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  1. yomii

  2. Happy b-day Yomii! ❤️

    1. yomii


      aww thank you! ✿

  3. Hey happy birthday!!

  4. Happy Birthday! \(^▽^)/

    1. yomii


      ありがとうございます( ´ ▽ ` )

  5. CAT5

    Happy Birthday, fam! Rejoice!

    1. yomii


      thank you Cat! :lovely:

  6. Happy birthday! May your day go as you wish it~ (^_^)/

    1. yomii


      thank you ‪⸜(*ˊᵕˋ* )⸝‬

  7. Happy birthday, @yomii :glitter: Hope you have a wonderful day, and may many more years come ^-^

  8. Gesu

    Happy birthday, friendo! Have an awesome day~ 🎉

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      thank you Gesu (o^∀^o)

  9. yomii

    mejibray are okay. they had their own style and vision and with that they stood out from other newbies of that period of time.
  10. LOVE that phases when you dont want to interact with people at all for a few days and feel perfectly comfortable not speaking with anybody BUT at the same time feel anxious thinking everyone will forget you and youll be alone f o r e v e r

    1. yomii


      came here, posted my review, vented my feelings, business done, now back to skyrim 😜

  11. yomii

    My partner for this trade-off was @indigo, they chose 2011 as the theme of the mix. Being honest, I was expecting some visual kei classics since it seemed like the most obvious choice for me, but it turned out to be completely different〜 But it was fun anyway! In the end, I want to thank @Shir0, @indigo and all other participants for making this trade-off happen! Speaking of the mix as a whole, this is quite a complete work with a certain mood running through it, even the «cheerful» song had a glimpse of melancholy in it. Pathfinder is a bit off in my opinion, but i still get the appeal. My personal favs from the mix are The ratings might be not so high, because it's not kind of music I prefer, and because I don't know any of the songs the theme of the trade-off was kinda lost for me, but there definitely were some great songs! And I’m grateful for this opportunity to broaden my horizons. Thank you everyone, until the next time♡
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