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  1. LIDL

    That is so cool. 👏👏👏 Farmer Natsuki. Esp since Avocado is popular fruit there. Probably more steady flow of income too than being indie bandomen 👌 Also, apparently his real name is Kunihito Sekine (関根邦仁)
  2. Ohhhh!! I want this I will get this! How much was the limited cost again? So my understanding is, after reading the JP article, the limited edition will be "a gift" after paying the live tickets at Toyosu Pit for ¥1,500? If so, damn, I wanted that version since ot got 2 more songs! But i guess I just have to settle with regular edition.
  3. LIDL

    I really wish they would do world tour again, ugh! Also, few weeks ago, Sugizo was in Jakarta, Indonesia. Not sure what for though.
  4. FUuuu~!! I want this! 😭❤️❤️ We can use proxy service for this, I believe?
  5. KILL IT WITH FIRE!!! 🤯🤯🤯🤮🤮🤮 They ruined Death Note. Not gonna hold my breath on this project. Still look forward for the NGE anime finally be on their playlist tho!!
  6. LIDL

    Why do you feel sick about this? That happened everywhere. Like, Isn't the opposite happen to some of us here? Looking down on local western music and only like foreign music, in this case, Japanese VK music? 😂😂😂
  7. LIDL

    My new VK band name, copyrighted it already. Thanks. DEG is random, I guess. Punk philosophy run high sksksksksk
  8. LIDL

    So odd they had to announce such thing. Honestly, how many bands out there who would announce publicly that they'd stop playing some songs? It must be some of fan favorites, otherwise they wouldn't bother, just my 2 cents.
  9. LIDL

    They actually managed to bring back 1999, awesome! Sounds so purely Slipknot, no extensions of Stone Sour this time around.
  10. LDR is expensive, I was in LDR for 3 years, but we afford it, either I visited him or him visited me or we met at some other places. And communication need to be often, everyday. And technology helps. We texted each other each day. and did skype calls back in the day. But with whatsapp, people can do much more these days honestly. As with other relationship, the two party need to work for it to make it work. But with LDR, the team of two need to do much more than those who are not. Agreement need to be made. Aside from communication, trust and honesty are very important. We are still together now, 10 years in. My advice is, do you see even a hint of future for the LDR? It is not just a case of "maybe", but you need to be sure. And at least one of you need to afford to meet. Since as good as the communication goes, we still need physical touch. If yes, it may be good to keep pursuing it. Otherwise, it will be a waste of time and energy. And with the other person you've come to like, you may explore the possibilities, however, you need to tell the person you have LDR with about it so there won't be the feeling if being crossed or such, plus the person may let you know how they feel about it. Good luck.
  11. Nice. Hope someone will get to share it
  12. LIDL

    The keyboardist's face lowkey trying to hold off laughter tbh
  13. LIDL

    LMAO what is that? Is the blonde dude lipped or something? Maybe he is acting vocalist, an avatar, for the band while the actual vocalist sings it from behind the curtains, just like Milli Vanilli? Weird concept, my dudes! 😂😂😂
  14. LIDL