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  1. evenor

    Important things to take from this: 1. Die shares that his fav fast riffs are from deg's debut album gauze 2. Toshiya describes their current sound as "psychobilly" lmao
  2. ^^^^ I really like the bridge/section before the generic chorus.
  3. evenor

    Track 8
  4. evenor

    Van a viajar por puro Tur-Bus!
  5. where is the thong though? They look awesome!
  6. evenor

    finally cashed in their cheki money I see...
  7. evenor

    RxG are confirmed blink182 stans.
  8. evenor

    They look really cool but I wish they could have chosen to pick a better song to sample for a debut. It's a snoozer!
  9. evenor

    The VK salvation we need~ Please RT for full MV!!
  10. evenor

    I wanna see them ONLY release it on vinyl just for the drama.
  11. I am grateful that a recorded version of Lost Ivy will come into existence.
  12. evenor

    Track three is basically a chuuzetsu by kuroyume homage.
  13. evenor

    These outfits are very Saban '97 power rangers villans. I hope they sound good!
  14. I just looked that up too! Apparently the Olympics start late July so Goddess is still on my side~
  15. Is this for the same "legends" event Mirage and other bands will perform at? Traveling to Japan in the summer is a literal hellscape weather wise but this "event" is very tempting....
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