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  1. Plant

    Welcome friend! COTD is
  2. Plant

  3. Plant

    Check out 溶けない名前 (tokenai namae)!
  4. Plant

    Anyone know of 進行方向別通行区分? (Longest name ever, I know. Here's how to say it: shinkō hōkō betsu tsūkō kubun.)
  5. My picks: 羅宇屋 - 桔梗 空想革命 - ベストアルバム アム - 東京交教曲 無恥鞭アナゴ - 南極 / アナゴ伝WORST2 -らしからぬ あのよろし- ピノキヲ - 体験版CD-Rおためしっ! ピノリュック - AUTOMATIC!
  6. Plant

  7. Plant

    Welcome! I'm also a big fan of vellaDonna. CHAOS is such a fantastic album. Are you looking forward to Animal Crossing: New Horizons?
  8. Plant

    Yess, Tremors! I used to be really into this series as a kid. I think the first two are definitely the best. I actually saw the second one first for some reason so part of me prefers it somewhat for the sake of nostalgia. I watched the fourth one for the first time recently and, I agree, it wasn’t bad.
  9. Plant

    Glad to hear it.
  10. Plant

    Here's a link to one of their classics:
  11. Plant

    Welcome! Have you heard of Aikayru? It’s an old band of TERU from Versailles/Jupiter. Also, if you like BABYMETAl, you might like COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS; NARASAKI of COTD has composed some BABYMETAL songs. “Catch me if you can” is one of them, I think
  12. Plant

    You also might want to check out goatbed sometime. Same vocalist but a more electronic sound.
  13. Plant

    Well, no one’s paying money for files in this context, just trading files for files.
  14. Plant

    I always admire and respect people who get this much use out of their phones. I keep my computers as long as possible, but I tend to switch my phone out with a newer model every 2-3 years because I want something new or need more storage. The older model always goes to my mom or girlfriend, though.
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