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  1. Dillinger

    "Some people outside of the bands have listened to the album but NONE of them said a single word of compliment. Seriously nobody is going to like it. I mean it." kvlt as fvck
  2. Dillinger

    deathgaze's best contribution to the scene was breaking up and giving birth to dexcore
  3. Dillinger

    That long scream was killer
  4. Cute Octocat! Are you a programmer too?

    1. Dillinger


      Yup! :) 

      Unpopular opinion: I really like Microsoft's acquisition of GitHub. VS Code and TypeScript are great open source projects. Their culture is totally different since Satya came on board. I think its beginning to be cool to use MS products. I would never work there though. Haha. I hear its a retirement home for engineers. I'm all about the startup life.

      You're a programmer to right? I think we nerded about React on the Ops Update thread.

    2. nostalgia


      thats definitely what i was gonna ask you. lol.


      i felt completely the opposite about m$ acquiring github, but its just the platform that they bought anyway. opensource is still accessible to everyone even if they screwed github.


      im a self taught programmer. i know only js tho but its enough to build anything with it. xD react is my fav one. imo web dev is fun but it takes tons of efforts to master everything.


      well i'd like to run a startup too, but i work alone.

  5. BANDCAMP: https://malikliya.bandcamp.com/album/inverse BOOTH: https://malikliya.booth.pm/items/836725 MALIKLIYA:2nd single Inverse Music: Shuhei (Drummer of Imperial Circus Dead Decadence) Guest Vocal: 柿崎李咲(Risaki Kakizaki from NECRONOMIDOL) IMO, not their best song, but still pretty good.
  6. I would fly to Japan just to see girugamesh and MUCC cover Babymetal's discography. 


  7. This guy plays Unlucky Morpheus -Cadaver, and then reverses his audio and video to show he played Revadac. So troll. lmao. 


  8. "ich-ni-zero-ich-ni" is pretty catchy. I used to do "one-two-zero-one-two"
  9. Ash sounds amazing.
  10. This is the highest quality version of the track I've heard. But the guy's guitar is a little too loud on the left side.
  11. Dillinger

    I noticed that Yuki is using a Strandberg. Seems like a red version of LEDA's (Far East Dizain, ex-Deluhi) signature model?
  12. Dillinger

    The actual video, and also a Revadac version.
  13. Dillinger

    I really appreciate these Recommended Tracks threads and the Review forum in general because I've discovered so much dope music. kizu is pretty awesome
  14. Dillinger

    HIbiki is in a couple of metalcore bands like "SEVER BLACK PARANOIA" and "A Ghost of Flare". Hibiki's YT channel https://www.youtube.com/c/HibikiShiraishiDrums
  15. Hibiki Shiraishi is the session drummer for Matenrou Opera's new single "Invisible Chaos" and will be filling in for all announced concerts. Source: