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  1. Share your thoughts on the album here, please, ladies and gentlemen~
  2. リリース: 2020年3月18日 レーベル: キングレコード ▼収録曲 1. ULTIMA 2. XERO 3. BARRIER 4. EROS 5. ALLERGIE 6. IDOL 7. ZINNIA 8. IN THIS ERA 9. RUDENESS 10. MACHINE 11. ASTER 12. EUREKA What do you all think of the album?
  3. What other releases are out this Wednesday, the 18th besides lynch. and downy?

    1. IGM_Oficial


      From the top of my head: "Shogyou mujou osakkai", from Mikansei Alice, and "prayer", from The guzmania

  4. Upcoming downy album is streaming exclusively on YT atm, and it's sicker than COVID-19!!!!



    1. plastic_rainbow


      a third of the way through the album and it already sounds so good!

  5. CAT5

    Someone needs to tell Let's, "Let's not".
  6. CAT5

    -DOUBLE POST- But as for my unsolicited opinion on politics; I simply say 'let the dead bury the dead.' Voting and partaking in this dog and pony show known as an election has never yielded any progressive or redemptive fruit for ADOS (American Descendants of Slavery), so why would it now? Ain't it called 'insanity' when you keep doing the same thing over and over and getting the same results? This country ain't never been for us, and the salvation of our people does not lie in the hands of a buncha Capitol Hill hoes who don't know, and don't even care to know a single nigga where i'm from.
  7. This comment still stands Mind you, I like macaroni, but SHEESH!!!! This one is fresh off the lynch. assembly line...
  8. CAT5

    Is Biden not kowai kawaii enough for you???
  9. CAT5

    Love this song, but I'm surprised to see something this obscure with so many comments and views! I wonder why that's the case..
  10. Enjoy your Born Day bro! Blessings to you and I hope all is well! :D

  11. CAT5

    nah, Christianity has nothing to do with it. I'm actually alluding to the way spirits work. If you wanna discuss this with me, hit me up via PM, and we'll talk, but we're not gonna highjack this thread.
  12. CAT5

    Just want to address this first, but I'm a pretty hardcore student and follower of the bible, and "God" never forces anyone to do anything - he simply lays out the consequences and lets ppl know, "hey if you do this, things are gonna work out for you" and "if you do that, things ain't gonna work out so well for you". Ultimately, we make our own choices. If she feels that she has to force or coerce people into her beliefs, then her religion is leading her astray. Nowhere in the bible does it say NOT to drink or smoke - this is just man-made doctrine. The bible does, however, warn against indulging in excess and suggests moderation, but that's about it. Hell, there are even some scripture that suggests a little wine can be good for you. But yeah, this is where religious ppl get the bible wrong. It's not anyone's job to force, or convince, or try to convert anyone into "loving God". Forcing ppl to do anything is never a good idea, and ain't nobody got the power to convert anyone into anything. I mean think about it - do you want someone to love you because they WANT to ? or because they're FORCED to? So why would "God"? If this girl really wants to "convert" someone, she simply needs to follow "God" and let her lifestyle do all the speaking. Your behavior...the way you treat others...how you move in this world...that's all a direct reflection of your relationship with The Most High. Some ppl will be naturally intrigued and want to find out more. Some won't give a fuck. It's not for everybody. As for your work situation.... Here's what I'd do if I were in your situation, sis. And this will take a bit of spiritual maturity, but as bothersome as this girl seems, I'd just let her be. Now obviously, if she's hindering your work in any way, that's something you can discuss with your bosses or whatnot. But I would try my best to not take anything she does personally, and definitely don't let her shitty actions control how you react to her. Remain centered in your character no matter what. Most ppl truly have no idea why they act the way they act....and that's not an excuse for their actions at all....i'm just letting you know that most ppl unknowingly outsource their "inner authority" to all sorts of forces out there that simply mean no good to anyone. So if someone is acting a certain way towards you and you can clearly see that they're full of shit, best to keep it moving and not even entertain that nonsense. Cuz best believe that person is gonna try to toss that bullshit on to you, and probably won't be satisfied until yall are both wrestling in the bullshit together. Best not to get caught up in it.
  13. CAT5

    Hope you've been having a blessed born day, my friend! Rejoice! :D#PiscesRule #PiscesGang

    1. platy


      Thank you, fellow 🐟 #PiscesPossee

  14. CAT5

    ONE PIECE is genius
  15. CAT5

    Welcome to the forum! Out of curiosity, what made you finally want to register?
  16. CAT5

    Ya know, as a kid, my parents kept us away from the church and religion in general. It wasn't forbidden or anything...it was just something they practice and didn't push onto my siblings and I. My parents were kinda bohemian in the sense that they wanted us to make up our own minds. So, I honestly never thought much of it growing up, but I didn't realize how much of a blessing that was until these past few years. I'm really thankful to have not been indoctrinated into all of that... But it's interesting because as a kid, I grew up hearing and listening to Outkast and Goodie Mob...and although I listened to other hip hop, there was always something special about these 2 groups to me. Not just because I'm from the same city as them and can relate/connect to them on a lot of levels...but their music always managed to "ground" me, even into my adult years as my taste expanded exponentially. Their music just always had a certain gravity to it....and outside of Andre3000 and Cee-Lo, the rest of Outkast and Goodie Mob weren't incredibly lyrical...but they were raw, and their words still had depth and weight to them. ...so I recently became aware that one of my favorite members of Goodie Mob subscribes to the same spiritual path that has been revealed to me, and things make a lot more sense now. There are definitely no coincidences... but tot only do I understand more of what his lyrics meant from back in the day, but I also understand why I was so drawn to their music now. The spirit of truth...The spirit of wisdom...these have always been beckoning. Goodie Mob's first album being called "soul food", also makes a lot more sense now too. These guys' music was basically my "church" growing up.
  17. CAT5

    Another new ANYO MV. They need a budget Nice song tho.
  18. New ANYO EP out on spotify! Uber DOPE as usual. They're really starting to sound more and more like a female-fronted downy!


    1. IGM_Oficial


      I thought that was about k-pop

    2. CAT5


      That'd be the day. :lol:

  19. A new song is up on spotify! Not sure what to think yet. This one is pretty rough sounding!
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