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  1. RazorGenesis

    WTF HES DOING THERE!? ROFL Its like find waldo or something πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  2. RazorGenesis

    I was going to buy the CD, but its so expensive , almost 6000 yens, ( hate my music taste because its expensive)
  3. RazorGenesis

    This is my opinion, for me the best 5th album from the band (after GALLOWS, The buried, greedy dead souls and avoided sun)
  4. RazorGenesis

    my favorite songs from the album? FACTS: 1- ALMOST ALL THE SONGS ARE SO FUCKING GOOD! 2- YES ITS BETTER THAN XIII DEFINITELY!!! (doesnt mean XIII was a bad album) 3- In the future im gonna buy the album
  5. RazorGenesis

    Now i understand!, thanks for the info (y) P.D Maybe theres no preview because the band doesnt need anymore be recognized worldwide, maybe like this they can generate more sells , and think it about it its a good idea in my opinion.
  6. RazorGenesis

    We are like 3 days left before the album releases, someone knows if there's posibilities that we can get a preview versions from the album like the others ?
  7. RazorGenesis

    Better than XERO In my opinion! Love the song ❀️ If XERO AND IDOL are the worst songs from whole the album , theres too much probabilities that im gonna love the album P.D Its 2 A.M Here (worth it, made my night)
  8. RazorGenesis

    Totally agree! πŸ‘πŸ‘
  9. RazorGenesis

    Im a lynch's fan since 2008 and i have to say im been dissapointed, PROUD AND STILL FAN with this band (fan all my life) . For me XIII was a regular-good album (not the best), but was good 7/10 . I dont wanna say nothing about "ULTIMA" album, gonna wait the preview's album from lynch's channel and then say my opinion
  10. Im so happy they will play all the song fron the XIII album . I cant wait!
  11. RazorGenesis

    Coincidence? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
  12. RazorGenesis

    If you mean for the band maybe. But hazuki's voice its completly different In that year the hazuki's vocals was the best to hear. Imo theres a lot of difference with a more potential voice.
  13. RazorGenesis

    If you dont mentioned this, i will never notice it. Its a completly LOOL for me. Anyways I dont think wants to copy a megaman theme At least Joker its not one of my favorites of the album
  14. Since the new realese from the band "XIII" i was wondering what would happen if i create a Top 10th best albums from the band because after all this time, the band lynch have A LOT OF CHANGES since they begnning. I have to say im a big fan of this band that i bought many goods from them. So im been listening this band since 2008. So i saw many lynch's fans in this forum and im so glad that happen ❀️ , but i want to know the oppinion from others whats your best album from this band. And i guess we have many different opinions, so i want to know yours top 10th best albums (10th the worst and 1st the best one). In this top doesnt count EPS,singles,lives, and the 10th anniversary, only albums from the band. So lets begin . . . . . . . . . . 10th AVANTGARDE I know maybe you are surprised but this experiment from the band was in my opinnion not good but theres good song that i like it like PHANTOM and EVIDENCE. Favorite song: PHANTOM 9th SHADOWS When this album releases in 2009 i was listening too much this album that i love it, have good tracks but after the band releases more song i was prefering another albums. Favorite song: MARROWS 8th I BELIEVE IN ME I was dissapointed with MIRRORS and I Believe in me was ok and acceptable but after listening many times, it was boring me a little bit and i bought this album actually. Favorite song:SCARLET 7th D.A.R.K. This album have really good song, EVOKE,ANTARES,D.A.R.K, COSMOS its acceptable for me if you put this album with more rate, in my case i have another taste. Favorite song: D.A.R.K and Antares hard to choose. 6th XIII I hate to put this album in this rate because i was expecting something more in this album, i love this album but i was expecting something else. I hate theres 2 innecesary Instrumentals in this album and when they uploaded the previews sounded better than the full track. But theres more songs that i like it than the another ones before. I hope i can hear this songs on live releases. Favorite song: AMBLE, EXIST, A FOOL 5th INFEORITY COMPLEX Now comes my favorite albums A lot of good song imo, not so heavy album but in their lives sounds better than the CD version. Favorite song: MOMMENT, THE FATAL HOUR HAS COME , EXPERIENCE, A FLARE 4th GALLOWS For me the most heavy album from this band. Theres a lot of good songs that i love GALLOWS, ENVY, TOMORROW, PHOENIX , MERCILESS, OBLIVION, GREED and from the live TOUR 14 TO THE GALLOWS sounds a lot better on live imo. And i have this album too. Favorite song:OBLIVION, TOMORROW,RING By the way in this album have my favorite look of the band. Thats a plus on this one. AND THE 1ST PLACE . . . . . . . . . I hope you like guys my top. Opinions, critics are welcome. If you have your own top 10 best album let me know please. Thanks and cheers to everyone.πŸ˜‰ P.D Sorry for my english.
  15. RazorGenesis

    As a fan of this band i really like it so much this album. Theres so many good song in this album The best songs imo : THIRTEEN, RENATUS,EXIST,AMBER,SENSE OF EMPINESS,FOOL Meh-Regular songs: FIVE,GROTHESQUE. FAITH Bad songs imo: JOKER, OBVIOUS. INTERLUDE and INTRODUCTION was innecessary hate to say it but its just a refill, maybe the introduction its valid but why interlude? Joker imo its just an experimental song but theres good parts. At least this album its better than D.A.R.K ( but this album have 3 or 4 epic songs ) and so far better than the blender of Avantgarde.Maybe the 4th best album of this band. For me this album is 8/10
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