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  1. If only someone could add English subtitles to this...



    1. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      The part around 44 seconds is them asking normies if they recognize any of the names on the left, which are:



      -Malice Mizer

      -La'cryma Christi

      -Fanatic Crisis


      Lady with glasses:


      "What language is this? ...Ca...careermen? Italian cooking...?"


      Next dude:


      "Is that the name of a cake?"


      Yoko Ono:

      "Is it a brand?"


      Lady with curly hair:

      "A cosmetic?"




      "Whaaa.....a singer?" (then she says stuff way too fast for me to understand and there's no subtitles)


      Awkward Gender Ambiguous Person:


      "They're visual-kei band names."

    2. seikun


      I could get some of that but I wish people would give them subtitles.



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