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  1. Hmm, I think the band needs to prioritise guitars and the bass with nice guitar and bass lines. So much focus on the synth immediately lowers the quality of their music. Kagrra used to add the Japanese-ness with their musical instruments and they did it greatly. I'm tired of overused monotonous-sounding guitar lines that make you feel nothing and can barely being heard. Although I'm now wondering if they actually now how to play the guitar and bass or it is just an act...
  2. UNDER-MATINA-CODE. It's time for it now.
  3. AZALEA is an awesome band. Just listen to that guitar solo in Esu no mezame. I wish more VK today learnt form them. That's the spirit of Visual Kei that hypnotised me the first time.

  4. seikun

    If KISAKI had his own label again I think he could help Satsuki find the right direction. Or if they ever teamed up...
  5. seikun

    Want to see this.
  6. Didn't like it, especially the overused annoying synth that many VK bands use today. LADYBABY made it in the beginning but this has no potential overseas I'm afraid.
  7. seikun

    Incredible voice. I like enka. Don't think only old people listen to it. Chilean Mon Laferte is kind of exploring Japanese music with a enka vibe.
  8. I think the experience in the US is not the same as that outside the US when it comes to Japanese music. I feel the US came late to the boom Visual Kei experienced in other places around the world such as Latin America and Europe. For exmple, for US citizens Japanese may be too much of a foreign language and may be less willing to give it a chance while in other countries listening to other language in music may not be that much of a problem. I don't want to sound prejudiced but I feel the US is very ethnocentric. But anyway, the Japanese make music to satisfy their own taste and, while it is not hypnotising every single person in the world it has managed to found a place in the west.
  9. I wish there were high quality PVs from Baiser on Youtube to recommend them for reaction videos.

  10. I hope there is more from MIRAGE to come.

  11. It's not like SuG is very representative of Visual Kei anyway so I'm not suprised by what I just listened to here.
  12. seikun

    He's wasting his voice not singing in RENTRER EN SOI's style. He has such an emotive voice, I wish someone would tell him. Who is paying for his world tour by the way?
  13. Does anybody happen to know if Soleil Face of Soleil 2000nen Natsu was ever relesed as a CD? Ever since I discovered AGITO playing 首吊り屍形 I fell in love with the ong, but it seems it is impossible to find it except for the short clip in that video.