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  1. LIDL

    I cannot play it but looks like I am not missing anything? 🤔 They have banned USA after Zin walk out on them to do American centric band
  2. That is cool I like some of their anime song like Gessekai
  3. https://www.amazon.com/Fashion-Disruption-Principle-Paperback-Common/dp/B00FGVYL3K Saw this on Amazon, not sure what's in it though, just thought it is fascinating It doesn't look like him, maybe some random white guy?
  4. LIDL

    Yep. From pictures found on internet
  5. I am wishing for Melty Love -2019 Always Forever mix tbh
  6. It came with photo book but that still doesn't justify the pricetag imho, it need to be a boxset for that kind of money lbr
  7. LIDL

    It seems for the first time since it went mainstream, it doesn't get #1 Trending Topic, and this is the premiere night, that is not good tbh. It was beaten by How To Get Away With Murder, Solange, and even The Jonas Brothers! I suppose, lots of fans are still in #RageQuit now for all the nonsense happened on All Stars 4?? There weren't any hype at all, I feel. Not even Miley can save it, that is quite bad right? 🤷‍♂️
  8. LIDL

    The Let's Go haters were so hard, they actually reverted the systems back to old methods. 😂 I am really happy with what shown so far. And #GrookeyGang for sure. I always exclusively chooses Grass starter since forever now.
  9. LIDL

    Nina West, A'Keria, Plastique, and Ganache looks like typical Ru favourite gorls, so I will rooting for them. I feel like Vanjie won't go far, she was there cos the show wanna ride on those old meme. Plus, with that mouth who ways answers back, it will be tough to be favourite with the judges either. She is no Bianca, let's just say that.
  10. LIDL

    IDK. It can always be smear campaign by the hæters.
  11. Don't they look rather glum there?
  12. Klaha opens twitter and instagram account. First post ever was about mana locking him in her basement all these times, and only now he manages to escape. Also confirms Mana is actual vampiress
  13. LIDL

    That band name..., why did I always read it as Syphilis?! Would've been more metvl that way.
  14. What?! That is odd decision. It is a pity indeed.
  15. Hope there's a way to obtain that live only CD
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