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  1. excited to see the gazette today!

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    2. Naaaaani


      Sadly gone out of money rapidly and also hadn't enough motivation to save for the concert, so no gayzette for me. I'm from Saint-Petersburg btw.

    3. yomii


      gayzette lol

      the live was great btw~ ive never seen them live before and i must admit they have great energy. also heard miyavi and diru are coming next year btw, dunno how true is that though

    4. Naaaaani


      I saw them 3 years ago in Moscow and I can't say I was impressed so much though I liked their Dogma stuff. Definitely going to see Dir en grey once more but don't care for Miyavi anymore since his transformation into a pop singer.

      Если что - всегда велкам в личку

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