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  1. evenor

    dali's impact...
  2. totally hearing the dimlim influence; sounds fun and promising! Edit: Anyone else catch the bong in the pv?
  3. evenor

    I hope someone saved Junna777's insane fanfics ☹️
  4. Hello!! Any of y'all located in Osaka? I am looking for a shopping service to help me purchase some CDs from that particular zealink branch (in fear that they also might close). Thank you!

  5. Kaya should have covered this song on DRESS:


  6. Loved how the lyrics transition from "死ね" to "殺す".
  7. flare better win.
  8. evenor

    Basically the same - I met my bf off of soulseek trading rarez The pumpkin Head releases lmao.
  9. Shaka (vo. miss jelly fish)? Performing a live in Sept? In 2019!?? 


    1. nekkichi


      either that, or promoting their feet pics twitter during that live maybe

  10. evenor

    What I truly love about this band is that they clearly have no ¥ (compared to other bands) but they've kept hustling over the years. When I saw them at a random taiban in Osaka, they reminded me how fun the genre can be as well as recharged my love for VK in general.
  11. evenor

    Super hyped for this release!!
  12. Holy shit! I hppe this inspires Kisui to return to music.
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