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  1. yomii

    actually quite a few bands have my attention now. i've been out of the vkei game for quite long, because all new bands just kept dissapointing me. from time to time i cheked something new in youtube but saw nothing except same pvs with lyrics on screen and goddamn tv interference effects, needless to say music was total mediocrity too. well there were some songs that were quite nice but that wasn't enough for me to return to vk. virge and kizu were who brought me back again. virge have that classic vkei sound and a good vocal, although a little disturbing. idk why but it does sound uncomfortable. kizu - well' i've already said everything i think about them here, just love them. also my eyes are on dimlim, rands, nazare - depending on their next moves i might become a fan. david, sarigia(they sound generic but still on a level i can enjoy) are quite nice.
  2. yomii

    finally watched the house that jack built, disturbing af and humorous at the same time. the movie looks like a stunt for me and it turned out well, although if one wants to get acquainted with fon trier's works it's not the best choice to start imo.
  3. yomii

    i wish they were a bit more polished. they'll release a bunch of new songs with their next album and if they will sound as messy as these ones it'll be a waste of good material.
  4. yomii

    random youtube situation. not a fan, but smart, artsy pop can't be a bad thing. motorcycle samples are fun~
  5. yomii

    valentina's become such a pain in the ass, she was okay in her season, why did this have to happen...
  6. yomii

    the only thing i know about tom waits is down by law and i love the movie itself and the soundtrack too. phalaenopsis still overhyped. Soft Ballet - MIDARA Buck-Tick - サファイア The Garden - Clay deadman - 銀のパラソル グルグル映畫館 - 大問題!されど快晴。 B2ST - Stay Yellow Magic Orchestra - Behind The Mask 9GOATS BLACK OUT - sink Madmans Esprit - Eine alte Dunkelheit Deee-lite - What Is Love how am i supposed to choose anything from that
  7. i like that sudden little twists that make songs sound less predictable. there are some that are just funny and sound cheap though (like when guitar in 色失 sounds like tetris god why). but i like the songs, even though the band sounds raw yet. i wonder who wrote which song and how mio sings judas live... well i need to listen some more times to fully understand what i think of this album but i will definitely keep an eye on them, they do have potential.
  8. yomii

    i don't know any of these songs tbh but my friend strongly recommends nocturnal bloodlust and i'd like to check them out...one day emmurée - 祈り iamamiwhoami - O DIMLIM - Malformation 椎名林檎 - 都合のいい身体 PUZZLE - Dice DIR EN GREY - 軽蔑と始まり ヴァージュ - 影 Mix Speaker's, inc. - 約束の森 Perfume - Cling Cling Depeche Mode - Sweetest Perfection if there are shiina ringo and nagoya kei in the list, you fucking choose shiina ringo and nagoya kei.
  9. yomii

    uh-oh and i was going to check them out more thoroughly with their next release
  10. yomii

    @platy it may seem so but the truth is that's not even hair, he just has a mop on his face
  11. yomii

    @platy kei from diaura〜
  12. yomii

    bandmen people like bandman i like
  13. yomii

    wow. speaking about verxina i don't remeber their vocal tbh, i remember listeninig to them once or twice and they were nice, i will surely check out their next release. but one of the main reasons i love vkei is the variety of voice tone colours and those little special features different voces have. funny thing is that at the same time vkei has a plenty of awful, horrible vocalists as well. but i also find interesting that even some vocalists who clearly don't hear wtf are they singing have deep, unique voices, they just miss like all of the notes haha
  14. strongly experiencing GHOST stan renaissance rn. send help

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    2. PIZAZ


      I know, I follow him on fb haha. He's really friendly. He seems happy and his son is adorable. I just miss his voice! His solo effort was a flop too, so what can you do

    3. platy


      What's his FB? I miss his voice too. 

    4. PIZAZ


      萩野康誠 is his fb name

  15. yomii

    @-NOVA- thank you for briefing, insulting someone in dms is obviously no good. it seems he does have a personality to have issues with, i just prefer not to fuck too much with all that personal stuff. so i'm kinda sad because nazare gets all this hate although issei does nice job as a composer, and there are three more talented musicians who have't done anything wrong and still get hate. but yeah the way they deal with international fans is stupid. on the one hand they don't have to care about them that much because international fans won't bring them much money, but that uta message messed the things up. now if we get the chance to listen to their music and it will not appear to be, like, really good, things will be over for them overseas