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  1. CAT5

    Same here. Since my youth, I've always gravitated towards music that was melancholy and moody (cinematic/dramatic as well), and it's quite a curious thing. It really makes me wonder what the driving force(s) behind our music tastes are. (granted, I enjoy plenty of different kinds of music, but I would say this is one of the key areas for me) Anyways, here are some of my favorite "sad-sounding" J-rock songs:
  2. CAT5

    The single ain't bad, but the production is definitely wanting, to say the least
  3. Just recently got around to listening to it, but last year's Klan Aileen album was super dope. This is def. my fav. track from the record:



    1. Gesu


      Awesome! :D

  4. CAT5

    The camera on my phone is trash, but my elder showcased some of his art over the weekend, and this was one of my favorite pieces! Dope!!!
  5. No problem, man! Take your time, as I've been quite busy myself. And much appreciated! ^^
  6. ghost

    Cat5, happy birthday!

  7. happy birthday Cat! :) 

    1. CAT5


      Thanks, Hiroki! ❤️

  8. party-cat-party-time.jpg


    Happy Birthday! Cheers to more great music in 2019. 

    1. CAT5


      Thank you, @colorfuljinsei! 2019 has lowkey been pretty lit so far, and I know with you around, I can count on being exposed to more of that great music. :D

  9. platy

    Happy birthday ! I've said it before and I'll say it again, really glad to see you so active in the forum  *hug emoji*


    Hope many blessings come your way. :yay:

    1. CAT5


      Thanks, platy! Much love! :D 

    1. happy
    2. birthday
    3. u
    1. CAT5


      4. thank

      5. s

      6. u


      lol, preciate you, turtelz!!!

  10. suji

    Happy birthday to the best admin of MH & my brother-from-another-mother, @CAT5



    1. CAT5


      You are too kind, sis. Thank you~ :)

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