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    His presence and technical finesse on PASSIO is amazing. He was always great but I feel that he’s gotten even better since MUTANS.
  2. I'm pretty sure some accounts on here are sarcasm/meme bots running bad AI.

    I like part of the vocals, those high-pitched shrieks especially. Other than that I usually find it hard to keep a straight face when listening to metalcore/deathcore 🤭

    One of the first songs that got stuck in my head years ago was actually リンチ from 第3実験室, really dig that sucker. But their discography is so extensive that it's good to have some direction, so thanks a lot for the recommendations! I've already enjoyed 10 quite a bit actually, so I guess I'll continue with the other albums you mentioned 😁

    I'm a little ashamed to admit that much like BUCK-TICK, cali≠gari has always been one of those bands that I download every new release of and then it's just sitting on my hard drive like a useless piece of furniture that I don't know what to do with but also don't want to throw away because it might be good for something someday. In the case of cali≠gari, that day has finally come. With the release of their new album I finally sampled some songs from their past couple of albums and something just clicked (initially while listening to a live version of シャ.ナ.ナ which has been stuck in my head ever since). I'll still have to work my way further through their catalogue but I feel like I finally "get them", I guess. Having said that, I didn't get much enjoyment out of 14, except for maybe three songs: 天国で待ってる for its upbeat quirkiness and fun bassline, いつか花は咲くだろう for its mellow, airy vibe and most notably 死は眠りを散歩する for its groove and suspenseful structure and flow.

    ^I'm also looking forward to new material but considering that, as you say, their live shows are really high quality and generally even sound better than their studio recordings, I'm not mad at all. The cover art looks beautiful, too.
  7. I'm surprised that among all the citypop recommendations, nobody mentioned 山下達郎 (Tatsuro Yamashita) who has come out with some of the most solid citypop/synthfunk albums in the late 70s and 80s - well produced, great compositions and much less corny than most of what's come out of that genre (even though I love cheesy 80s music 😏). I've also really been into japanese ambient from the 80s and 90s lately. 細野晴臣 (Haruomi Hosono) is one of the greats, I've especially enjoyed the following albums by him. Despite being really relaxing and tranquil, they have that dark edge and incorporate quite interesting instrumentation and effects. There's something about 花に水 (Watering a flower) for example that is quite psychedelic, it's mind-expanding, it reaches deep into your consciousness and lets you peek behind the curtain. Make of that whatever you will. Maybe you'll get a similar vibe! Also, it really helped me with depression and anxiety lately. And some other awesome albums I've discovered:

    Getting strong Kuroyume vibes as well, even the bass tone is quite similar. It's nice to hear a contemporary take on this particular sound, especially amongst all the corny Matina-inspired gothpunk revivalism that's been going on... Karma's voice kinda ruins some tracks for me which is a shame because instrumentally, they sound really promising - just listen to Lolita or 炎舞! These two tracks even make up for the unnecessary intro & outro.
  9. I vibe so hard wit dis  🕺


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      YEsss, i love d=sire 😆



      You gotta get some for melostore, dude! 😮

    4. Shadowtear

    A good way to start might be compilations such as this one: It gives you a nice little overview over the styles and genres dominating certain eras and you can get a feel for the sound you enjoy the most and dig deeper from there.

    Sounds like Blood Stain Child had a baby with their thrashy cousin.

    I've actually always preferred their live recordings over the studio ones, not only for the more exciting "live experience" but also and especially because of the great recording and mixing/mastering quality. MUTANS for example sounds just beautiful, the performance is on point (to my ears outstanding: focus, elisabeth addict, anima, 12時20分金輪際...) and it captures their jazzy, futuristic noir prog rock witchery perfectly.

    A lot of goodies arrived this month 🙉

    I like the ethereal vibe in kyo's vocals but all those synths and effects kinda ruin the track for me, especially in the percussion department. I'm all for experimentation but a more organic sound suits them far more. I mean, they're very capable musicians after all.
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