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  1. They needed to adopt another cat. In all seriousness, I grew to really appreciate Jin's vocals overtime. I hope he doesn't leave VK indefinitely!
  2. ABOO vs. BABOO

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    2. anadentone


      im voting for baboo aboo :D

    3. Tokage


      cant wait for ABO to finally rep indigenous australian pride in vk

    4. IGM_Oficial


      I want a two-man live, now

  3. Lament. - 蓮と落陽
  4. моје краљице I love that (in their arguably bloated discography) I still can find enjoyable songs in every new D release.
  5. I just make up my own when driving to work.
  6. ゴシップ needs to keep making songs like haiiro no yuki or go 100% and become an etcetera cover band. 

    1. AimiGen7


      Why not just have Saku fill Yukika's place at Etcetera revivals? lol
      Even though Yukika improved after クラッチ, I don't trust him to sing Kizuato still.

  7. I hope it's an album of all duets composed by aie.
  8. I am honestly SHOCKED that kouki from d=out is participating in this.
  9. Innocent manga is bonkers

    1. Chi


      It's one of my favorite manga :) 

  10. Hawaiian food kei
  11. Kiyoharu sounds HORRIBLE in that sample!
  12. Jikasei Full Course changed my life!!
  13. Thanks for the memories T~T
  14. Live blogging from morrie in NYC w/ @inartistic http://imgur.com/a/4XqDO

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    2. emmny



      i feel like he's a whiskey gramps type


    3. evenor


      I honestly dont remember but I think it may have been wine

    4. carddass


      Awesome. What was the setlist like? Did he play anything off kage no kyoen?