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  1. I vibe so hard wit dis  🕺


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      YEsss, i love d=sire 😆



      You gotta get some for melostore, dude! 😮

    4. Shadowtear

    A good way to start might be compilations such as this one: It gives you a nice little overview over the styles and genres dominating certain eras and you can get a feel for the sound you enjoy the most and dig deeper from there.

    Sounds like Blood Stain Child had a baby with their thrashy cousin.

    I've actually always preferred their live recordings over the studio ones, not only for the more exciting "live experience" but also and especially because of the great recording and mixing/mastering quality. MUTANS for example sounds just beautiful, the performance is on point (to my ears outstanding: focus, elisabeth addict, anima, 12時20分金輪際...) and it captures their jazzy, futuristic noir prog rock witchery perfectly.

    A lot of goodies arrived this month 🙉

    I like the ethereal vibe in kyo's vocals but all those synths and effects kinda ruin the track for me, especially in the percussion department. I'm all for experimentation but a more organic sound suits them far more. I mean, they're very capable musicians after all.

    I use eac3to in combination with HdBrStreamExtractor. Just download both and copy the contents of the HdBrStreamExtractor.zip into the eac3to folder. Really easy to use and it always worked great for me. Edit: I forgot, if you're ripping audio/video from a DVD or Bluray, you'll also need this. This allows you to rip the complete and uninterrupted audio/video stream without having to deal with the individual cut-up VOB files. Just insert the first of the VOB files and the thing automatically adds everything else.

    In Munich they simply had several large fans on stage, they must've hidden them at the Köln concert or smth^^

    Great review, Zeus! I agree with most of your points. I certainly think that The Insulated World is DIR EN GREY's most mature and consistent album to date. It feels like they played to their strengths more than ever and cut the experimentation to an extent that actually benefits the record instead of bloating it. There’s hardly any filler tracks on here. The only criticism I have in this department is that Zetsuentai feels unnecessarily long plus I’m not a huge fan of Utafumi. Both those points don’t change the fact, however, that this is the first DEG album in a long time that I can sit through without feeling exhausted, uncomfortable or wanting to skip tracks. In general, the whole thing feels very raw, stripped, immediate and concise which are properties a lot of their past albums lack. And even though the experience is so condensed and straight-forward, I wouldn’t call it “dumbed down” at all. On the contrary, everyone seems to execute their part with a heightened sense for technical finesse. There’s still a good degree of playfulness and experimentation, most notably in Kyo’s multifaceted vocal delivery and some of Shinya’s brilliant drum fills. But that’s not even the best part. The riffs on this thing are jaw-dropping at times. Thanks to mostly great songwriting (which gets a little repetitive during the second half) and this nasty, thick and gritty guitar tone, they punch you in the chest so hard you’ll find yourself gasping for air. Strong riffs and catchy hooks dominate of The Insulated World, but occasional sparkly clean passages and some great guitar solos break up the density and bring in some of that In Flames / Dark Tranquility Swedish melo-death flavor. While I really would have wished for the bass to stand out more (as in Keigaku no Yoku), I still think that it is mixed quite well. It does take the back seat in some songs, but really adds to the aggression and overall atmosphere in others (as in Devote My Life). As for the production, I don’t think it’s awful. The thing is, if you listen to it on crappy hardware, it sounds crappy. I tried it with some cheap Urbanears Plattan and it was a mess. But hardware like this is not designed to deliver a pure, detailed and balanced representation of the music you’re listening to. The main problem is that The Insulated World is very heavy on the lower mids and low frequencies and with bass boosted headphones or speakers (which is more or less standard for almost everything in the budget range) you get a completely distorted “image” of what this album actually sounds like. PS: I don’t agree that Devote My Life is “unlistenable”. Sure, the guitars sound punishing and harsh but I see it as a fit representation of the lyrical content. Plus after all this build-up of excruciating tension during the verses, the chorus/breakdown with its wide bed of bass and gutturals opens the whole thing up and creates a very satisfying dynamic imo.

    I wasn't trying to insinuate that your car stereo was bad and I'm sure TIW sounds great on it. I just found it funny that in the context of a) a DEG album and b) listening to it on your car stereo, you would point out the difference between 256kbps and lossless. Let's be real, in an ABX test, you'd need top tier studio headphones, a completely quiet environment, really well trained hearing and a record with pristine production and you'd still be mostly guessing which is which. Also, the difference in bitrate does not mean that "1411.2 kbps" sounds five times better than 256 kbps. I mean, I get it, you'd assume it'd be something really noticable when you drop the quality to a fifth of the original but that's not really translatable to how your ear drums and your brain process the sound. Think of it more like flying over a city at 20,000 feet for 3 minutes and pointing out every house that's missing at least half its roof. Not a perfect metaphor of course, but I think it's a little closer to the reality of the scales and ratios we're talking about here.

    When you think the new album sounds best on your car stereo or plastic earpods, I don't exactly trust your judgement on questions of audio quality.

    What's with all that "CD sounds better than the rip" talk? What rip have y'all been listening to?

    Pretty excited about the NOi'X single 🙉 That's awesome news!

    It’s one thing to dislike an aesthetic but I think there’s never been a time when he used his looks to emulate the tone and atmosphere of their music as well and with such artistic ‘quality’ and creativity as in the past few years since Arche.
  15. I thought some pictures had already been posted but here's the contents of the limited deluxe edition (photobook with band pictures in the top right corner).