave it a try and loved it, it's so good (found some links that are still up right here http://evil-en-lucifer.blogspot.com.br/2010/06/vinett.html )
  7. deeeeeeeeehhh

    Jesus christ, I want to watch this so bad
  8. welp, 0% surprised I wish sui and misery would follow these oldschoolish bands (grieva, gossip, etc) and come up with something metis gretel-like, is it too much to ask? (-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩-̩̩̩_-̩̩̩-̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩)
  9. deeeeeeeeehhh

    I've loved Aicle for years, but it's cool to see them described like that. My favourite level is 4 and I somehow had never heard this track "Kuru Kuru...", thanks for showing me that lol. My love for these "bad" vocalists is something I can't explain and that I think I will never overcome (Sui from Megaromania, Mashiro from PaRADEiS, the ones from Kiryu, ru:natic, Vallquar, etc) Almost forgot to mention: I'm thankful for their colourful looks. This live with the lolita fans going crazy is one most awesome things my eyes have ever seen
  10. awesomest thing i've seen in a long long time, looking forward to watching the whole dvd
  11. ok what the actual fuck first I saw the PV preview with the announcement "Lycaon last live" and thought "they should put this in a different way, it looks like it's the band's last live ever and not just the tour final". and then i check MH pretty sad, lycaon was currently my favourite band I wonder what they'll do next, just hope they don't disappear
  12. deeeeeeeeehhh

    Akai Ringo sounds like a mix of Megaromania, Vallquar and ALI PROJECT. I like it.
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