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  1. I just remember I have no okane left on iTunes JP. Alexa, play Glass Skin 💔
  2. I guess it will only be on digital stores and streaming sites by 12 AM or such, not sure what times new music usually releases in Japan
  3. Does that mean Adidas-Kei will return for that segment during live?
  4. It supposed to be 7 PM-ish in JPN rn, but where is it?! 👻👻
  5. LIDL

    Some people may not afford those fancy editions, or need it, so they give another version that also came with few bonus tracks. Also these editions usually collectible since once gone its gone forever.
  6. The insert art looks pretty actually. What is that? Colosseum or something??
  7. Perhaps the gaijin fans in Japan would rip it soon?
  8. Lucky Japanese fans I am so hyped for tomorrow tbh. DEG better come through.
  9. Yeah, that or stream it will be a choice for me as well.
  10. This upcoming hump day will be wild I hope Amazon ships early, otherwise I may only get the CD by Monday, Oct 1st 😩
  11. LIDL

    I got signatures directly from the band and got to shook hands with Mana and the rest of the band during MDM concert in Hong Kong in 2016 That was rather cool
  12. LIDL

    I would not mind at all for them to do a couple instrumentals like And Zero and place it between sequences on an album the way they did to 3 Shinso SEs on Kisou