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  1. evenor

    Cool! I appreciate their hustle and I hope they keep going.
  2. Vital magie 10th anniversary vid ❤️

  3. evenor

    I LOVED this cover too!
  4. y'all remember Lupo Label?

    1. The Moon

      The Moon

      wish i could forget  x 

    2. akiko


      I still love them ❤️

    3. platy



  5. Loving the vocals at 0:50. I hope the album isn't all filler w/ old songs!
  6. Lisa Left Eye Lopez would be proud

  7. evenor

    the legends jumped out!
  8. Isn't he the main composer? Too bad, cause アヤシテ? was a bop!
  9. evenor

    they are coming for pentagon's gig!
  10. @t597 rules! I received all my items super fast and in great condition. Thanks again!
  11. evenor

    bootleg ver. of cielgrave's mascot
  12. I always thought it was endearing that Heisei Ishin had that song about protecting the earth/climate change.


  13. evenor

    For anyone who understands Japanese, Itsuki (ex. vocalist of Bergerac) has made a series of vids regarding VK costs.