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  1. I mostly collects CDs. I got some tour merch, such as tees and tote bags, and towels, and phamplets too. And that is it. I would love for the bands to do more jewelleries and fragrances, but I guess that is not common for Japan? While I know what Cheki is, I have never collected them. So that is the only merch item that I left out. WBU?
  2. LIDL

    No. Asians don't raisins, and Blacks don't crack.
  3. Mine arrived for few days now. I love the retro summer mood in it. Takao was writing me back that EMS is not doing delivery to my country because of covid-19. So we figured out another shipping company. And it was by this service called Kuroneko, which turns out to be affiliated with UPS, since it was delivered by UPS guy to my doorstep. So hope you'll get yours soon, Igyou! Also, Sadie retweeeted my tweet
  4. What's the point for limited time digital sales?? Do they not want money?
  5. LIDL

    Just found this picture from last year Another guests includes Well, basically Yoshiki is a drag queen? Also, wondering who is his agent in Hollywood? Anyone know? Must be pretty good since they can get him to these kind of bonafide red carpets.
  6. LIDL

    So it is not birthday 2man anymore, but still advertised as one? scam.
  7. These days I am drinking spritzer more. The mix between seltzer/sparkling/soda/tonic water, with a portion of wine, and served chilled. However, I do also enjoy Ginger ale, Sprite, Ramune, and Fanta Lemon. Straight or as mixers.
  8. LIDL

    I don't think that is what fans want to hear when he said he got a big announcement. But then again, are we surprised? The only people who attend that museum will be upper class Obasan, in between of their Ikebana class, who wealthy enough to care about kimonos. Or it could also be tourist trap, actually, just like Tokyo and Eiffel Tower are.
  9. LIDL

    I just now read teas about this week episode that Morgan not supposed to win, the producers wanted Cracker to win this but she beats Cracker so much that they had to stop filming for a moment to remind Morgan about it. And the result we saw is the middle road taken cos Morgan was still not slowing down her moves.
  10. LIDL

    I would wear hakama over my casual attire on weekends out, doing grocery, or when I travel for leisure. I understand this style is even more popular now after some characters from Demon Slayers Kimetsu No Yaiba wear some distinct patterned haori. However, I have been doing it before this series even a thing. It is just comfy to me, cos the fabric for this usually is not too thick, I can still wear it for fashion even when it hot outside. And it still look somewhat acceptable for semi casual places and stylish. Something that zipped hoodie or varsity jackets cannot provide. This one: Other than this, I like punk/industrial metal goth style. You know, leather, sharp studs, high platform boots. For that reason, I really enjoy DEG fashion circa early 2000-2005. I rarely wear this stuffs anymore as I barely visits any clubs with that kind of community anymore. The only time I wear this style is when the weather gets cooler by the end of the year.
  11. Looks like it is started shipping. Ya, I decided to skip it in the end since there is bo clear sizing. I would love to wear those, I love the 80s style anime design of Sadie and Közi But oh well.
  12. Radical idea: how about Cleaver Sleazoid rerecording will feature Hazuki?
  13. The feelings mutual. Any longer than now he can audition for Pantene tbh.
  14. B-sides will happen again when they finally do full on Bald Kei. Not just Kyo.
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