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  1. evenor

    When I saw them live at a taiban, they were the only band I saw that had a fucking QUEUE system set up for the gyas to purchase chekis. It was nuts!
  2. evenor

    Tokyo trip CD haul
  3. Anyone want to buy a copy of vvitch by the gallo (for cheap)? I just bought two copies for instore event tickets. I can mail it out once I'm back in the US. 

  4. evenor

    lmao I love Kakeru so much.
  5. evenor

    Incoming ROUAGE cover???
  6. Yassss @ The Execution of Lady Jane Grey
  7. evenor

    CONCHETUMADRE that's awesome! I am jealous of all my chilean weones/as
  8. he looks soooooo good/cool!!
  9. MH-heads attending morrie x kiyoharu live....identify yourself!

    1. saiko


      God, how I wish

    2. evenor


      morrie and kiyoharu are legit professionals and still got the pipes. Great performance!!!!

  10. evenor

    Any of you lovely people attending this live?? @inartistic and I will be seeing these legends this week. If you spot us, please say hi and earn yourself a FREE VK.GY STICKER 🥳(or a copy of Dejavu ~Sanctuary of Revival....) !!!!!!
  11. which one of you is responsible for this!? EBEHyT4XkAAXSSh?format=jpg&name=medium

    1. Show previous comments  15 more
    2. platy


      I wish he'd sent one back 💔 

    3. Wakarimashita


      This is glorious

    4. anadentone


      right now , one of these freaks is like "Senpai noticed me!" :D

  12. evenor

    Looking forward to this!! (culo would have been better name obv)
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