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    DIMLIM coming out of nowhere. Best VK debut in 2017?

    1. Shir0


      so far yees agreed!

  2. Tonberry... Jpopsuki.... You hit my nostalgia funny bones. I was really active on those communities. I've been lurking this community for quite a while. Join date of September 2010, but only 52 posts. lmao. I'm just on MH for the downloads that don't exist and contribute some albums on my own. I want to give back to the jrock community I've leeched for years. I listen to jrock every day still. Its a guilty pleasure. Good workout music :).
  3. This horse has been thoroughly beaten. lmao. I gave "Together We Stand Alone" a quick spin. It's a very Western release. I can see the appeal, just not my thing. Wouldn't be an album I would talk about in a VK forum. Has a lot of 00's teeny-bopper feel to it. I can't point to a music niche that this album does well. Justin Bieber can write love songs that are more dignified than "You're the One". A7X's "The Stage" is a good example of catchy rock music that goes hard, not this album. It's not a bad album. There's just better picks out there. I didn't actually listen to the album front-to-back. I just skimmed through parts to get a general gist. It was hard for me to stomach a full listen. His work on DISREIGN is far better; but DISREIGN, in comparison to the standard VK fare like DADAROMA and RAZOR, leaves a lot to be desired in terms of originality. Being Gazette-lite is common for VK Indie bands, but bands like those don't get respect in the international VK community.
  4. Bitches don't know about my crab core
  5. Alhambra's new song is pretty good. Almost pulling the trigger on buying the album.


  6. Good song. The mixing on the drum doesn't sound crisp for blast beats. The guitar tapping during the chorus could've been moved to the solo section. Too distracting. Its a more fun listen than FED, but FED's song compositions are more respectable, in that each instrument has a purpose. It seems like ZMI has a checklist of things they wanted to put in a song and strung them together. Also, FED's songs are darker, so not all songs are meant to be fun like "Be Proud".
  7. Razor - Red Invisible is super solid. Good way to close out 2016.

    1. sume7


      Meh it's ok, I'm waiting for JILUKA's Divine Error to close 2016.

  8. Disreign's new single is pretty good. I usually don't like western VK, but if I look pass that bias, this would be both a good western release, and a good VK release. 


    "Abyss of Veiled Truth" has a TesseracT type of feel to it. I think this is the best song on the single. There isn't any awkward moments. It just flows smoothly.

    I can't help but think that "Within the Void" would've been better with Keita from Far East Dizain on vocals. YOHIO sings really well in his Pop songs. It feels like he was forcing a rougher voice.

    I can enjoy a few more spins before going back to FED.

  9. I upload all my music to Google Play. I think you can upload 10k songs for free. Could be more. I use 1GB of data per week between Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, and Play Music.
  10. I just bought Matenrou Opera's Phoenix Rising, and iTunes has them under "Death Metal/Black Metal"... lol

  11. I have a stack of VK postcards, and my mom described Kisaki as pretty. lmao.

  12. [Guest Musicians] YUHKI (key:GALNERYUS、ARK STORM、ALHAMBRA) Toshihiro Kajihara (g:ALHAMBRA) hibiki (ba:Mardelas、LIGHT BRINGER、ALHAMBRA) Hikaru (ba) Shinkou Ogura (piano) Raiji Kobayashi (vo:Raiji&Chips) etc… Offnote: I might buy this album. Great song. I can't believe I haven't heard of this band earlier.
  13. Surprised that Matenrou Opera fans don't know Galneryus. Syu is basically Anzi's senpai. lol. http://mt10lt20.livejournal.com/47826.html I liked this part of the interview too.
  14. Nice! The width is fixed. Can you fix the height as well?