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  1. Bro I got this new DIMLIM song on repeat!!! I almost feel bad for all the shit I've talked about this upcoming album. It's still too early to tell, but these guys may have lowkey fulfilled one of my dreams of a fucking math/VK band. Crazy.

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    2. Xerath


      It has come to a point where I think most of them decided it is bad cause they dislike the change and saying most of the songs sound the same WHERE I THINK that is pretty normal for their new album to set a new fundament for the direction they're heading to? also you can't even "rate" the other songs based on their previews,nothing of that really makes me decide if its good or bad. Anyways sorry for the wall of text but I somehow wanted to let all ym thoughts out lol

    3. BrenGun


      fuck.,.... can I say that?



      It's really good....



      It's high level visual kei

      as only less bands do play music.


      It's good.



      maybe it's only this song.


      But this song is truly 10/10

    4. tetsu_sama69


      It's an interesting song for sure. I support them not staying in their box and doing something more "mature" if that's makes any sense.

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