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  1. did anyone consider uploading this release on here...? It would be nice
  2. im really excited for all releases rakka sounded really good so far but i want to hear the other songs too ! ! !
  3. DELUHI Kagrra, Suicide Ali And -Eccentric Agent- Signal Alice Nine D=OUT Megaromania Alumi Land Para:Noir X Japan Kagerou
  4. bepsi

    Well, this might be your opinion about tumblr, but I guess, there are different opinions. Also the UI isn't that bad, since they updated the dashboard, it's quite nice.
  5. bepsi

    guess coffee doesn't count as 'food'...?!
  6. bepsi

    toothpaste. [means I had no food yet]
  7. bepsi

    ♥ [not much but spreading looove]
  8. bepsi

    Hur again
  9. bepsi

    。♣。 (MSN nickname)
  10. bepsi

    metoclopramide. And now trying to eat some pizzzzzza.
  11. bepsi

    I know a friend studying Mandarin and Korean at university... but me, I just can understand... two things or maybe three... like 我爱你 xDDD!! Really random things. Finnish is hard ;_; and Gaelic too ... ugh, but I would love to learn Gaelic, I mean, I have Irish roots... it would be a shame... :C
  12. bepsi

    Yet eeepic!! :DDDD!!! --- and me: ... okay, that was a joke. Rather. Or not. Actually, this is me - frrrringe
  13. bepsi

    Yah me too! But I was a lazy tard and didn't read any further D: thank you >w<;; And my current desktop... dadam... [1366x768]
  14. bepsi

    It really rather looks like some 4chan users got a tumblr account... actually, I liked tumblr - until now.
  15. bepsi

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0NSJaE21YY ...slightly reminded me of that... ... poor Kaito.
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