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  1. When one requests mp3 format is not because one disregards other formats but because mp3 files are lighter and still retain decent quality.

    1. Shadowtear


      Why not AAC then?

    2. seikun


      I don't know that format. I just prioritise saving space while keeping decent quality. Mp3 is in no way a bad format.

    3. Shadowtear


      AAC would be less space for equal/more quality.

  2. seikun

    Dearest Bullet, such a boring and generic song. That kind of songs always sound uninspired.
  3. I found the lyrics of 虚像の神 in Japanese and would like to see if there any chance someno can translate the song into English. That would be very appreciated. 虚像の神 歌詞 作詞作曲HIRON (男声、女声) 古ぼけた宝箱の中は 良心の麻痺した かびの生えた道徳教典 核心に迫りくる憂鬱 愛していたかった あなたが創り出した甘美なうたを 見渡せば娑婆苦にゆがむ景色 汚れのない夢を! 明日のない僕らの世界に 誰もが天才舞台役者 何もしらずにいた 微細に綴られていくシナリオ  梢から枯れていく立木のように 痛みは消えることもなく  手足のほうから先におかされて みじめな姿に凍りついた 追いかけて追いかけて手に取った宝箱  青い疲労があなたの声を静かに奪っていくわ 押しつけられた台詞は捨てて降りてしまおうこの舞台から  あなたのことを愛した数だけ真綿で首をしめつけてあげる  演じきれないこころの中を懸命に歩いていく 頼りない夢をみている  あなたの創った虚像の神が声をもてたら 追いかけて追いかけて手に取った宝箱  青い疲労があなたの声を静かに奪っていくわ 押しつけられた台詞は捨てて降りてしまおうこの舞台から  あなたのために感じた痛みも知ることさえないままに 苦しくて哀しくて 救いのないこんな舞台に  未練がましくすがりついているあなたの影が見えるわ 過ぎていけ過ぎていけ何もかもここを過ぎていけ  大切なものたくさんあるほどあなたの人生は長くないわ
  4. seikun

    What a dull name for a band.
  5. PIERROT, Noir fleurir, Baiser were the main bands for me. I was already exposed to Japanese music and Visual Kei years back but that very moment when I was totally conquered by the music was in 2005 when I listened to Noir fleurir's Omocha no MIISHA and Baiser's Flora and I fell in love with these songs, this kind of music and the aura around Visual Kei bands instantly. Some may now understand why I'm frustrated with the current scene.
  6. seikun

    I need this song!
  7. seikun

    Perhaps someone else already pointed it out; I just noticed the similiarities in these songs. They don't sound exactly the same but I perceived Daraku /DARK・STAR by MARRY+AN+BLOOD was inspired by Sora ga ochiru ano hi by Lamiel. lamiel - 空が堕ちるアノ日 Marry+An+Blood - Daraku /DARK・STAR
  8. I have been wondering about the old school Visual Kei band, Lamiel. I wonder if their band name comes either from some angel of biblical mythology or if perhaps comes from Spanish "la miel (the honey).

    1. Jigsaw9


      Knowing VK bands, it's probably the former cuz it's so 'mystical', lol. But I wouldn't be surprised if they just cracked open a Spanish dictionary at random. :D 

    2. AimiGen7


      It's also the name of some French film from the 60's based off of an unfinished book of the same title.

  9. seikun

    Most eyebrows in VK today are horrible. Old school VK eyebrows were better.
  10. seikun

    Thanks for the lyrics. Hope someone could also translate into English.
  11. What an awesome cover. I never thought the guitar line was so cool. Lareine - Solitude.



    1. Arkady


      Solitude is one of my favorite songs from Lareine 2nd age.

    2. seikun


      Mine too and I love Kamijo's theatrical performance in Chantons L'amour.

  12. seikun

    Lareine - Saikai no hana. I specially love to pay close attention at 4:21 I'm thankful the band decided to remake the song and make the fullest of it.
  13. seikun

    Malice Mizer, Moi dix Mois, Juka, E'm~grief, all in one. I like what I hear, but they need to drop the cheap violin effect and use real ones and moe guitar too.
  14. seikun

    Finally I get to know about that place
  15. seikun

    kein - グラミー
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