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  1. I am somehow doubt they would let go the attempt to be Boris again with this single. But we'll see.
  2. What about the Japan side of Spotify? Maybe there are albums that got geo blocked and available only in JP?
  3. LIDL

    Who, luckyy! And only 450 tickets? And after party til 4?!! Sounds like it is gonna be very intimate show. Double luckyy!
  4. Please titled it Chinko Rondo 🙈
  5. TSo crowdfunding looks like really going to be the new trend for vk, after that Alice9 & Kaya ones. I will crowdfund Klaha to reunite with Malice again.
  6. LIDL

    Or Dick Tracy villain
  7. That band name only reminds me with Taiwanese boba tea brand and now I want one.
  8. LIDL

    Kyo ofc looking the best. And Toshi comes second. And Shinya... Just being Shinya. Boooooring. The only time he was being interesting in transition from VK days were from The Final era. I mean, he git her hair braided at least.
  9. I like the single cover Can't see much of the band picture, but maybe that's the idea.
  10. I love this genre and shooketh didn't find it earlier. So, I am thankful for the resurgence with the whole vaporwave aesthetic.
  11. LIDL

    Hmmm, so you counted out Gazetto like that?
  12. Polysics and Music Era Girugamesh legacy lives on, I see.
  13. LIDL

    That's sounds like a zoo tbh. Is this for real? I'd rather pay 2K for actual experience with lesser boundaries and photo op.
  14. LIDL

    I am not mad at it, personally speaking. It is still a bop tbh. But is seems obvious that Hazuki might still not over D'espa's last two albums sounds since he was forced to stopped when he still wannabe creative, so it is only natural he did this kind of sounds when he restart his music career. Perhaps, this is what they called one of those retro sounds too. Since even movies had put late 1990s-early 2000s as period films now. That is signs when something is old.
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