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  1. evenor

    bring back #dolphinkei
  2. Latest band from cool guy Eiji (ex. マカロニ, 秘密結社コドモA, DENTAKU etc.) will be releasing a seven track mini album on 12/26/18. Tracks #2 and #5 are covers from previous Eiji bands (DENTAKU and 秘密結社コドモA respectively ). These guys were great during the recent Matina event, so I am really hyped for this release!
  3. evenor

    Shinya continues to be awesome
  4. evenor

    Hizaki seriously looks AMAZING.
  5. shinya is legit vk's true lgbt icon

    1. AimiGen7


      Didn't he once say in some interview that he felt more female than male?


  6. evenor

    Haul from osaka shopping (minus random Puresound VHS's)
  7. David instore in Osaka was fun! SUI is a charmer. 

  8. CielGrave were great live!

  9. close this thread immediately; nothing under this post is meaningful.
  10. evenor

    headshot for my new oshare kei band: 鼻くそMOUSE
  11. 赫 is still that binch on TIW