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  1. Are those cover art for the self cover? Or for the new album? Or maybe for the cover version album with those awesome bands in it? Lenticular cover art sounds really neat! Reminds me with issue 281 of METALHAMMER magazine with BABYMETAL on it.
  2. You got a point there 😝
  3. Limited to 50 copies only??
  4. Well, I mean, at least it's not predictable?
  5. I am so happy right now Well deserved winner tbh!
  6. Wait, I thought Uruha was wearing pencil skirt, had to take second look They looked goodT
  7. This is brilliant. Thanks for the tip
  8. I usually watch it on my group I think VH1 website are geo locked, right?
  9. They look like old school Gazette? Still loving their Dogma looks best though
  10. So long they don't do those faux Jazz stuff that ended my ships with LYCAON, I'll swing with DDRM still.
  11. Damn Japanese showbiz and their fan club exclusives :U Well, if they will release previews and if it is any good, I may consider to get the limited ones.
  12. That's no fun. Won't there any torrent available soon after??
  13. Finale is tomorrow though. Get ready for the gag of the century.
  14. Aw, man! The cover album scheduled for November release, still long way to go :U