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  1. Yes and I love those bands, but I wonder how well do old school VK sounding bands do today.
  2. Recording new material? Is there room for old school VK sound these days? That's my concern.
  3. The Eroguro makeup, especially the mouth was awesome. I remember how popular it was everybody getting their lips eroguroized :P

    1. Elazmus


      Define "lips eroguroized" haha, I love eg kei makeup so I'm interested to hear if there is a specific lipstick associated with it?

    2. seikun
  4. The song is appealing and thankfully it doesn't sound all synthesized like it happens today. The band's name could have been better though.
  5. Very recently listening to Syndrome again after a long time. I love this song. Cirque ~Art a part entier~
  6. I didn't know Gackt was resented by some people for selling out... Where is Klaha? Come on, an island nation. It can't be so difficult to find his whereabaouts.
  7. I don't listen to KPOP and don't like Kdramas, but Wow! That korean guy, Kim Jong Kook is really hot.  8)

    1. nekkichi


      mte, sis!!



  8. Could I ask for some help from those who speak Japanese? How do you translate this sentence into English? 一人きり泣いてた私へのシンフォニア

    I know what it says, but I feel the first part is a relative clause and I fail to connect it in a natural way with シンフォニア. Thanks.

    1. cvltic


      It's very hard to deal with relative clauses like this in a natural way in something like lyrics because as I'm sure you know English has a much lower tolerance for them and "which" "that" "who" type words. 
      Let's first assume the missing predicate here is です and thus the meaning is 一人きり泣いてた私へのシンフォニアです。 and not anything more complex.

      There's a couple of strategies you can consider in this case:
      1) Changing the form. Adjectives would work much better in English.
      "A symphonia for my lonesome weeping self" or some such

      2) Flouting conventional sentence structure. For something like lyrics you can get away with dodging these kinds of dilemmas with punctuation...
      "A symphonia for me, weeping all alone" or some such
      This adds ambiguity but that's not necessarily a bad thing in lyric translations imo

      But, since the predicate is missing, you could assume there's a more complex predicate based on your interpretation of the song. Here's one I  just pulled out of my ass without reading the rest of the lyrics.
      "I was weeping by my lonesome when a symphonia for me started to play (alt: symphonia started to play for me)" or some such
      Yes, the translation "breaks" the original sentence structure which tends to scare some translators, but if it doesn't destroy the elements with meaning I don't really think it's a problem; 1:1 translation is near impossible with poetic Japanese. Leaning towards liberal translation in lyrics/poems can often produce a better final product in the target language.

      Hopefully this at least helps you consider your options.

    2. Kyo_Toriko


      "Sinfornia for me who was crying all alone !"
      Somehow you think as " a music for a crying person " , and the person is " me ".

    3. seikun


      Thanks for the replies.

  9. The looks of the guy with black hair are sort of not in line the that of the other members... not really old schoolish VK... The song in the preview sounds nice. If the vocal could improve a bit more it would be even better.
  10. I don't really listen to those other bands, but I used to listen to Kiryu so the band is fresher in my mind, but I don't like it that the guitars and bass are literally simply decoration than actual music that has an audible and relevant place in their music.
  11. While I think they are talented I also think their music is saturated with synthetic sounds to the point you can barely hear the guitars and bass. Do those instruments even matter for the entire band?
  12. Vidoll - Ningyo bass cover. If you would like to give him some views



    1. AimiGen7


      Best channel name ever lol

  13. Thanks for the replies. I'm still having some doubts, but 乱される seems to be the word in question. When I listen to that line I hear something close to _____somaru but also something ending in the passive voice.