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  1. Kamijo - mademoiselle sounds like Malice Mizer - Au Revoir 


  2. Malice Mizer - Syunikiss is a classic. Must listen to for a VK fan.


  3. Galneryus' "Ultimate Sacrifice" is the album of the year

  4. That support line up is ridiculous. Not sure how to balance two superstar guitarists.
  5. I love how Tears of Tragedy's initials are ToT. 


  6. That song is metal as fuck
  7. That has to be the best VK PV this year. Are there any other PVs by other bands that had this much production behind it?
  8. 1. ENTER THE NEW AGE (Music: SYU / Lyrics: TAKA) 2. HEAVENLY PUNISHMENT (Music & Lyrics: SYU) 3. WINGS OF JUSTICE (Music & Lyrics: SYU) 4. THE SHADOW WITHIN (Music & Lyrics: SYU) 5. WITH SYMPATHY (Music: YUHKI / Lyrics: SHO, TAKA) 6. WHEREVER YOU ARE (Music & Lyrics: SYU) 7. RISING INFURIATION (Music: YUHKI / Lyrics: SHO, TAKA) 8. BRUTAL SPIRAL OF EMOTIONS I. Blinded By Anger (Music: SYU) II. Burning Within (Music & Lyrics: SYU) III. Soul Carried By The Wind (Music & Lyrics: SYU) 9. ULTIMATE SACRIFICE I. Wishing To Liberate (Music & Lyrics: SYU) II. The Battle In Desperation (Music: SYU / Lyrics: TAKA) III. The Reality In The End (Music & Lyrics: SYU) IV. Phantasmagoria (Music & Lyrics: SYU) V. The Living And The Dead (Music: SYU) Looks like it's going to be similar to "Under the Force of Courage". Which I don't mind. It's one of their best albums.
  9. Secretly hoping this was Maki from High and Mighty Color. Hahaha


  10. Adding to The Piass' post: He's the drummer for Unlucky Morpheus and Thousand Eyes. He has a YT channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/fumiya1218 He also did the drumming on Syu's last solo album, "YOU PLAY HARD".
  11. If there is a band that's bringing back Nintendocore, it's these guys.
  12. Looks like the Box VR includes VR headset. While the other one only includes the code to download the VR videos.
  13. Another interesting thing to note is that this isn't released by VAP. It's released by Warner Music Japan, which is the same label as Versailles, Kamijo, and Hizaki.
  14. - This album is connected/sequel to Last album UNDER THE FORCE Of COURAGE. - The Upcoming Album includes 9 track. Tracklist : 1. ENTER THE NEW AGE 2. HEAVENLY PUNISHMENT 3. WINGS OF JUSTICE 4. THE SHADOW WITHIN 5. WITH SYMPATHY 6. WHEREVER YOU ARE 7. RISING INFURIATION 8. BRUTAL SPIRAL OF EMOTIONS 9. ULTIMATE SACRIFICE - Release from Warner Music Japan. WPCL-12714 Price ¥ 2,800 + Tax ※ Please noted that the release date was changed from 9/13 to 9/27. www.galneryusyumacher.com ---------------------------------------------------------------- - GALNERYUS & TAKA Has opened official Twitter account. @GalneryusENG (for english news) @galneryus_taka

    DIMLIM coming out of nowhere. Best VK debut in 2017?

    1. Shir0


      so far yees agreed!