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  1. I wish some people who know the band more could tell us interesting things about Madeth gray'll and their impact in the Visual Kei scene. There are always people who know more.
  2. Intrsting to see that now that they are older with a long music career and they don't have to prove anyhting to anybody they (especially Kyo) have embraced Visual Kei again. But when they began to play abroad they left aethestics just to be accepted by the western audience.
  3. Is this L,DEAR playing Lareine's Metamorphose?



    1. Shadowtear



  4. I would be interesting to listen to Kouki sing Missantroop and Ningyo with his type of voice.
  5. Night-ship D reminds me so much of Vidoll's Shinbun masukomi kankeisha no kata e. In some parts it sounds identical to Vidoll's song.
  6. Does anybody happen to have this song by AGITO called Kubitsuri shikabane katachi (首吊り屍形 )?

  7. They look ugly in the pics. Visual Kei used to look awesome, even in the most indies forms.
  8. Why despised?
  9. For me their best achievement was Ishoku Othello and that's about it.
  10. I'm curious to know if HISKAREA actually means something...

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    2. seikun


      I see. It's hard to find annything related to the word.

    3. AimiGen7


      It kinda sounds like Hysteria, so maybe it's a misspelling of Hysteria?

    4. seikun


      Maybe. Although it is pronounced ヒスカリア...

  11. I think I like that song; it sounds a bit 2000's and I appreciate the return of decora too If they stick to that style and keep keyboards away it may work for me.
  12. And talking about Lareine and Dir en grey, again, if I well recall, there is a picture where Kyou is sitting on Emiru's lap. I think it was Emiru... I love Lareine's Dir en Gray by the way.
  13. If I well recall, Aliene Ma'riage means Alliance and Marriage.
  14. Too many classifications. Just bring the two of them back and get rid of today's uninteresting Visual Kei.
  15. Just noticed it. Kilah - Ura no hyou Lamiel - Gi