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  1. lol emphasis on "maybe"
  2. I heard most shows in EU been sold out, some places have second dates too.
  3. I don't need to dig deep on name change thread lmao Kir --> Chianti --> Mister Svperstar --> Candy Warhol --> SEKHMET I believe my very first username were triplesicks or something, the same name I used for my myspace back then, and I got into TW because Spike promoted it on one VK board in myspace lel
  4. Wow, that's a long time ago, I don't even remember what my username was when it was green lel
  5. Not sure what's up. Wish they could go on longer. But I heard Valo just not into it anymore, and HIM is not one without Valo
  6. Forever grateful to U for the Loro's Pax, and agraph downloads and much more, wish misa is here too.
  7. Obvi not just like his K-Pop forum I was lured in lmao :<
  8. Seriously, this is just internet forum, why so serious about it? People say what they say, everyone have a slip Please quit projecting onto yourself, I don't think anyone here actually have issues with you I mean, people here don't know you personally to be actually hating you Besides, MH is not some Japanese BBS where everyone seems to need a stiff one up their asses
  9. "OOOOH...!!! SO ANGSTY!"
  10. Pleased they decides to move on, and not letting somebody's mistake derail their career.
  11. When will they do Mode MISSA?
  12. Yeah, it just so good to hear them, but you're right.
  13. Holy shit, Mr.NEWSMAN, Umbrella and FILTH! That's so cool
  14. Pro Tip: Before you consider cutting yourself, call this numbers first; USA: +1-800-273-8255 UK: +44 (0) 8457 90 90 90 AUS: 13 11 14 JP: 03 5774 0992 The rest of countries:
  15. Maybe there are some difference, it's minimal really. Eitherway, personally, I still adjust myself to that new chorus of Taion. It doesn't flow as well as the original one IMHO Why bother replying