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  1. yomii

    starwave is such a mess omg
  2. thank you for following :lolita_cheerful:

  3. yomii

    can't even tell which one i love more
  4. have you even lived if you haven't heard sou's voice

    im speaking of emmuree's sou ofc

    1. evenor


      voice of god

  5. yomii

    dunno what 5.1 mix is, but unless all people in japan have 5.1 system it would be very stupid to release something that 99% of your listeners won't hear as a regular edition. if it's a rare thing in japan too, it'd be smarter to put 5.1 version as a bonus in a limited edition, or release type c, or something.
  6. yomii

    i see your point, and i kinda understand what vk scene is about, the particular thing that is bothering me is, like you said, giving a few listens to songs so that you can go to live and see cute boys and then go back to whatever you listen. like, what? about analysing, i have nothing against justin bieber and other idols, and i don't think that unless you don't analyse the music you listen to you're a poser, i just thought that if you've ever listened to kizu before you couldn't help but notice that the sound is different somehow so it would be only natural to think like "huh? something strange is going on here" btw i think furitsuke is cute and fun .w.
  7. yomii

  8. yomii

    well there are a few comments concerning the music on youtube but foreigners discuss technical part a lot more thoroughly as far as i can see. if what you heard is true, vk scene and its audience is even more despicable than i thought lmao. i wont be surprised if such gyas exist, but if it's a portrait of an average gya then...well
  9. yomii

    maybe i am searching in wrong places, but i can find absolutely nothing about what the japanese think of the productiond, do they even care i wonder i get the point that it's supposed to sound like live, but it's at least unusual as for myself, i've decided not to listen to the new songle until my copy arrives, just gave a couple of listens to 東京 and it's a solid ballad imo. about the production, my headphones suck so i can't get full experience, but i love how raimu's voice sounds, guitars are lacking tho.
  10. yomii

    u know ur tired when u unconsciously start writing ur first language word in hiragana
  11. @Seimeisen you turned out to be a tough critic! im destroyed 。゚( ゚இωஇ゚)゚。 my idea was like that: the first part, more dark and heavy, describes the first character, then there is intermission track, next part is more cute and whiny, describing the second one, and the last track by grimes expresses tranquility after they became one~ but im glad you still enjoyed the mix after all! hope this tradeoff was a pleasant experience for you too~
  12. yomii

    so they are major huh? didnt think their label was considered as major what is known about the damage label btw? who owns it?
  13. yomii

    uh-oh alarm situation here
  14. this is so cute bp releases've been really nice lately
  15. oh and of course the legend we must never forget 🙏
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