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  1. Is this real? I don't know how to take it.
  2. seikun

    Probably not musically, although this band aimed for the 90's Visual Kei sound, but aesthetically, definitely La'Mule influence. They were a good band that weren't appreciated enough. GAUZES
  3. seikun

    Like many bands today, they sound uninspired and then come up with aggressive riffs for the "look, we're bad guys" shock value.
  4. I love Noir fleurir but I admit a lot of their songs sound like they were just learning the concept of music; they sounded inexperienced in how to compose music I would say. Omocha no MIISHA stands out because it really was a well conceived song musically. I wonder what the impact of the song was in the Visual Kei scence was back then. Their music matured clearly in their last releases before disbandment although it lost the Visual Kei style.

  5. seikun

    At this point, looks have lost any possible meaning and interest.
  6. I kind of like them but that poor artificial violin sound should no longer be happening in 2019. Either get a better synth or hire an actual violinist. The PV is really dull. Find a house or a mansion, decorate a little, use candle lights to create an atmosphere and move around the place.
  7. seikun

    It takes me back to 2008 when LuLu began activities.
  8. I guess asking about his diagnose is useless because they always keep it private. I wonder what his condition is.
  9. I don't really listen to BUCK-TICK much although I like some of their songs. I don't know if they're still considered a Visual Kei band, but in the recent days I came across some of their latest PV uploaded to YT and I'm in complete love with those songs. BABEL and MOON sayonara wo oshiete. such beautiful and enchanting songs; especially MOON sayonara wo oshiete, it evokes mono no aware feelings in me. The music, lyrics, the theatrical performance. Pure art. I can't express accurately the beauty some humans are capable of creating.


    These guys make great music, one the current state of VK should learn from. My strong disatisfaction with today's VK finds relief in BUCK-TICK.




    1. karai · ebi

      karai · ebi

      Definitely...I saw some folks were not that thrilled with BABEL even as long time fans, but I think it has all the feeling of the old still. I don't think Mr. Sakurai is able to perform without charged emotion lol, even some of their 'grittiest' songs still carry that same sense for me too. Can enjoy other new bands sure at an extent, but B-T are on the tier above and won't be forgotten in time.

  10. Isn't he Seth? And how do you properly translate 濡れる夜 into English?
  11. seikun

    More of the same.
  12. I find their music so... 😴 I only liked them around the time of Yami ni chiru sakura. Such potential with that style.
  13. seikun

    English and French don't have the mysticism that surrounds the Latin language. Bands using words from any language to get their names is no problem. I simply feel Sukekiyo overuses Latin and it feels pretentious.
  14. seikun

    Good band but constant use of Latin somehow feels a little pretentious now.
  15. Very nice cover of Raphael's Shoujou 3 xxx shou.




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