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  1. Hmm... If I well recall LuLu started activities by late 2000's, in 2008; not early 2000's and I still remember I immediately liked them as soon as I found them that year. It feels like it was yestarday but it will be 10 years this year.
  2. I never said he should be forced to perform again; I expressed a natural curiosity to know where he may be because he disappeared from the public eye so suddenly leaving everybody wondering what happened to him.
  3. Not really sure, but perhaps Vogus Image classifies...
  4. If there is the probability of a revival do you want them to sound like they did in the past or change and adapt to the way VK sounds today? That's the issue.
  5. Does anybody know what L'yse:nore can possibly mean?

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    2. seikun


      Awesome. I have always been interested in some VK band names and their meanings. Finally one of them is solved for me.


    3. AimiGen7


      You're welcome. Just be sure to take this interpretation with a grain of salt because I could be wrong lol. (I literally just typed "Lyse" into google translate and it came out as Danish for Bright, and Nore looks like Noire, so, it seems to make sense lol)

    4. seikun


      That's true, but still the translation makes sense.

  6. I was struggling with romanization because of unusual kanji. Thank you.
  7. Hi. I was wondering if someone can provide the romanised version of this song. I gave it a try but had to give up because there are some kanji that don't seem to be used at least in modern Japanese... If someone could translate it into English that would be awesome too. 性的ウイ◯ス~StoM1079~ 抑圧性的障害感染者の悲報 氾艦したネット回線の海を泳ぎ 現代性的幻◯障害の一つ 目に見えない異性にしか満たされない 性的ウイ◯スStoM1079 アドレナリン放出に依存した君の鼓動は頚動脈を破る モザイクをかけた理性は断片的に性癖を隠し 虐待されて欲を満たす・・・Masochist 積み上げたモラルに耐え兼ねた君の身体は虐待を求め モザイクを破壊する理性は常に性癖を晒し 虐待することで欲を満たす・・・Sadist 今宵は誰と絡み合う? 深い過去の傷を隠して・・・ 声が枯れるほどの痛みを消せないように・・・ 今宵は誰を弄ぶ? 深く閉じた瞳は赤く・・・ 触れた体に傷を刻み消せないように・・・
  8. Although there are songs from this band that I like I always found the band lacked an identity of its own or a style that defined them musically if I can put it that way. I only like their old stuff.
  9. I don't like those sort of sorrowful eyebrows that are very common today. I like the old style for eyebrows.
  10. That preview is too short to have an opinion. Satsuki's voice is so melodic and expressive, he should perhaps form a band kind of similar to RETRER EN SOI...
  11. It looks like Seiju stopped singing after Dollis Marry disbanded. Can't find anything about him after Dollis Marry.


  12. Wondering if there are any lives where Kagrra played Kisen...

    1. saishuu


      None that were released as DVDs, I believe, which is unfortunate. ):

    2. seikun


      The song is awesome and with a bit of technology they could have recreated the song visually on a screen as the band plays.

    3. saishuu


      Kisen is such an underrated gem from [gozen]. I would've loved to watch it live as well.

      They have so many stuff they never released in live DVDs, it used to infuriate me back then lol

  13. Kyomu no naka de no yuugi - Mana-sama.
  14. I always liked the particular way Kirito pronounces vowel U in words such as "mune". Listen to Dracula (PIERROT).

  15. Wow, Loved the clips with PIERROT! I want so much to have this, but I know I wouldn't be able to afford it.