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  1. evenor

    Kyo looking more and more like Mastumoto (out!) Hitoshi.
  2. evenor

    The PV looks great! It really shows how good editing and filters can make a PV look expensive.
  3. evenor

    buy chekis
  4. evenor

    self-produced kings ❤️
  5. Ladies, what is your current go-to proxy shopping service?  ❤️

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. suji


      fromjapan, buyee, remambo, and aduma-san :3 

    3. monkeybanana4


      I use Zenmarket since they have a flat fee of 300 yen including free consolidation. Aduma is really good, too.

    4. SakuraFox512


      Zenmarket is top pick for me. 45 day warehouse holding time, 300 yen flat fee (which they occasionally reduce during promotions), and free consolidation. Haven't had much issue with them over the years and they're fairly prompt if you ask questions.

      I sometimes use JPN-depot as well, as the charges are similar, but you have to pay for consolidation and they're a bit slower on purchasing things. One plus with them is that they'll buy from certain places like Mercari, which Zenmarket no longer does. Also, JPN-depot doubles as a Japanese address that you can send purchases to, so if you can read enough Japanese (or use Google translate for a checkout process), you can potentially save a fair chunk of change by making an order yourself and having it shipped there rather than paying 300+ yen per item you want.

  6. evenor

    Akira rules!
  7. evenor

    This is now a K.Romance appreciation thread
  8.  Vier/le:Zel-「∀ЯK」revival 😱

    1. suji


      BEST FUCKING BRUTAL BAND!!!!!!!!!! ✝✝✝





    2. IGM_Oficial


      Ooooooohhhhhhhh I wish I was in Japan right now

  9. evenor

    I second Sou-sama
  10. Sekiro is sooooo good.

  11. evenor

    I am so thankful they were inspired by my birth given name: ЯOͶƎVƎ
  12. Cover art is reminding me of Guniw Tools.
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