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  1. LIDL

    Sad they should end but understood. And admire the honesty from the blog.
  2. Everyone else: *Cancels/Postponed/Livestream their shows* DIRU: See you May 6th and 8th, bitches! Hihi!
  3. The single is just lynch. being lynch. I am guessing they are in this comfort zone they are refuse to walk out from.
  4. LIDL

    Were they selling out? 🤔
  5. That must be one of the most boring cover art for VK albums ever. Wyd, sis?? The song better be far exceeding expectation to throw people off from that cover art.
  6. That is how these bonafide VK bandomen can afford walking around in their Gucci earrings and men purse anymore, just like kyo did from those sukekiyo & DEG surplus. Taste got shifted once they reached those Ojisan age, you see. 🤑
  7. Why does new picture doesn't come with new album and new era announcement?! This Karen will need to talk to the manager!
  8. They always have interesting title and cover art.
  9. LIDL

    It’s 2020 and people still arguing over buying a CD?!? We have iTunes and we have streaming services these days. Even the most indie western band would have their songs upped. What’s that? Your obscure Japanese bands are not? Well, blame them for being elitist in turn for irrelevancy. Ironic. Like honestly, support when/if you can. It is not mandatory. Especially if your faves are attached to label. Unless self produced, those munnies would mostly ended up to the labels and producers bank accounts. However, it will ensure your band to not be dropped for having low sales. But if you wanna support your bandomen and ensure that they would afford their next bowl of Yarou Ramen, or their Gucci/Chrome Hearts earrings, then you better be buying official bands merchs and/or attending their shows if/when they make stops to your area or nearby. much like drag queens, those bookings fee is how these bandomen paying their bills..., and some gari gari kun for that matter.
  10. LIDL

    1.) Live limited release. It is archaic and need to be left behind in the age of streaming. Elitism won’t work these days. Sorryboutit. 2.) band name using all kinds of symbols and/or numbers that is not easy to pronounce. For obvious reason.
  11. LIDL

    It is good for their fans 👌
  12. LIDL

    Progress like one chord a day been made.
  13. LIDL

    I like the punkish side of VK, so my suggestion is always add plenty of safety pins, and studs on anything. Especially on leather. Jackets, your creeper shoes, belts, suspenders, bagpack, anything!
  14. LIDL

    A better marketing team. That is what VK lacks. Being edgy isn't the issue, Billie Eyelash is the latest example of that. And language barrier? Although valid, but with these K-Pop acta around and actually popular, so much so that they went to evening talk shows or performs at Coachella, one of the major Summer music festival in the world, I don't think it is that much of an issue these days. Especially when your music genre audience market is younger people or people who are young spirited. And what did Billie, BTS, BLACKPINK, Ariana, Kardashians, and others have that VK acts don't? A marketing team that control the hype machine up in large scale. Also, they are not utilizing internet very well when it is a great tool to expand your reach. And actually this is a main issue with Japanese music industry in general. Like, L'arc~En~Ciel a major label band have only set up their official YouTube channel in December 2019!! And have been copyright strikes every single uploads of their music or music video by regular people so nobody but the actual fans actually know who they are. Imagine that. Which is sad and tragic, since internet was the reason VK went viral outside Japan in the first place in the early 2000s with the P2P file sharing such as Soulseek being popular.
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