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  1. seikun

    I insist that the vocalist needs to improve his singing, but aside from that and, reading the comments, why is the band having a hard time attracting fans; is it because not many people are interested in old school sound anymore? By the way, Insomnia sounds nice.
  2. seikun

    Do Japanese people ever point put to kiryu and other vk bands the excess of synth they use in their music or are they just too polite to dare criticise bands?
  3. I wonder what ex-members of Poitrine are doing today.

    1. Duwang


      Sacci (Sayo) was in Souiumono and has a new thing called kaiga no kotowari https://www.kaigano-kotowari.com/blog
      Nuppe (Denu) was also in Souiumono and now does sessions every once in a while? He hasn't updated his Twitter in two months so maybe he's slowly disappearing.
      Urala is a band called Charles https://charles3mul.wixsite.com/official/profile
      Ginga and Yusuke are long gone.

    2. seikun


      So detailed.


  4. seikun

    Monotone guitars.
  5. It reminds me of Wish by Psycho Le Cemu although Wish is better than this one.
  6. seikun

    Nice song. I'm a fan of PIERROT, but Anglo hasn't been able to captivate my interest; I only like a coupleof songs by Angelo. I think my problem is that Kirito has a tendency for lack of melody in his singing or composition... This song is melodic and makes good use of Kirito's voice. He needs that kind of direction.
  7. If only someone could add English subtitles to this...



    1. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      The part around 44 seconds is them asking normies if they recognize any of the names on the left, which are:



      -Malice Mizer

      -La'cryma Christi

      -Fanatic Crisis


      Lady with glasses:


      "What language is this? ...Ca...careermen? Italian cooking...?"


      Next dude:


      "Is that the name of a cake?"


      Yoko Ono:

      "Is it a brand?"


      Lady with curly hair:

      "A cosmetic?"




      "Whaaa.....a singer?" (then she says stuff way too fast for me to understand and there's no subtitles)


      Awkward Gender Ambiguous Person:


      "They're visual-kei band names."

    2. seikun


      I could get some of that but I wish people would give them subtitles.



  8. You save it!! I used to call the site "yunisan" because that word was the only one readable and identifiable in the link to the site. All the information the site contained was priceless and literally one of my last connections with old Visual Kei. Really thankful that you saved all the information!
  9. seikun

    More than once I have read Japanese people on YT accusing La'mule of being a copy band.
  10. MTV aspirations have killed Visual Kei.

  11. This was awesome! My Japanese is still poor; some parts of the songs I understand them; others I have an idea what it is meant; others not so much so I really appreciate the time you took to translate this. Thanks you very much!
  12. seikun

    I said it once when I came across GRIEVA for the first time. I feel disconnected from today's Visual Kei, I'm not attracted to the current scene and music. Even though GRIEVA was clearly taking a lot from Dir en grey I didn't care because I love the sound and style of old school Visual Kei so it made happy to listen to a band that sounded more like the old bands. Now, ideally it would be awesome if bands were genuinely inspired by the 90's sound while being original.
  13. seikun

    I'm sure Yukari-san can re-orientate his career just like when Yukari produced Rentrer En Soi. I would like to see him as a member of a band more than as a solo artist.
  14. Is there something wrong with Yunisan lately? It's the best site to keep track of old Visual Kei bands but now I can't find some bands. I could swear NéiL's discography was there before.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Seelentau


      Some band pages don't work, others do. There was a short talk in the MH chat about it recently.

      Other than that, I can only recommend vk.gy as an alternative. :]

    3. Shadowtear




      Sadly not a full backup, but its better then nothing.

    4. seikun


      I see.

      That is the best site to check old VK bands' discographies. I need it!

  15. I was wondering if someone could translate TO.KI.ME.KI by Missalina Rei. I more or less understand most of the lyrics, but my Japanese is poor so I'm unable to translate it in a decent way so I would really appreciate it if someone can do it for me. Thanks. ト・キ・メ・キ / Missalina Rei Lyrics&Music:彩 永遠を誓い合った 二人の空は変わらない 「綺麗な月よね」と微笑んでた君なのに 今はもう・・・ 大切なものはどうしていつも失くしてしまうの サヨナラで広げた翼、君は遠くへと消えて 傍にいても言えなかった言葉 あれから君の為に流した涙この心このトキメキの全部 今でも伝えたいよ もし、聞こえたなら答えて欲しい「いとしい君」よ 全て、全て忘れさせて美しい恋の花 もし、気付いたなら抱き締めて欲しい「いとしい君」よ 大切なものだから咲かせたい白い恋の花 ら・ら・ら・・・・・・