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  1. I've been obsessed with 呪縛郷 from La'veil MizeriA lately, although if they want to do like old bands they should shoot in run-down buildings and forests. Those sets where all bands film are getti tired angnd contribute to no dramatism.

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    2. seikun


      I like the song, but like I said before, the PV sould have been filmed in a run-down building and a forest nearby to dramatise the story told in the song. That is what older bands did . That set they used is boring, claustrophobic, overused, it helps tell no story and doesn't suit La'veil MizeriA's look.


      Is Kiwamu the owner of those sets?

    3. Himeaimichu


      Kiwamu pretty much does everything himself when it comes to filming any Starwave PV. That's why they all have the same sets and lighting. 

      I wish he could try a little harder, since La'Veil MizeriA deserves more than just the generic sets they have at the Starwave Studios. 

    4. merchenticneurosis


      I agree on this 666%

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