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  1. This season looks like going to be a memorable ones. All the young queens are good and the matured ones are legendary and not just some filler queens like past seasons. And the untucked were so fun. They are not afraid to joke and shade each other. Like really get in. Something I really missed from the show for awhile now. And I like that they utilize the RuGirls to the show too. Cannot wait for the mentoring session by Alyssa next week!
  2. Checked their iTunes and I kinda dig it đŸ™ŒđŸŒ
  3. I actually enjoying those songs posted, seems they are taking a bit hardcore take now on their sounds
  4. What's with the member of newer bands keep doing these stuffs? Seems like a trend or something in the scene?
  5. I wish them best of luck! Hope they can go far
  6. I haven't hear this previously, if they do, it is such a shame.
  7. Never hear news about Ryo since disbandment. Maybe he is not doing music anymore? I enjoyed Forbidden Days Rhapsody, but with Mika active in sukekiyo, practically that project with Shun are kinda shelved at the moment, right?
  8. All I know is, Yuhua is a mess and I love her. Hope she goes far enough.
  9. It is better than LOONA imho
  10. That goes hard. Aja or Kimchi better lipsynch to it!
  11. Is that Snow filter or did her face really that healthy and smooth??! đŸ€”đŸ€”đŸ€”
  12. That is a fucking rigga morris, fuck! Shangela is the deserving one, then Kennedy
  13. 14th?!! Damn, and I thought some VK bands were too productive lol Their music are on and off to me, hope this one will be an on.
  14. ^ you are Raven booting Queens for her shoes