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  1. BANDCAMP: https://malikliya.bandcamp.com/album/inverse BOOTH: https://malikliya.booth.pm/items/836725 MALIKLIYA:2nd single Inverse Music: Shuhei (Drummer of Imperial Circus Dead Decadence) Guest Vocal: 柿崎李咲(Risaki Kakizaki from NECRONOMIDOL) IMO, not their best song, but still pretty good.
  2. I would fly to Japan just to see girugamesh and MUCC cover Babymetal's discography. 


  3. This guy plays Unlucky Morpheus -Cadaver, and then reverses his audio and video to show he played Revadac. So troll. lmao. 


  4. "ich-ni-zero-ich-ni" is pretty catchy. I used to do "one-two-zero-one-two"
  5. Ash sounds amazing.
  6. This is the highest quality version of the track I've heard. But the guy's guitar is a little too loud on the left side.
  7. Dillinger

    I noticed that Yuki is using a Strandberg. Seems like a red version of LEDA's (Far East Dizain, ex-Deluhi) signature model?
  8. Dillinger

    The actual video, and also a Revadac version.
  9. Dillinger

    I really appreciate these Recommended Tracks threads and the Review forum in general because I've discovered so much dope music. kizu is pretty awesome
  10. Dillinger

    HIbiki is in a couple of metalcore bands like "SEVER BLACK PARANOIA" and "A Ghost of Flare". Hibiki's YT channel https://www.youtube.com/c/HibikiShiraishiDrums
  11. Hibiki Shiraishi is the session drummer for Matenrou Opera's new single "Invisible Chaos" and will be filling in for all announced concerts. Source:
  12. Dillinger

    Not a big fan of the female vocalist. Deeper research into this gives that she was an idol singer and this is a project started by her. The instrumentals reminds me of Children of Bodom, which is nice.
  13. In the new Unlucky Morpheus EP, there is a trick nobody has ever done before! Try to read CADAVER's sheet music backward...it's converted to REVADAC's! 活動10周年を迎えるUnlucky Morpheus渾身のNew EP! 「1曲目”CADAVER”の楽譜を逆から読むと、2曲目”REVADAC”の楽譜になる」という世界初の仕掛けを施した、Unlucky Morpheusにしか作りえない名曲! Unlucky Morpheus New EP「CADAVER / REVADAC」 品番:ANKM-0027 1300円(税込み1404円) 2018/3/28発売 トラックリスト 1.CADAVER 2.REVADAC 3.La voix du sang (Live 2017.9.14) Amazon : http://amzn.asia/iiEAFKe disk union : http://diskunion.net/metal/ct/detail/... TOWER RECORD : http://tower.jp/item/4685382 HMV : http://www.hmv.co.jp/product/detail/8... Official site : http://sound.jp/ankimo/ Member Twitter Vo : 天外冬黄 https://twitter.com/Fuki_official Gt : 紫煉 https://twitter.com/shiren_ANKM Gt : 仁耶 https://twitter.com/Jinya747 Ba : 小川洋行 https://twitter.com/ogya_chrovio Dr : FUMIYA https://twitter.com/Fu_min666 Vn : Jill https://twitter.com/jill_rosenoire Band Account : https://twitter.com/ankimo_official
  14. Dillinger

    They removed the first video and reuploaded it. This song is a banger.
  15. The song was definitely the opposite of Sick.