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  1. LIDL

    Not really know who they are. Maybe this band is that straight edge band who doesn't appreciate scandal. Which is fair.
  2. LIDL

    IDK, perhaps MERRY? but anyway, isn’t Japanese more of Cats people anyway? The number of cats kept as pets outnumbered that of dogs for the second straight year in 2018, as per the Japan Pet Food Association report. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2018/12/26/national/cats-outnumber-dogs-pets-japan-second-straight-year/#.Xb9rYMAxXYU
  3. LIDL

    I am here for (DEG -666- remix) of Ayumi’s songs!
  4. LIDL

    I see at least 3 of my fave colors there. If only I can attend, I'd definitely buy. Honestly, it will be no different than buying those characters licensed hotwheels or tomica, which I owned some. Besides this is like unique items than regular merch stuffs such as tees and tote bags. I appreciate the variety tbh.
  5. LIDL

    DSS is their worst for me, it just forgettable. And I listen to it the least. I don't remember one song from that album off my head. I need to see the CD jacket to know. Every damn time. Sure, it can be technically skillful or whatever. But when your music doesn't long lasting, and didn't stick to your listeners, what's the use of that? Also, I feel that they are trying to repeat what they did with UROBOROS, but it just get too ambitious to the point of not listenable nor repeatable.
  6. LIDL

    Wano arc is very good. And it is still ongoing. Big Mom arc is also great and we got ourselves Katakuri, such a great villain, with redeeming factors, hence quickly becomes fan favourite! STAMPEDE movie is also great, and I am hoping some of the stuffs in it would’ve at least semi canon. OP just getting longer by the chapters. So the anime will mirror that. It is great though.
  7. LIDL

    Does the CD/DVD sales In Japan declined by that much? We are talking about a country who are pretty much cash society in this day and age here. A country where music labels is so protective over their copyrighting so much so they don’t even upload full music video of their artists on global scale digital media such as YouTube, if at all. And as for VK in particular, a genre where exclusive live only CD release is still a thing. Perhaps that kind of elitism also contribute for the decline of J-Pop sales, and hurting VK genre especially? In this digital and streaming era, majority of people would just leave you behind with that kind of attitide since they got so much options in just one click away.
  8. LIDL

    Is this like their HQ store? Or the Shinjuku ones the HQ?
  9. LIDL

    So this is their old unreleased materials and not them regrouping?
  10. LIDL

    Feels like we talk about these "rate your DEG albums" topic every other weeks. 😂😂
  11. LIDL

    We need the receipt on that
  12. LIDL

    We have yet listen to KIS :U
  13. Oh so it is not censored? lel my bad
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