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    I wasn't trying to insinuate that your car stereo was bad and I'm sure TIW sounds great on it. I just found it funny that in the context of a) a DEG album and b) listening to it on your car stereo, you would point out the difference between 256kbps and lossless. Let's be real, in an ABX test, you'd need top tier studio headphones, a completely quiet environment, really well trained hearing and a record with pristine production and you'd still be mostly guessing which is which. Also, the difference in bitrate does not mean that "1411.2 kbps" sounds five times better than 256 kbps. I mean, I get it, you'd assume it'd be something really noticable when you drop the quality to a fifth of the original but that's not really translatable to how your ear drums and your brain process the sound. Think of it more like flying over a city at 20,000 feet for 3 minutes and pointing out every house that's missing at least half its roof. Not a perfect metaphor of course, but I think it's a little closer to the reality of the scales and ratios we're talking about here.

    When you think the new album sounds best on your car stereo or plastic earpods, I don't exactly trust your judgement on questions of audio quality.

    What's with all that "CD sounds better than the rip" talk? What rip have y'all been listening to?

    Pretty excited about the NOi'X single 🙉 That's awesome news!

    It’s one thing to dislike an aesthetic but I think there’s never been a time when he used his looks to emulate the tone and atmosphere of their music as well and with such artistic ‘quality’ and creativity as in the past few years since Arche.
  6. I thought some pictures had already been posted but here's the contents of the limited deluxe edition (photobook with band pictures in the top right corner).
  7. Agree, some lyrics are really painful to read, especially because they’re so blunt and direct. I still think that despite some darker elements, the cover art has a very hopeful, peaceful and lively vibe. Maybe along with Ranunculus it’s somewhat symbolic of the light at the end of the tunnel that is this album. 😱
  8. The numbers aren't too different though. Replay gain for disc one is -12.13dB and -11.72dB for disc two. I just realized that you were probably talking about the MP3 rip posted in this thread... those numbers might not apply to that since they're from my own rip. 🙈
  9. Really? WTD, MOAB and the original UROBOROS sound way worse in my opinion. I think that we shouldn't conflate actual production or mixing quality with how much we like the sound of something. An example would be the cymbal in the end of Downfall you mentioned before - that's not bad mixing, that's just the way this particular cymbal sounds. I don't think it's a production mishap but rather a stylistic choice. I would actually put this somewhere at the top of their most well produced albums (despite the loudness) because it sounds very organic and natural and because there's comparatively little of that production-related corruption or loss of detail and punch in the sound of the individual instruments (as opposed to the muffled mess that is UROBOROS or WTD).
  10. I wonder why people people assume that the CD would sound better than an ALAC or even a lossy AAC rip. Even if you'd be able to make out any differences, they would be so miniscule it wouldn't change your overall perception of the music. Other than that I have to say that I happen to enjoy the production on the album... sure the dynamic range sucks but it's 2018 and this is an aggressive rock/metal record, what did you expect? It's raw, it's gritty but at no point did I get the feeling that I'm listening to a wall of noise. Even in the more chaotic moments during the first half the instruments retained their distinct textures and presence.
  11. Yeah The Insulated World is cool but have you ever listened to dead tree from mode of WtD...


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      Would have loved to see this tour 😢 



      Oh yeah! The "mode of" concerts still overwhelm and astonish me. I can only imagine how intense it must've been to witness them live.

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      Agreed! Withering to Death was important part of me growing-up, as for many others...


  13. Last weekend I ordered for the first time, bottom line: there's never been a quicker and easier way to get your hands on (rare) VK. + interesting inventory + very quick & friendly response to emails + sent a photo of all the items before wrapping them up + superfast shipping (my order was packaged and shipped the day I placed it) + items in the box very well protected by lots of bubble wrap I'm definitely going to order again 👍

    I guess it depends on the genre or band we're talking about. I mean, Maximum the Hormone borrows quite a bit from funk music and slap bass is also not that uncommon in nu-metal. You can basically hear it in every other KoRn-inspired visual act from the 00s. As for a lot of pop bands, my first guess would be that said bass playing technique established itself during the city pop / disco era in the 80s which was basically western smooth jazz / (synth/future) funk with a japanese twist. Then it probably just stuck... like that other unmistakably 80s thing: putting reverb on a snare.
  15. See, that's the thing I was hinting at. I think that nobody really cares THAT someone does(n't) like it. That's not interesting, you can't really talk about that (except for that little passive aggressive "DEG SUCKS" circlejerk on every page of this thread). It's far more interesting to talk about WHY someone does(n't) like it. I don't know how much thought or effort went into this image but it's full of symbols either way. And these symbols can be read and since they are thematically/semantically pretty consistent, they can be combined into a narrative or message. If that message is exactly what the dude(s) who made it had in mind doesn't really matter, does it? Things mean different things to different people. That's kinda the beauty of art, right?