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  1. ok you remember that story when cd japan shipped my order two weeks later after the actu release? so today, in the exact day when kebyo announced their new single i finally got that order which contained their latest one and gulu gulu release and you know what - gulu gulu cd box is cracked lmao i can't

    dear lord please let it be my most unfortunate order ever

    1. yomii



      is their music so sick that even the cd box cracked i wonder?

    2. monkeybanana4


      It was too heavy and amazing for the case to handle, lol. 


      Random, but I love your nails~ They're so pretty ❤️ 

    3. yomii


      i'll check that out later! 


      thank you‪⸜(*ˊᵕˋ* )⸝‬  going to try and find a job lol so i've decided to do somethin more calm and sweet~

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