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  1. I wonder if Japanese fans of Visual Kei also notice and criticise how the emulation of old school Visual Kei seems to always be reduced to Dir en grey's influence...
  2. Nice they're trying with 90's VK sounds, but the tracks sound somehow weak. It's like most bands that bring back old school VK focus on pre-GAUZE era Dir en grey while there is a vast number of bands to take influence from that seem pretty much ignored/forgotten such as Aliene Ma'riage, Syndrome, Lar~Mia, AZALEA, etc.
  3. This song is actually good; it's stuck in my head. The only thing I don't like is that tiring synth, I can't stand it. As a non-native, I misheard some lines. When he says "When there's nothing to hide we will find" I heard "When there's nothing to hide we will fight". The way he pronouned the final "d" in find* made it sound like fight* to my ears. I don't know what you, native speakers of English think about HYDE's English.
  4. Does anybody know who this is?





    1. Chi


      looks like hakuei

    2. seikun


      Yeah, it's Hakuei. I could finally find the PV.



  5. Does anybody else think the band Shiver was influenced by PIERROT?

  6. seikun

    Has anybody seen that picture where Kyo (Dir en grey) is sitting on Emiru's lap? I remember a friend of mine had it years ago.
  7. seikun

    I thought this was literally an impossible one. Thank you very much!
  8. Hi. I'm looking for the lyrics of 此ノ世界ノ果テ by AZALEA, the old school Visual Kei band. If someone can post that would be awesome. Thanks.
  9. I don't know who they are but the music in the first video sounds interesting. It's just the chorus I'm not convinced with, too poppish.
  10. seikun

    I can hear guitar being played. Very unusual in this band whose music is saturted with computer-generated sounds.
  11. seikun

    I liked the energy of this band. Something comedic about them.
  12. seikun

    KISAKI should re-open Under-Code Productions, recruit Satsuki and guide him in every step.
  13. seikun

    Are they performing this year? It's now 10 years since the band began activities.
  14. HYDE has also fallen prey to the horrible synth I despise in today's VK bands.