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  1. LIDL

    Maybe the waifu is her beards ☹️
  2. LIDL

    I only let that pass if it was done by Maria Cross. Since she is trans/bi herself. And I am still waiting for that fan service between Maria and Onan Spellmermaid.
  3. LIDL

    What if this happened? That'd be bad ain't it? 🤓 Not saying it's a fact, it's clearly not.
  4. LIDL

    Few of DEG's songs were used for Live Action manga to movie, Death Trance. It started 2 minutes in. full list: - Deity - The IIID Empire - Increase Blue - Clever Sleazoid Also, receipt, for science: https://m.imdb.com/title/tt0443737/fullcredits/music_department?ref_=m_ttfc_25
  5. LIDL

    I would go if I live in EU tbh. Especially if Autograph or photo op are included with the ticket. There's usually tiers with anime/comics convention tickets like this, no?
  6. What pretty cover. Are they on Summer mood too?
  7. LIDL

    Some men and their dicks. Bravo!
  8. LIDL

    This is awesome news. Also hoping for them to world tour since it's their 30th Anniversary. I really wanna attend their show at least once more. Especially after Ryuichi's health scare earlier this year.
  9. You won't be affected either way if just for transitting. The new policy only for people who are getting student or working visa.
  10. LIDL

    The GazettE - Stacked Rubbish is Nu Metal AF, try it.
  11. LIDL

    REPETITION OF HATRED what else could it be?
  12. LIDL

    Whoa! This came out of nowhere. What's next? t.A.T.u. reunion? Good to hear Hazuki is able to sing again now. Give us that Industrial we've been missing, please!
  13. LIDL

    Then again sukekiyo is notoriously known for slapping hefty price on their releases.
  14. LIDL

    • DEG - Kisou • Versailles - Lyrical Symphaty • LUNA SEA - Image • 9GOATS BLACK OUT - Devils In bedside • malice mizer - voyage sans retour • Aliene Maφriage - Les Soirée 夜の舞踏会/洗礼の章~生誕篇
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