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  1. OmegaChaos

    I take back my former statement in this thread.....I didn't know they had a new single Puzzle out (just discovered)....now I think they are even better than they were before.....I am now even more excited for this album...
  2. OmegaChaos

    Username - OmegaChaos Country - Estonia Gender - Male Link - http://www.monochrome-heaven.com/user/2945-omegachaos/
  3. OmegaChaos

    Samples sound really good...this mini-album will be even better than self-titled probably...
  4. I am very-very glad about this news....Versailles was my favorite band and I hoped atleast HIZAKI would continue making music...but 4 of the Versailles members being in a new band is very epic for me...
  5. OmegaChaos

    Epic news....they have been one of my favorite bands for a while....pretty excited about this...
  6. I was a huge Digimon fan and in 2004 Digimon Tamers aired in Estonia and it was pretty much Japanese version dubbed to Estonian.....I really liked the OP and ED....when I got my 1st mp3 player in 2005...I downloaded a lot of Digimon music....but in 2006 summer I wanted something harder and started to search for Japanese Metal on the internet...discovered a band called Sex Machineguns...after that in April 2007 I discovered my 1st Visual Kei band,which was Girugamesh...and then.....my evolution started......
  7. Very interesting tracklist.....I myself have liked their remakes more than original songs....so i,m definitely interested how they will remake those songs..all new songs would have been better though of course...
  8. OmegaChaos

    I liked their self-titled and CUNNING KILLER....so I look forward to this if it is in this kind of music style...
  9. OmegaChaos

    DIE KUSSE sounds pretty good...Tsuzuku,s screams still need to improve though...also....Sophia,s vocals are awesome in this song...
  10. OmegaChaos

    Visual Kei is not completely dead....but it has been severely watered down in recent years...and many great bands in the scene have disbanded...and popularity of Visual Kei has been also dropping a lot....My own view is that Visual Kei scene has to find it,s idendity again and maybe go back to it,s more "extreme" roots....Maybe then it can reawaken.... There are still some good bands left in this scene though...
  11. OmegaChaos

    They are not as good as they used to be anymore....but still looking forward to this album...
  12. OmegaChaos

    my current last.fm is.... http://www.last.fm/user/OmegaKhaos You can all add me as a friend there if you want...
  13. OmegaChaos

    I think I should show what I really look like LOL...or well my current look...
  14. OmegaChaos

    My favorite Japanese albums of 2012 are... 3.Matenrou Opera - JUSTICE I think it was a really good album and probably better than ANOMIE was.The album this time had more epic and symphonic sound than before...and most compositions are amazing in here...my only criticism is that keyboards sound a bit cheap and artificial... 2.DEAD END - DREAM DEMON ANALYZER I discovered DEAD END in September 2011...I was really suprised how good this band sounded in the 80,s(mostly i don,t listen to music from that era)...but this album surpasses most of their material except maybe DEAD LINE....it kinda fuses that old-school metal sound with modern heavy metal... And...Morrie,s vocals are just epic... 1.Versailles - Versailles And finally,in 1st place it,s Versailles,s self titled album...Versailles is my absolute favorite band and I was really sad when they announced the hiatus...(seems like most of my favorite bands are either disbanding or going on a hiatus)..This album is not as good as NOBLE and JUBILEE,but it is still really amazing...every song in this album is very solid and greatly composed....and neoclassical solos are amazing as always...this album is definitely better than Holy Grail was.... My favorite non-Japanese albums of 2012 are 3.Motionless in White - Infamous This album is much different from their 1st album,Creatures...Creatures was more of a generic scene-Metalcore album with Industrial and Symphonic elements....but this album is much more varied...the heavy songs in this album are definitely better than anything from Creatures....they seem to be more influenced by my favorite Western Metal(core) band Bleeding Through...and other songs are not bad either....but I don,t really like that they are trying to copy Marylin Manson in some of the songs on this album... 2.Make Them Suffer - Neverbloom I waited for their full-length album for over 2 years and finally they released one....this album is completely epic....the guitars,symphonic elements,vocals....everything....this album sounds like Symphonic Death Metal mixed with Metalcore... 1.Bleeding Through - The Great Fire And finally,in 1st place it is Bleeding Through,s album from 2012..and their final one unfortunately,since they announced yesterday that they are disbanding...This album has more symphonic elements than on any of their material...also has some Black Metal influence(not a lot though)...it,s just sounds like pure Symphonic Metalcore....I feel like that,s how Metalcore should actually sound like....I consider this to be their 2nd best album....their best still is Portrait of the Goddess from 2002... so this was my favorites of 2012..not a lot...but I am very picky with my music nowadays...
  15. OmegaChaos

    The single as a whole was really good... Rinkaku - This is much softer than most of their recent music....still really good..but I feel that chorus in this song is really lacking...but this song probably has the best solo of their whole material...so I give it..7/10 Kiri to Mayu - This remake is totally epic...probably their best remake ever....the instrumentals and Kyo,s vocals are both really amazing here....and I have to say that I enjoy DIR EN GREY,s heavier side much more...10/10 don,t really care about the remix... as a whole I give the single 8,5/10
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