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  1. evenor

    they better pay Eve to be their ghostwriter
  2. someone make a transcode of this please.
  3. evenor

    If true, Shinya essentially saved dir en grey. 💋
  4. evenor

    I am glad they haven't croaked yet. Their 2016 album was really enjoyable!
  5. evenor

    good for them!
  6. The first 20 secs of mad K by dimlim are invigorating. 


  7. It's better then their last two singles~ edit: Damn, I wonder how much they paid P!nk to swing around the PV
  8. angelic blue by D is still so good

  9. Damn, this guy is still kicking!
  10. fruit loop kei! It honestly could have been way worse....
  11. I love that out of all the vk/kansai vk bands, Vo.魁那 chose to be a Dali stan. One of that tracks on that recent mini album is basically a cover of choo choo 1room ( which is a Mis†ake song).
  12. evenor

    the english ver of Bad Boy is soooooo good.