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  1. I'm kinda resentful because Hora keeps releasing the same album every couple of years but I ordered his new one along with Immortal Verses anyway >: Really excited for the new SS mini though - that cover looks gorgeous.
  2. So... what's the best place to preorder this when you live in Europe? 👀

    I like the UROBOROS and DUM SPIRO SPERO box sets 🙉Vinyl and CD versions of an album plus a nice artbook / lyrics book make a perfect package imo.

    Damn, I'm sorry that it didn't work out for you! I've spent the past hour and something refreshing and getting error messages for the VIP upgrade for Munich but in the end it finally worked out. Totally lost hope in the meantime, though... fuck those servers.

    I am seriously puzzled by how FABULOUS could even happen... it sounds like everybody was drunk out of their minds while working on it.
  6. Kaya's new haircut > his new single



  7. nuvɔːgu is actually the incomplete IPA notation of the japanese pronounciation of 'new vogue' - incomplete because the stress indicator (as well as intonation markers) are missing, although I'm guessing the stress would be on the second syllable: [nuˈvɔːgu]. The [ɔ] signifies a specific way of pronouncing the letter 'o'. In this case it corresponds with the 'o' in words like 'not' or 'shot'. The weird little colon indicates stress on the preceding syllable. There's a couple of bands who use(d) IPA in their bandnames: Act∫uə √èil (the only real IPA characters here being [∫] which corresponds to the 'sh' sound in words like 'shoot' or 'shine' and schwa [ə], c.f. separate. Another rather elaborate one would be:【zɔ́:diæ̀k】 - unsurprisingly the IPA form of a somewhat engrish pronounciation of the word 'zodiac' (which in AE would actually look like this: [ˈzoʊdiˌæk]; in BE like this: [ˈzəʊdɪæk].


    Hey guys, I'd really love your thoughts on this one! Something like 12 or 13 years ago, I started to really dive into vkei and obsessively collect and listen to any band from that scene/"genre" I could get my hands on. At the time it felt so foreign, so different, nothing like anything I've ever listened to (or seen) before and that's very appealing to a teenager who's looking for his own little niche, a place to build some sort of identity from. You guys know what I'm saying, right? When you're 14, 15, 16, maybe younger, maybe older, you start assessing your place in the world by selectively adopting or rejecting certain speech, behavior, social groups, music, music scenes as communities and so forth - the individual configuration of which becomes part of your identity. Anyway, all that's supposed to express, how important and dear to my heart vkei is, esp. that glam metal x postpunk x gothrock x poprock fusion from the late 80s to the early 00s. And since all those bands I'm talking about are really obscure to begin with and a complete enigma to the vast majority of Western Europeans, I thought it could be fun to indulge in some nostalgia and spread the love for that type of music. I live in Germany and most of my friends are pretty active in the local DIY punk scene (organizing concerts etc.), so my thought was that these people for example could actually be interested in our treasured japanese underground music scene - not only because punkrock is often a musical influence in vkei but also because I think that the general ethos is quite similar. (TLDR;) To make a long story short, I thought that it could be cool to create an instagram account where I would upload snippets which I consider emotionally exciting or stimulating (jeez, that sounds weird) from songs that I love. What do you think about that idea? Would you actually be interested in something like that? I know there's plenty of youtube channels offering a shitload of full length songs but this thing could be regarded as a more dense version of that. Plus some personal thoughts from time to time. Let me know what you think! Here's what I'm talking about: https://www.instagram.com/netherwave/
  10. I received my copies today and I was surprised to see they came with both Rudolf Steiner Tapes on CD. I actually didn't know these were included... maybe some sort of bonus for ordering both the LICHT and the DUNKELHEIT versions?
  11. Hey guys, I've searched the forum but haven't found a smilar topic (correct me if I'm wrong 👀). I'm looking for sites which offer really high quality 4K anime wallpapers (especially scenery, landscapes, cityscapes; no ecchi/hentai/lolita crap pls). I usually use wallhaven which has an anime section and some nice filtering options (see picture below), so if you're not familiar with that site, give it a go! Anyway, I'd love to hear your suggestions!
  12. I've pre-ordererd both versions a couple of days ago, really looking forward to this. Also, I'm curious what Közi did with SIRIUS and HYPNOS. 🤔

    I'm sorry but I'll have to resign from the tradeoff, stuff's come up >: Hf everybody!