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  1. seikun

    I like the band and I want them to last long, but I insist his singing is poor and need improvement. I am used to poor singing in Visual Kei, take for example Hisui (Madeth gray'll), he wasn't the most skilled vocalist but still he managed to sing better. If they want to succeed he needs to improve.
  2. seikun

    Perhaps Satsuki should seek Yukari-san's guidance again.
  3. seikun

    I think his singing is poor and needs improvement. The other musicians are good, but the vocal is behind and needs to catch up. I'm not saying he has to be the perfect singer; I'm just saying his vocals are poor to the point it needs to be addressed. I listen to many bands that didn't have the best vocalists, but at least they were better and worked on it to make it better. It's their job.
  4. seikun

    The band is good and has potential; just please, someone tell the vocal to improve his singing.
  5. PVs have become less and less imaginative. In the olden days even with the low budget Visual Kei bands found places to film their PVs. You can even simply film at a park at night with nice flashes of light and there you have a more interesting PV to offer.
  6. tumblr_osbvak5qHZ1r8dxfio1_r1_540.gif

  7. That indies sound, that very one. We don't have it anymore.



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    2. reminiscing2004


      access to recording equipment and daw's has totally changed the game. i think so much of the 'old indie' sound has credit due to the last era of straightforward recording techniques, before drum triggers, melodyne, and softsynths became the new staples of record production.


      it hurts the most when i hear a new band who's got something interesting going on creatively, but its packaged in this gloss of fake drums, self-recorded and surgeon-ed production. atleast the cheap recordings of decades before had an essence of life and passion to them. maybe thats hopeless nostalgia....

    3. seikun


      Very interesting comments.


      I don't know the technicalities in this but I find something really endearing in this kind of sound quality.

    4. fitear1590


      Agreed with colorfuljinsei about the synthesizers. Don't get me wrong, I love when a band incorporates lush synths, but the majority of 2010s VK that uses synth always seem to resort to that grating, cheap sounding synth like this. Lots of bands (Royz, anfiel, LONDBOY, i.Rias, 0.1gの誤算, and maaaany more) are guilty of it and it's an immediate turn-off for me.

  8. seikun

    I actually didn't have any hopes for this but you have greatly surprised me. Thank you very much!
  9. Hi. If there is any chance someone can upload the lyrics of this song that would be awesome. Thanks.
  10. seikun

    Does KISAKI have any chance in today's Visual Kei? I love his music, especially from bands such as Syndrome and Phantasmagoria and I would like him to bring that essence back to the scene, but it looks like no many people are interested in that kind of musical style anymore...
  11. seikun

    He looks great. Why does he need to chang his fashion style? If anything today's VK is the least interesting when it comes to aesthetics.
  12. seikun

    Any videos?
  13. seikun

    Off key 😁