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  1. I love me some Ichiko Aoba! :starry:



  2. CAT5

    I wanna say late 2004 with Rentrer En Soi. Had no idea what VK was at the time, nor had I even seen the band, but I really enjoyed their music. I've always been a super casual VK fan tho, and have found myself largely drawn to other areas of J-rock and Japanese music in general! (also i'm sure a thread like this exists already, but no time to look for it atm)
  3. CAT5

    One of Tobe's sillier, more cutesy songs...my girl got this shit stuck in my head
  4. CAT5

    That shit sounds FYE!
  5. Aye bro. Let's not spam the status updates. Thank you.

  6. CAT5

    Finally got around to picking up Soul Caliber 6, and man I'm in love! I've only played a little bit so far, but this already blows the past few releases of this franchise out of the water! Hopefully they release Hilde as DLC, as she pretty much became my main fighter on 4 and 5.
  7. CAT5

    This has become a major life goal for me! I could imagine nothing more beautiful, noble, and rewarding than marrying, starting, maintaining, and nourishing a family. Kids are wonderful and they're a blessing to be sure - you can learn a lot from them. I look forward to both the challenge and the privilege of hoisting that level of responsibility onto my shoulders, and I'm excited to see the man that I'll grow to be through it.
  8. oh shii I'm "Supreme" up in dis bih



    jk, I love yall :tw_joy::tw_joy::tw_joy:

    1. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      crunch-wrap supreme

    2. CAT5


      LMAO goodbye, piisu 🤣

  9. CAT5

    I'm just shouting into the wind, honestly...seeing that cancerous garbage promoted does aggravate me, but even just me venting about it here is a waste of energy. These media outlets are gonna do what they're gonna do, regardless of the implications. The only real way to combat the dysfunction perpetuated by these media outlets and the culture surrounding them is to exemplify proper function in our own lives, support those who also eschew dysfunction, and actually teach children right instead of leaving them to be indoctrinated by the media and society at large.
  10. CAT5

    meanwhile.... I wouldn't be half as annoyed at pitchfork, if they at least supported artists that are actually talented, creative, and empowering as much as they push this degenerative nonsense.
  11. CAT5

    Way to go, Ro! I'm not into comic books personally, but I went ahead and subscribed! I support this!
  12. CAT5

    Just sent my mix to @ghost!!!
  13. CAT5

    I have to say, despite all of the issues, I've been very impressed with these last two episodes, and this entire season thus far. Hard to believe there's really only two episodes left.
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