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  1. Wrist cutter chorus is pretty boring.
  2. L'arc~en~ciel
  3. Hopefully it's a LGBT anthem.
  4. CDJapan order
  5. That sucks! I hope Lin continues to make music somewhere.
  6. The problem I have with gibkiyx3 is that their lineup is TOO GOOD. I like all their releases but I can't lie and say I don't wish they would create sounds similar to their respective bands.
  7. Find their secret yahoo auctions!/mbok account and buy all their tereko/cheki/bootlegs/2nd hand cds.
  8. The shimizuya curse continues!
  9. Welcome to MH! You'll fit right in ~
  10. Yes, I meant 凛-Lin- (ex. brodiaea, Synsyde, Lilith) from Affective Synergy.
  11. ‪1. 忍者-Ninjia-‬ ‪2. 黑暗之王-Dark Master-‬ ‪3. 神又如何?-Against the GOD- 凛-Lin- (the OTHER Lin from Affective Synergy) will be releasing an 3 track instrumental single composed for King of Fighters Destiny (a Chinese animated CGI web series based on The King of Fighters series). It will be available on digital platforms on 2017.12.20 get that $$$ Lin!! bonus: obligatory kof music
  12. I feel like an idiot because I didn't realize that Ramiel shared the same vocalist as this band!!
  13. https://www.mp3tag.de/en/ It's great to help you clean up tags and organize
  14. Still looking for their mysterious 絶望と夜の希薄な境界で release!