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  1. I have been wondering about them lately.
  2. I wonder, if Charlotte's vocal, Kazuno, were alive would Charlotte have continued making music for much longer or would the current state of Visual Kei be not receptive of their Oshare-ish style...?

  3. He likes cars I see. I liked him when he was Moi dix Mois' vocal. I kind of got stuck in that area as if he never left the band.
  4. I think some people love to misinterpret comments and I think when I said people tend to hold certain ideas about gay men that don't necessarily replicate in the outside world is kind of proven. Another user said that VK artists are particularly popular among gay men in a similar fashion as they are among women. As another user said, most bands market themselves to women because there seems to be a commonly known attraction from women to VK artists. I doubt that specific type of attraction defines or characterises gay fans of Visual Kei. I'm not saying there aren't gay fans of VK who don't find them appealing; I'm saying I highly doubt that is a general factor for gay men. I would rather say a VK artist's charisma play a bigger role, the music and the safe space but I don't think most really see them beyond that.
  5. I'm not sure what the gif implies, I'm just debating the idea tht gay men are attracted to men as they present themselves in Visual Kei on a general scale. I have tried to introduce VK bands to so some in the past, all kinds of bands with no success. They would rather go for Nick Jonas.
  6. I think I am so I know what I'm talking about. Please, don't put words in my mouth. I never said no one should be attracted to feminine men, that's ridiculous conclusion. I said femininity is not attractive for gay men. While some are attracted to femininity most aren't. There are lots of gay websites and forums that discuss the topic as well as videos on YT because it is the case that gay men tend to look for masculine gay men which has created some kind of clash that people informally call fems vs mascs and the like. Likewise, browse through gay websites and see what kind of men they select for the sexy factor. Read the comments, etc.
  7. Then you should be well aware of the fem vs masc clash. Yes, there are some men who actually don't care about a partner who wears makeup and etc, however, that is not the rule but the exception. For every rule there is an exception. You yourself said it "there are men who..."; just not a general of what most find attractive about men or expect of men. Visual Kei doesn't appeal to most people and that also applies to LGB people. Many either don't know about it or don't like the music so it should ot be taken as an indicator. Like I said before, there is a difference between finding the spectacle of a man embodying a woman or femininty beautiful and finding him sexually desirable.
  8. I never said women don't pay attention to their music; I said women tend to focus more on looks and how attractive a VK artist can be to them.
  9. I think people tend to hold lots of misconceptions about homosexuality or try to rationalise it through heterosexual standards. Femininity is not attractive for gay men; masculinity is attractive. Visual Kei artists are hardly attractive for gay men because they are making a effort to look like or resemble women and, being gay you are not attracted to women and female traits. Not many even like Visual Kei. The appeal in drag queens is in their sense of humour and their overall performances. That's what people look for in drag queens. They are not seen as attractive. As matter of fact, it is the case drag queens have a hard time finding boyfriends because most men are not attracted to that female persona or the ambiguity in gender expression that most of them make display of even when out of drag. That is why there is some sort of clash because most gay men look for and pair with masculine gay men. Visual Kei and drag are appreciated as art forms and their capacity to entertain and even say things; but they are not held as beauty standards for men among gay men. There is a difference between finding a Visual Kei artist beautiful when he embodies a woman and femininity and finding him sexually desirable.
  10. I would say the fanbase in Chile is pretty even between both sexes. Women tend to focus more on looks and how "hot" an VK seems to be whereas men focus more on the music. Men usually show more interest in the whole music history of bands. For some men VK looks has to do with finding a safe place where rigid social expectations men face can be left aside, things like having to wear formal suits, very short hair, etc. I don't think gay men find VK artists appealing at all. Femininity and men dressing like women are a turn-off when you are gay. But it can be enjoyable as an arstistic performance and the capacity to relieve, as I said before, rigid social expectations for men.
  11. But anyway, gender nonconformism, as is the case with Visual Kei, is looked down on by nazism, right?
  12. I need a Mist of Rouge revival

  13. After like 14 years of wishing I finally managed to find and read Chirality, the manga. I didn't like the excess of nudity but the story was good.

  14. I only like their music until 2005. When they went major there was a change in their music, more mainstream and it lost appeal to me. I don't understand why they must change their music style when they go major if their music is already working.
  15. There are lots of VK bands that would be great to see them come back, but given the state of current of VK, would I really like them coming back? I would hate it if they had to sacrifice their style and identity to fit in today.