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  1. I've been obsessed with 呪縛郷 from La'veil MizeriA lately, although if they want to do like old bands they should shoot in run-down buildings and forests. Those sets where all bands film are getti tired angnd contribute to no dramatism.

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    2. seikun


      I like the song, but like I said before, the PV sould have been filmed in a run-down building and a forest nearby to dramatise the story told in the song. That is what older bands did . That set they used is boring, claustrophobic, overused, it helps tell no story and doesn't suit La'veil MizeriA's look.


      Is Kiwamu the owner of those sets?

    3. AimiGen7


      Kiwamu pretty much does everything himself when it comes to filming any Starwave PV. That's why they all have the same sets and lighting. 

      I wish he could try a little harder, since La'Veil MizeriA deserves more than just the generic sets they have at the Starwave Studios. 

    4. merchenticneurosis


      I agree on this 666%

  2. seikun

    Who said I listen to their whole discography? There are song by this band that I like; I just expressed my dislike for jazzy music. I find jazz tiring, emotionless; the opposite of Visual Kei.
  3. seikun

    I can't stand jazz-ish songs.
  4. Is yunisan back or is that the backup?



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    2. seikun


      I hope it gets back completely :)

    3. Shadowtear


      The person who maintains yunisan said to be aware of it and was planning to redo it.

      But that has yet to be seen.

    4. seikun


      Oh I see.

      Hope everything goes well. That site is one of my last connections with old school Visual Kei.


  5. Miyavi back to a Visual Kei-ish look?


    They try to pull it off when they seek mainstream acceptance to appear mature, but when they grow up the see there is nothing wrong with looking different.

    1. nekkichi


      it's just for the hide disrespect PV i think.


      he'll be back to this look again once Lena Dunham opens a casting call for a 7-11 cashier stand-in in her next project


    2. Mihenno


      @nekkichi The shit you say is literally hilarious. I appreciate u

    3. nekkichi


      @Mihenno thank u bae, I wish I weren't merely retelling that artists public image ~journey~

  6. seikun

    In the 90's is when Visual Kei achieves a certain distinctive sound that distinguishes the style. Perhaps the influences you see in early Dir en grey has to do with that; they liked the sound and they were learning from it.
  7. I wonder where they are today. I used to love Saga, but probably not many people know about them.



    1. IGM_Oficial


      For a moment, I thought it was A9's bassist

  8. The song has potential but the keyboard and the fake drums make them sound cheap and outdated. Guitars and bass totally drowned out by the keyboard.
  9. They may play better than older bands but this is the lamest period in Visual Kei.


    Not sorry.

    1. xriko


      I'm a bit outside vk since 2 years, but I have the same feel.

      I'm not really satisfied by most of those new band I'm trying.

  10. seikun

    I insist that the vocalist needs to improve his singing, but aside from that and, reading the comments, why is the band having a hard time attracting fans; is it because not many people are interested in old school sound anymore? By the way, Insomnia sounds nice.
  11. seikun

    Do Japanese people ever point put to kiryu and other vk bands the excess of synth they use in their music or are they just too polite to dare criticise bands?
  12. I wonder what ex-members of Poitrine are doing today.

    1. Duwang


      Sacci (Sayo) was in Souiumono and has a new thing called kaiga no kotowari https://www.kaigano-kotowari.com/blog
      Nuppe (Denu) was also in Souiumono and now does sessions every once in a while? He hasn't updated his Twitter in two months so maybe he's slowly disappearing.
      Urala is a band called Charles https://charles3mul.wixsite.com/official/profile
      Ginga and Yusuke are long gone.

    2. seikun


      So detailed.


  13. seikun

    Monotone guitars.
  14. It reminds me of Wish by Psycho Le Cemu although Wish is better than this one.