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  1. seikun

    It's all too dark, but I liked their older look. More genuinely late 90's. Hope they release a sample soon.
  2. seikun

    There is a video of Mahiro documenting his nose surgery in South Korea I think it was. I don't understand Japanese but a fan told his nose made him feel insecure. His nose was OK and perfect for his Asian features.
  3. seikun

    I'm confused because that doesn't look like Mahiro.
  4. The chorus sounds oshare-ish. It took me back to 2007
  5. seikun

    Never heard of them but curiosity made me find their music on YT and I can't help thinking probably Kyou (Deg) was influenced by this band. The singing style, the music; it's pretty much what Kyou and his earlier bands sounded like. Liking the band 😊
  6. He used to be a member of this forum.


    1. Zeus


      what do you mean?

    2. seikun


      The owner of that YT channel used to be a user in this forum and a friend on soulseek .

  7. Is something happening with the Visual Kei scene in Japan? I've noticed quite a number of new bands posted on here recently whose sound is reminiscent of Visual Kei ranging from the late 90 to mid 2000's. It's mainly the sound but the aesthetics, the hairstyling also reminds of those days. It makes curious.

    1. nekkichi


      probably just the scene itself reflecting on an era when flexing a 24-string bass (while ending up playing for 20 ppl) wasn't a requirement idk

  8. Does anybody know what band this is?



    1. Hohchicano96


      Laputa is the band and the GIF is from the PV for the song “Eve ~last night for you~

    2. seikun
  9. seikun

    Is it only me or some of the newest VK bands posted recently sound more early to mid 2000's?
  10. I would like to hear about the changing industry factor he mentions as the cause for departing.
  11. seikun

    It all looks reminiscent of old school Visual Kei. Even the poster looks poorly photoshop-mounted like some bands in those days. 😊 The music also gives me a bit of the old vibe.
  12. Vallquar has nice musicians but the vocalist hindered the potential of their music. It's like he was afraid to sing high notes when he had to. Was it because he can't reach high notes, lack of practice, insecurity?

    1. Shadowtear


      i like the singer, nice and abstract sound.

  13. I hope this is a serious proyect. I don't know how well they're doing but hope they can succeed in the scene. I also hope the broaden their spectrum of old school Visual Kei sound. There are many bands that are worth as inspiration: Lar~Mia, Veill, DERAIL, etc.
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