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  1. seikun

    If they sounded like Yami ni chiru sakura I would listen to them.
  2. Hmm, does anybody remember that rumour that once Kirito sued (or accused) Marilyn Manson for stealing his aesthetics? Watching some of Manson's old videos his looks are somehow reminiscent of Kirito's, but I was wondering if it is a confirmed conflict and what details are available.

  3. seikun

    The guitars sound more generic, like fillers this time when actually this band stands out for great guitar lines.
  4. Bring back band names in French. These English ones get duller and duller.
  5. seikun

    Don't like those looks.
  6. seikun

    Most gay guys would not be sexually interested in androgynous men. I'm not attracted to VK artists sexually or romantically. I like their aesthetics for its threatrical value and its capacity to expand men's restrictive fashion choices. When VK was the thing over here not many followers were gay. Most guys were heterosexual.
  7. seikun

    Except for the violin effects that sounds really good. I was a child when Malice Mizer came around and didn't even know about Japanese music, but still listening to this makes me feel like we're having a little glimpse of Malice Mizer's early days I can't buy this now, but I hope you people support the band and buy their stuff. It's refreshing having this in today's scene.
  8. I'd like to know about the impact Syndrome left in the Visual Kei scene (in case it did) if anyone knows about it.

  9. Japanese Language Question


    I have a doubt I hope someone can clear up for me. In expressions like 野菜でいい, that で, which of its several uses is in action here? Is it perhaps で which indicates a state (from である)? Wild literal translation: being vegetables is fine/OK. 

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    2. Takadanobabaalien


      Since I learned Japanese in Japan it's difficult for me to explain it lol, so I'll just go ahead and copy-paste from a website (the de in your example is different from the example @Peace Heavy mk II gave)



      1. Assuming that you are invited to a party tomorrow. You are not sure what is the required attire. You can ask the host the following...

      明日のパーティーはジーンズ で いいですか。
      ashita no pa-ti- wa ji-nzu de ii desu ka

      Meaning: Is wearing of jeans alright for the party tomorrow?


      2. Your colleague lost his wallet on the way to the office. When he meet you at the office he asks you for help to lend him some money. You are not sure how much you should lend him and ask him...

      50ドル で いいですか。
      50 doru de ii desu ka?

      Meaning: Is 50 dollars alright for you?


      So, in your case "yasai de ii", just means vegetables are fine. Or that you're okay with eating veggies. It's very similar to yasai ga ii. Although the nuance is slightly different. 


    3. cvltic


      the above comment is correct, but just to expand, i think you can consider this "de" as part of the particle's functions as a limiter.

      for example, you may have seen things like

      一日で終わる (finish in a day[, and no more])
      CD二枚で2000円 (2 CDs will be 2000 yen[, and no more])
      30分で行けます ([you] can get [there] in 30 minutes[, and no more])

      similarly, assuming it's a statement and not a question, 野菜でいい is "[i'm] good with vegetables[, and no more]". if it is a question, "are [you] good with vegetables[, and no more]"?

      the nuance of ~でいい contrasts with another common expression, ~でもいい ever so slightly.
      野菜でいい means you truly are ok with vegetables and nothing more.
      野菜でもいい means you're ok with settling for vegetables, but there's an implication that you'd actually rather have something else. if you wanted coke but they only had pepsi, you'd likely get asked ペプシでもいいですか。and not ペプシでいいですか。

    4. seikun


      Thanks for all the comments.


      I understand the idea in the でいい construction, but I have always wondered what this で means given that most online courses leave out essential information. If I can't understand a word I can't make progress, instead I'm just repeating words and phrases like a robot.


      I thought this で was the one that indicates a state as in 詩人先生す (Being a poet I am a teacher.) which makes sense to me. I mean the uses of で explained above in this expression could belong to this category of particle で (indicates a state).

  10. seikun

    It's true, indies VK bands today play better than older bands, but their music lacks that spirit older bands have which made them stand out from the rest as a scene and musical option. To me, it doesn't matter how good today's VK bands can play; they neither feel nor sound VK anymore. I prefer the old essence over the skills of today.
  11. His singing... If he can then so can I... 😄
  12. I don't have money to buy something like this today, but even if I watch it on YT I wouldn't hasitate to buy it if later on if I can afford it. Most of my generation grew up downloading from the net and, once you got a job you purchased that same material.
  13. Monotone music and too much synth. Does anybody know why guitars seem so absent in today's VK?
  14. I love Seraph! Tetsu's era seems so forgotten, even by fans. So delightful to listen to baby MALICE MIZER My rocky heart is being touched by this sound (old school VK) I hold dear.
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