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  1. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 It was awesome! There was so many references and cameos, both inside and outside MCU. It was a nerdy heaven to catch each one of them. Also, there were 5 post credits scenes! One happened right after the films, then 4 others are on each time the credits sequence ended. Each of them are fun to watch. Either it is about upcoming MCU films or not, I cannot tell. You gotta see it for yourself. I am sad because of some scenes but it was filmed beautifully. I can't tell why I am sad tho, it is major spoiler. Other than that, it is still in the essence of the first film, except with more actions and bonding. I am wondering if the third one gotta be connected to what happened to the end of the movie. Or not. I can't wait! Since it is only going to release in USA in May, if you planned to see this film already, you are in for a joyride! And if you haven't any plan, go and watch it, it is so fun and worth it. Oh also, see it in 4DX or IMAX if you can, its was filmed beautifully! I am impressed!
  2. milk duds, sour patch kids, wine gums, meiji apollo, york patties, nerds, werther's original, 5th avenue, jaw breakers, jelly belly
  3. general

    Nothing is new here, it is always hard to enter States since ages ago for Asians. Not really sure what happened. But if they try to enter with tourist visa but they are going to perform, they'll be denied ofc. There were this kind of sleazy event organisers who would do this, it happened in the past.
  4. Maybe I am seeing things, but the Limited looks a bit reddish in shade too. Some of favourite uncles
  5. Well, you're right. Just sad Gauze isn't part of these sets
  6. The Psychonnect DVD should be in these series, weird that it does not tbh
  7. This would mean another 3 or so coming right?
  8. Daisuke looks like he doesn't want to be there or something
  9. IMHO it's alright, passable tbh. They gotta write some lyrics with "HATERS CAN CHOKE! !" or "CHOKE ME DADDY! !" somewhere just because.
  10. Ohhhh, that Fear, And Loathing In Las Vegas sounds. Me likey!
  11. Damn, that's nice. Hope Kyo's vocals don't crack singing those high notes on these TMOAB slow songs
  12. LMAO. Autoplayed music on blogs? What year is this, 2005? Myspace and Friendster doesn't even do that anymore.
  13. These albums are available and in new cindition, on Amazon JP tho, heck, I even got Ain't Afraid To Die and their earlier maxi singles there as well, new, though I had to wait some 3 weeks for them to get new batch of pressings before it delivered to me.
  14. Now this band is an actual underrated tbh, they goes on so long but seems not getting the same treatment that bands who came out the same year as them got. I mean, I rarely ever hear their name being mentioned in forums or such. So good for them and their U.S fans.
  15. All joke aside, this is very unprofessional of the vocalist. Why can't he talk to his band mates and quit like a proper folk if he got whatever issues he is having?