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  1. CAT5

    peelingwards - i'm faster than you
  2. It's been ages bro!! Good to see you around and glad you're joining in!
  3. It's been a while since I cranked a Band Battle thread, but I thought this would make for an interesting match up! I've seen both Kizu and DIMLIM referred to as saviors of modern VK, but which band is MH REALLY feelin' the most? So, as always - which band do you prefer, and why? キズ (Kizu) Samples: VS DIMLIM Samples: hajime!!!
  4. It's Trade-Off time again!



  5. Monochrome Heaven's 3rd Free-for-all Trade-Off!!! It's been a while since our last Free-for-all Trade-Off! So this time, there's no theme. Got some mix ideas you've been sitting on? or just some cool songs you want to share? Whatever the case, you're completely free to put together any kind of mix you want! Basic Rules: Any questions? Feel free to ask! Sign-up will end and partners will be revealed Wednesday, June 26th Your mix must be sent by Sunday, June 30th Final reviews must be posted by Sunday, July 14th (if you need more time, just post here and let me know) NOTE: @Ro plz has been banned from participating in this Trade-Off after failing to submit a review for @monkeybanana4's mix in Monochrome Heaven's "Best of 20.." Trade-off - PARTICIPANTS @CAT5 @suji @doombox @yomii @monkeybanana4 @Triangle @platy @indigo @Zeus @Seimeisen @Original Saku @qotka @Hohchicano96 @Komorebi
  6. might be a lil too late for that, bruh
  7. CAT5

    All this talk of reparations for ADOS....bleh. Throwing money at a group of people who've been destroyed at practically every level is not going to help - in fact, it may very well do the opposite.
  8. CAT5

    Bro, you KNOW i'm outta touch: EGO-WRAPPIN' released a new album last month, and I'm just now finding out about it. :wan-18:

    1. Zeus


      you still got the touch for me :D

  9. Found the new sakanaction album pretty disappointing, unfortunately. The single tracks are still fantastic, but I felt lukewarm about all of the new songs (outside of the PV track). :tw_pensive:

    1. Spectralion


      I would ask something rhetoric.
      Where do you found it 😂

    2. CAT5
  10. CAT5

    "nobody wanna hear that ching-chong music" "why u be listenin to dem Chinamen?" "they make music in Japan???" "they could be singing 'i hate niggers' and you wouldn't even know it!!!" Just a few examples of the ignorant things ppl have said in the 20-something years I've been listening to Japanese music Granted, I can understand why they'd be perplexed. I still don't understand why a poor little black boy in the late 90's took a liking to Japanese music. My only explanation for that would be: "I just like it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯"
  11. Boy, slsk still be commin' through! After all these years, I still be surprised at some of the music I'm able to find on there.

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