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  1. yomii

    word 世界 makes me triggered af but theres no way something like this would happen
  2. yomii

    i was thinking like the first post is the news post and the second one is just my opinion and i shouldnt mix them together. my bad~
  3. yomii

    love how mary's laughing at himself doing this stupid dance moves, this is exactly how im feeling listening to this bubblegum schoolgirl shite being 24 years old
  4. yomii

    living your best life huh
  5. yomii

    why still no memes with sho's rijin cover face tho?
  6. yomii

    didnt know you could fuck up a trailer vid...well anyways im satisfied with the samples
  7. yomii

    just here to drop this
  8. it seems i lived my whole life for the last seconds of 肉腫と繁殖と不快感

    1. platy



    2. Euronymous


      that direngrey-ish groove is to die for 

      and sho's vocals...holy mother and saints!

  9. yomii

    soooo like i just watched dogura magura and ummm wtf was that
  10. yomii

    whats with his face hahahah tfw when you became anime finally
  11. yomii

    f☆ck this is cute! little lacking in autotune, but well ok
  12. yomii

    omg yes
  13. yomii

    ok but why am i enjoying this look
  14. yomii

    same issue during the whole year? wow. it's a shame, their service is pretty convenient
  15. yomii

    yeah its my first problem with cdjp so im not too mad, but im a little frustrated by the fact ill be so late to the party
  16. yomii

    ....meanwhile my order with burakura and merry go round still not even shipped yet...but im with you guys enjoy good music
  17. yomii

    awwww i miss yuya
  18. https://www.worldofbuzz.com/woman-stabs-man-because-she-loved-him-so-much-photo-of-her-sitting-smoking-next-to-victim-surfaces/
  19. ...i knew vk won't ovelook this
  20. yomii

    飽きたから lmao lol @ them playing bad boys
  21. yomii

    remember me as the young girl you see in the photo cuz i have final exams tomorrow so its very likely ill age 40 years in a single night
  22. have you seen new suehiro maruo cover artwork for makoto tho, i just can't....


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