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  1. hbd queen

  2. happy birthda......y


  4. Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day!! ♥

  5. Happy birthday sis

  6. It is a clearfile! The booklet for the "13" is really cool; all the songs has English translations. I am planning to share the album (and other stuff I got) later today.
  7. Is the title a self disclosure on Kazuma's behalf? Can't wait!!!
  8. This is already better than DECAYS.
  9. If crucifixion joins starwave I'm killing myself
  10. best nagoya kei band ever. me when I was able to purchase a majority of their discography
  11. I miss oOoOO
  12. Jui looks great in persona 5 


  13. Hizaki's face is morphing