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  1. Is the new mini up for pre-order?
  2. From late 80s to mid 2000s were my shit. Don't ever understand the scenes around late 2000s at all, save for Versailles and few other acts. And I was away from the community during that time and find another interests in music. And returning on the latest one cos DADAROMA and MEJIRBAY, they relight the fireplace that I haven't been using for awhile now.
  3. I doubt GazettE will go DEG route lmao, they have very different direction in music. Plus the album blatantly mentioned that it will be collection of ballads, Ruki won't wail through the song like Kyo does for ASOM remix only with random chords on piano, that is not his style lmao
  4. Never see this day coming ever, this is great surprise! 👏👏👏
  5. You need to do a Zaku some time, man Great collection!
  6. Sweet! Re-recorded songs! I must own these, man!
  7. Maybe ghost writers. Or maybe many of these bandomen are pulling Beyonce
  8. People can pray for their souls too. shrugs
  9. Yeah, I realize lots of these bandomen always seems to die with some rare disease or something. Not sure if real or not, just thought, it's seems shady. Plus, never know where their grave or monastery which their ashes kept are located. Sometimes, I got these crazy stupid thoughts that some of them actually still alive with new identity, living as regular people, salary men, 2 kids and such, cos their music career didn't work out, lmao.
  10. That is good! More places for the bands and fans alike to go.
  11. Lycaon They had potential. But turned to shit after Royal Order That Eros BS ruined everything. R.I.P. lynch. Just spewing albums with the similiar boring sounds as of late, and funnily enough, overrated by the community. NoGoD Not half as bad as the two other names mentioned here, but since they went major, it just feels like something shifted. Can point out exactly what it is. It just not the same, but at least still enjoyable.
  12. I suppose you're right
  13. This is ridiculous, just cut him out or something D: Oh well D:
  14. Well, maybe they'll become 4 piece again and make good music again that didn't sounds similiar one album to another. Kind of weird they gotta cancelled shows cos of this though, weren't they toured without Hazuki the vocalist when he was hospitalized or something before?
  15. The thing of wonder <3