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  1. LIDL

    They are not the best website to purchase new releases from. Not to mention way overpriced. Hope you will receive your order soon, otherwise, if you were paying by paypal, perhaps open case to cancel it. Try Amazon and/or CDJapan next time.
  2. LIDL

    JFC ain't these juicy! SMH this is almost as dark as the K-Pop managements stuffs
  3. LIDL

    I do hope for Eureka winning, but we never know what's on the producers minds.
  4. LIDL

    OK OK OK! I am vibin' with this album! #slay Cannot wait til the album's here!
  5. LIDL

    They should include a light stick too with that kind of price for the deluxe
  6. Are those who got exposed immediately excommunicated? 🤔
  7. Ah, been awhile without his solo works. That The Shining stuffs tho, not even lowkey, kinda cool
  8. LIDL

    ^ maybe that's a song about natto or kusaya
  9. I hope it's like 8 inch CD inside and not a tape so it is easier to rip skskksks
  10. LIDL

    Live Dist releases for sure, and the new trend of the more settled older bands or a member of the said bands doing side project and releasing limited versions with super hefty prices, like, chill Chris Brown! Your DVD just not worth $50 no matter what 😂😂😂
  11. I am wondering if this is that graduation thing that Japanese idol group always does? And tbey will bring 7 new faces to replace the 3? However, if it is, I am not sure if this will work well in the Western market.
  12. I do not recognize Miya at all at first, I thought some Johnny’s trainee boy was there as stand in or something 😂
  13. LIDL

    Something something typical workaholic Japanese 😛
  14. LIDL

    I like this kind of cover, pretty good!