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  1. DId wypipo JUST discover the slang word "simp" recently? I've been hearing it a lot lately. Black folk been saying that since at least the 90's :tw_joy:

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    @chemicalpictures First of all, I just wanted to thank you for actually engaging me in conversation like an adult. I know it probably seems like a small thing, but man, it seems so increasingly rare to find people with different perspectives who don't automatically make you into enemy just because you may disagree on a few things. I know I tend to have some out-of-the box and unpopular (maybe even chaotic @platy ) opinions, so this is a really refreshing exchange, and I appreciate it! I think I came across Peterson on the Joe Rogan podcast in late 2016, and was like "hm, this guy is pretty interesting". I think I probably watched every video of his online by the end of 2017 I think his political discourse was entertaining, but I don't personally care about politics. I started seriously studying the bible in the summer of 2017, and it just so happened that Peterson released a bible lecture series around that time...so that's really what I was more interested in. Peterson is off in a lot of ways, but I think he did a really good job of explaining "God"/Biblical matters in a secular way...in a way that even non-believers could understand. I read a bit of 12 rules, but never finished it cuz most of that stuff he'd already talked about in some form. I remember the ZIzek thing, but didn't really care for all the shit they were discussing. I feel you on this. This is white supremacy at its finest. I used to get angry at this type of stuff, and I actually went through different periods of my life hating white people because of it...but then I came to understand: there are a ton of white people out there who simply don't see white supremacy because they are immersed in it. They don't understand because they haven't walked in our shoes. They haven't seen the world through our eyes. Trying to explain white supremacy to *some* white people is like trying to explain heartbreak or depression to someone who's never experienced it. Good luck. Not only that, but even though whites are not as systemically oppressed as black ppl...white ppl still suffer through all the ills and pains of life that we all do. They still have to deal with death, heartbreak, betrayal, and all the craziness that comes along with merely existing in this dog-eat-dog world. So a lot of white ppl are not willing to give us that extra compassion because they can only see that common suffering that we all share as human beings...and they don't or can't see those extra layers of oppression. However, I'd say that Peterson and other white ppl are not entirely wrong when they place the root of the problem on lack of self improvement... Hear me out... I don't identify with any political parties or sides. But here's what I noticed from observation. The left tells black ppl "you're oppressed. we need to help you!" The right tells black ppl, "you're not oppressed. pull yourself up by your bootstraps". Here's the problem. Both the left and the right are wrong...but both also have a small bit of truth in them. For instance: If we ex-slaves (ADOS) were truly on an equal footing with white ppl, then we would have pulled ourselves up A LONG TIME AGO. In fact, we did at times, but guess what? The progress we made was always hindered, terrorized, or destroyed (go read about Black Wall Street). So that pull yourself up by your bootstraps rhetoric is bullshit...we've been systematically destroyed and broken as a people in this country... So the right telling us to "pull ourselves up" is like someone breaking a man's legs, then proclaiming that the man's legs are not actually broken and that he should be able run the race just like anyone else. smh From the leftist perspective, it would go more like this...someone breaks a man's legs, and instead of offering him physical therapy and healing, he just gives him a wheelchair and offers to take care of him for the rest of his life...(meaning his legs could be healed, but he'd rather have him weak and dependent). Can you see the problems with the views of the American left and right now? Now here's where the left is correct about black ppl - YES, WE ARE OPPRESSED. Here's where the right is correct about black ppl - yes, we do need to take responsibility. Look at it like this. When I say black ppl, i'm referring to ADOS (African Descendants of Slaves). There's a difference between this group of ppl and other black ppls that come over to America willingly. For us ADOS, we were broken down mentally, physically, spiritually, and socioeconimcally for 400 years. We were in slavery for longer than we've been free, and we've endured GENERATIONS of trauma that has never been healed. So in a lot of ways, you can view us ADOS as a severely battered and mentally ill patient. Think about it. If the so-called Jews experienced epigenetic trauma from the Holocaust - and that only lasted 4 years. Imagine what 400 years of trauma would do to a people. Yeah, we're fucked up. So yes, our oppression needs to be acknowledged...and we need sympathy/empathy, love, and understanding. But just like anyone who's mentally ill, we as a people still have to take responsibility for healing ourselves. Blaming the white man for everything and focusing on everything the white man says and does is not going to solve our issues. In fact, we were doing waaaaaayyyyyy better before we got lulled into integrating with the white man. Even MLK regretted it before he died. Justice is not complicated. If the U.S. was gonna save us, they would have done it by now. But they, the left and the right - the entire damn system, actually benefits from our collective dysfunction. So while it would be nice to get love, understanding, and compassion from white ppl, they cannot save us, and we need to stop looking at them to do so. Oh, the U.S. is definitely going to fall. I'm not gonna get too deep into this, as i've already typed way more than I intended to, but...most people have realized by now that I follow the bible. And I believe the very people of the bible, the Israelites, "God's chosen", are none other than the very descendants of slavery that you see today. Us "black folk" or "niggers" as so many call us. The bible is actually OUR history. I'll leave you with this prophecy: Genesis 15: 13 - 14 We were initially enslaved here in 1619. 2019 just ended. That's 400 years. At the end of 2019 is when COVID hit, which pretty much shut down the entire world. We've never seen anything like this before. Could this be judgment? Who knows. I also find it interesting that the entire world is screaming "Black Lives Matter". Why NOW? Was George Floyd any different than the ten's of thousands of black people that died here before him? Just some things to think about. The thing about prophecy is that the only way to know if a prophecy is real or not, is to see if it actually comes to pass. So I guess we'll see!
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    Here's how I look at it. I think Peterson is pretty brilliant. I don't agree with him on everything, but wisdom is certainly with him. Wisdom, however, belongs to no man. So I glean the bits of wisdom from him that I can and simply ignore the rest - "chew the meat and spit out the bones" - so to speak. I do this with everyone, though. Whether you're Jordan Peterson, one of my homeboys, or a complete stranger. Personally, I disagree with not giving Peterson a stage tho. Why? Cuz what he eats doesn't make me shit. Meaning, his words have no effect on my reality unless I allow them to. And I I'd be a fool to listen a white guy from rural Canada try to tell me about my experience as a nigga from the deep south of U.S.A, whose people were not only taken into slavery, but were also BORN into slavery, and suffered (and are suffering from) generations of trauma that's yet to be healed.
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    dayummm LMAOOOOOOOO
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    Saw this on twitter yesterday, and it made me think of your post. Are you talking about stuff like this? As for me, i'm not really interested in Japanese fashion (although I can appreciate it). Personally, I'm more into African/Hebraic, and near-eastern fashion/culture, but with an "urban" twist.
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    This is irrelevant to your post, but I died when I read this Real talk tho, I fuck with Jordan Peterson. Now obviously I don't agree with everything the man says, but I thought his bible lecture series in particular was pretty dope...even tho he wasn't entirely scripturely accurate and he tossed a bunch of convoluted, unnecessary, and sometimes even contradictory information into his lectures...he still dropped some jewels of wisdom. ALTHOUGH...I will say this. Most of the white, so-called intellectuals that I've watched or read usually have some kind of wisdom worth gleaning from and they may be super solid in certain areas, but literally all of the ones I've come across are HOPELESSLY lost and ignorant when it comes to issues regarding the so-called "black/African-American" community. I'm pretty sure most of these dudes don't hate black ppl (Especially in Peterson's case), but I can understand why people label them racist: it's because they have their heads stuck so far up their own asses....they're so hyper-focused on shit like "empirical" data (which is often biased as hell) that they can't see the forest for the trees...and they're so blatantly out of touch with the reality that most so-called African-Americans face, yet they talk bold as fuck like they've walked in our very shoes. It's that prideful ignorance that comes off as extremely insensitive/offensive, and that's why I think it's easy to label a lot of these types as racist. Shit like that used to bother me, but nowadays I just shake my head and laugh at it. Getting angry at a muhfukka for being ignorant is about as useful as getting angry at the sky for being blue.
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    Me and my 15 yr old nephew (on the left) at one of my homeboy's weddings a few days ago
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    -doube post-. Also, if you wanna talk about "progress". This is just a drop in the bucket: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/25/opinion/race-wage-gap.html?fbclid=IwAR0-hp9K1xynflgQjzETN7-lCw96DAcef_9GizsG5Mk4PplHcgJ9NCXylWo There's been no true progress. We've just been riding a carousel of deceit, deflection, and pacification for the last 400 years.
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    I'm an African descendant of Slavery. My surname is Irish and I don't have a lick of Irish blood in my family. I know FIRST-HAND and PERSONALLY just how deep the wicked effects of slavery run. I'm immersed in them daily. I could care less if they knock these statues down or if they keep them up. I suppose its a nice, symbolic gesture to tear them down, but it's ultimately vain and useless. The damage that has been done (and is still being done) to my people will not be repaired or restored by such a gesture. America is and always has been the enemy of me and my people. The best thing they could do for us at this point is give us reparations - land and resources, so that we can do our best to separate ourselves from this wicked-ass system. But we're so fucked up, that if we did get reparations, we'd just turn around give everything right back to they ass. We got a baaaaad case of stockholm syndrome, to say the least.
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    yall ugly
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    ^ me too
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    Fire Emblem Heroes is the DEVIL!!!! I pretty much dropped dokkan since I started playing this. Seems I only have room for one mobile/gacha game in my life, haha
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    I don't really consider myself a "good" person. In fact, i'm pretty fucked up. But regardless, there's something beautiful about doing "good" to people just for the sake of doing good...Like with no expectations of anything in return....it just feels great to be a blessing to people.
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    Damn. This dude still kicked ass even into his old age. R.I.P.
  16. Since we are ironically hacking @Tokage's joke thread: Not sure why these guys' faces are painted black, but this song is great
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  18. New Trade-Off has started!



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    cinema staff needs a band where they just play straight-up hardcore/emo with some mathy shit thrown in. I mean, these guys have made these influences VERY clear in their music, but they've never gone all-out...always keeping things accessible and poppy. That said, they have the musical chops to MELT FACES if they wanted to! TK from ling tosite sigure needs an alter ego project where he just sticks to composing and producing, and features guest vocalists or just has one permanent vocalist THAT CAN ACTUALLY SING. Don't get me wrong, I love TK to death, but this nigga is NOT a singer. He's a brilliant composer and a GENIUS musician, but he ain't a singer. His singing can be palatable enough in his more upbeat and faster paced stuff - amidst a flurry of orchestration, sick guitar riffs and electronic wizardry, but his voice really shines IN THE WORSE WAY POSSIBLE in his slower, more ballad-y material. ugh
  20. I should have titled this thread "J-rock songs with bad Engrish that still kick ass"
  21. As the title says, What Are Your Thoughts on Jealousy in Intimate Relationships? I'm sure many of us have wrestled with Jealousy at one point, whether it originated with us or our partners - so I thought this would be an interesting topic to explore with you all. Do you think it plays a necessary role in intimate relationships or is it a purely destructive force? Is it a character flaw or is it a natural phenomenon? Is it a deal-breaker for you or is it something that can be worked on? What have your observations and experiences taught or communicated to you about Jealousy? P.S - the poll is kinda just for fun. I'm more interested in seeing what thoughts you all have to share!
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    Correction is love, but so many people these days are so spiritually weak and have such fragile egos that they cannot tell the difference between when someone is trying to help them and when someone is genuinely attacking them. Some people even confuse me speaking with authority as me speaking "harshly". smh I've been experiencing this a lot lately, especially in regards to younger men and even some men my age. It's honestly pretty irritating. I've only been on this earth a short 33 years, but so much has changed since I was a kid. I mean, shit...i'm just a nerdy-ass weeb - never been your stereotypical "tough guy" or thug type, but I never been a bitch either. So it's definitely a curious thing to witness the rampant lack of heart I'm seeing today.
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