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  1. LMAO I thought the album title was SANS and I was like, Senpai noticed me!
  2. Yesss!! Go! it only an hour of flight from Bay Area to LA
  3. Holy shit, that is iconic tbh!!
  4. I prefer it this way tbh. More friendly to my wallet. 😂 And by the way some of you complaining about some newer bands keep releasing stuffs so quickly and connect them to quality loss, I am sure you feel the same way too. 😂
  5. I am not too concern about their self cover, they could always put it as secret track.
  6. The teaser is good enough to convince me to get the CD. gibkygibky sounds really strange but maybe I'll grow to it
  7. It depends what you need. If you lie customiseable player, use foobar. If you are okay with basic player, winamp is good enough. Personally I am using iTunes because I got Apple Music subs and I need my Radio stream. And it doesn't seem to work slow on me so that works.
  8. Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day! ♥:angely:

    1. LIDL


      Thank you 🙌🏼

  9. SAddened. Rest In Peace.
  10. That one on ebay is bootleg, the original limited edition with 2 Discs looks like these also, the original DVD catalog numbers are SFBD-0006 for regular edition and SFBD-0004~5 for the limited 2 disc edition, by Firewall Div. direngrey.co.jp/discography/432/ the bootleg one are by Miya Records, catalog numbers MIDP-0056-7 On online sales, make sure to ask the seller about the catalog number of CD, DVD or BluRay each time, that is clear way to find out if a CD is genuine. Or if in person, or you wanna check if all Cds you owned and got from second hand market are genuine, you can see these catalog numbers usually on the bottom of the spine of the dvd/cd case or obi. It is usually also placed next to UPC barcode
  11. sksksksksksks keep the Bunraku under wraps 😏
  12. They are generous by giving 4-5 songs in a single. Is this a maxi then?
  13. Wow, changing line up again? This looks like a workshop now, at least for me
  14. Lucky they are not Western banda otherwise the silly SJWs will have a field day on them for those black face 😂😂😂😂
  15. Are you saying that was a scam? 😂😂😂