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  1. 51 minutes ago, kuyashii said:

    br00tal dark verses, supermelodic major key chorus

    a whole half of vk, you mean? i've deleted hundreds of thousand of songs after the first listening because of that and nazare are doing it relatively good imo 

  2. 38 minutes ago, 123Sandman321 said:

    I expect this on the next JILUKA/NAZARE album.


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    Fuck you in the die


    Mother fucker bitch BLEGH!



    Fuck you in my eyes

    Mother fucker bitch BLEGH! BLEGH!

    Fuck you in my mouth

    Mother fucker bitch BLEGH!

    Fuck you out into space

    Mother fucker bitch BLEGH! BLEGH!

    Mother fucker bitch fuck my head

    Mother fucker bitch fuck my eyes!

    Fuck your momma and your kids

    Mother fucker cunt bitch fucking bitchfuck fucking bitch suck your tits

    Fuck your momma and my little girl

    Mother fucker bitch fuck your face

    Mother fucker bitch fuck my face!

    Fuck bitch, fuck you

    Mother fucker fuck your mother fucker fuck fuck my face

    Fuck bitch, fuck you

    Mother fucker fuck your mother fucker fuck fuck your face

    Fuck bitch, fuck you

    Mother fucker fuck your mom fucker fuck fucking bitch suck your motherfuckin tits

    Fuck you in my face

    Mother fucker bitch fuck you, bitch fuck

    Mother fucker fuck you, bitch fuck fuck my head, bitch Fuck bitch


    Mother fucker bitch fuck you [Bitchfuck]

    Mother fucker


    this is pure poetry


    i lost a few braincells

    "fuck you out into space"

    that's a new level

  3. art cube - 色描写




    キス&ネイト - サヨナラ。




    and クロロホルム - 溺れる貴方をオキシドールに沈めて...

    unfortunately i havent found full version on youtube, but 1 minute is enough to grasp the mood i suppose




    funny thing, but i get really emotional over oshare ballads. they feel so naive and pure, it's like a primal melancholy mood i get from them. there are much more great ballads in another vk genres ofc, but don't want post too much.  these ones are my all-time favorite.


  4. 5 minutes ago, monkeybanana4 said:

    This music video really brings back lots of memories~ It was one of the first songs that I discovered by Nightmare. I remember I loved watching this video on repeat many times, lol.

    watching this i used to dream how i'd buy lenses like yomi's, become a cool yankee just like them and beat the fuck out of my classmates

  5. nothing will beat videos i've mentioned before but you guys've posted some really nostalgic ones so im gonna post some vids i used to watch on repeat instead of doing my school homework

    so...back to the times j-rock music vids were called pvs...


    zoro - house of madpeak




    naito - tokyo shonen




    nogod - dou




    aural vampire - cannibal coast



    there must be more great vids but i already feel almost physical pain cuz of the amount of nostalgia so i should stop for now maybe

  6. 33 minutes ago, Disposable said:

    Yeah to be honest a lot of people who are allegedly so repulsed by the fandom, tanuki and bandmen being bandmen seem awfully preoccupied by them. I can't even wrap my mind around the idea that people would voluntarily expose themselves to people that they already pretty much know to be certain way; like, if you don't like the drama then why incessantly hover around it on twitter and tumblr and etc? If someone goes to lives then maybe shit gets annoying, but first of all who are you to tell these people how they should behave and what is toxic and what isn't unless you're willing to hear some opinions that are on the contrary. 

    actually there are A LOT of people who always say "oh im so tired of this drama" and in the next moment you see them discussing the tiniest details of it and throwing themselves in the epicenter of it. dont lie to me you little shit i see you love it!!! lol

    i think such behavior just creates the illusion of being a significant part of events. well i don't mind some drama from time to time, let's be honest it's exciting. but what's happening there in the past few months is becoming, so to speak, a little repetitive ._.

  7. 4 minutes ago, Komorebi said:

    Well, if you go to lives to have fun and you are no longer having fun and have a miserable experience every time whats the point in spending time and money going? Especially if you are short on both.

    Idk, I wouldn't quit that easily, but I think we all have an understanding of both the importance of a sense of community for Japanese people and the effects bullying has there. I can't also affirm that is the reason ALL those girls quit, but a shitty attitude from fellow fans adds salt to any wound.

    As an example, I didn't quit on Acid Black Cherry's music, but I stopped going to the local ST's meeting and participating in any activity involving them due to some issues. Same with Diaura's. I enjoy both bands quietly and privately, but don't engage with the fandom at all and avoid them at all costs.

    you're totally right, and i dont know what i would do myself in such situation, but quitting a band means giving bullies exactly what they want and letting some little noisy pieces of shit win easily. that is so unfair :c

  8. 15 minutes ago, Komorebi said:

    LOL I know one like that in my fandom.


    Worst case of toxicity I've seen is people fighting over ticket numbers and actually causing fans to quit the band/preventing some new fans from wanting to attend more often to the point of having a shitty reputation as a whole, despite the band being really nice.

    still dont understand how one can quit a band they love cuz of some girls being mean. just...fuck these girls, no?

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